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This Or That?
Beatles or Stones? Beatles, in a heartbeat. AC/DC or Zeppelin? Zeppelin. Hendrix or Page? Hendrix. They’re obviously both incredible, but Jimmy Page can be really sloppy. Green or Clapton? Clapton – up until 1970. 60s or 70s music? Today I’ll say six
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Taking Life By The Horns
In retrospect, it’s easy to pull at the threads of The Beatles’ studiously scrutinised timeline and examine the source of their unraveling; to point fingers at the capricious actions of each member who may have abdicated (albeit temporarily) along th
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Foo Fighters
On January 8, 1995, Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder broadcast two tracks, one a cover of an Angry Samoans song, from a demo tape by a new rock band, on his Self Pollution Radio show. This was the world’s first exposure to Foo Fighters, a new group le
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John Lennon
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band: The Ultimate Collection CAPITOL/UMC Who’d have thought Lennon’s therapeutic confessional could get more exposed? From the ominous church knell heralding the lyrical bereavement therapy of Mother, to the crushed lullaby t
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Dropkick Murphys
St. Patrick’s Day Stream… Still Locked Down Band’s second streamed St Patrick’s Day show hits the spot. Since their formation in 1996, the Dropkick Murphys’ St Patrick’s Day shows have become an annual tradition. Undaunted by the pandemic, the Boston
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THE HARD STUFF the Ultimate ROCK REVIEWS section ■
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Myles Kennedy
The Ideas Of March NAPALM Alter Bridge frontman brings hope amid banana bread and glitchy Zoom meetings. Get Along berates the state of our apathetic times with a hefty dollop of Kennedy’s blistering guitar playing, which also underpins much of A Tho
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Good Worth exploring
ROSWELL/COLUMBIA, 2021 Ever keen to offer a snappy soundbite, Grohl has sought to draw comparisons between Medicine At Midnight and Bowie’s Let’s Dance, but the title track’s smooth funk-rock grooves owe more to The Power Station, and Cloudspotter is
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Jethro Tull
A CHRYSALIS One original album lovingly expanded to three CDs and three DVDs. By the time of 1980’s A, Jethro Tull’s remarkable run of globe-straddling success had peaked. It was their first album not to make the US Top 20 since their 1968 debut, and
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Round-up: Sleaze
Beast Must Regret Nothing GOODFELLAS Naples’ glamorous, murderous swamppunk duo The Devils return with their third full-length dose of dirty, gnarly, sex-drenched rock’n’roll. Switchblade Erika’s drums lurch around drunkenly as she either purrs sugge
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Trucker Diablo
OVER THE PAST 13 years and four previous albums, Trucker Diablo have never held back on delivering bullish, anthemic music that gets right in your face. The Northern Irish foursome have now taken this a stage further on new album Tail End Of A Hurric
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Royal Blood
Typhoons WARNER BROS Disco devastation from Brighton’s mightiest blues-rockers. For decades, anguished blues rock has been a musical gold standard. No matter what scenes, trends and fripperies come and go, there will always be solid currency and cred
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Superior Reputation cementing
ROSWELL/RCA, 1999 With Grohl having fired guitarist Franz Stahl, for album number three the Foos worked as a trio. While not wholly devoid of raucous riff-rock, the set largely drew influence from mid-70s soft rock, with songs such the country-tinged
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Can You See Me?
Are You Experienced is one of the great albums of all time. Over the course of the original UK version’s 11 songs, as well as the three singles and B-sides which preceded it, Jimi Hendrix – the man whose vision and talent both powered it and set it a
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The Power Of Three
George Harrison did it. Frank Zappa and Prince both did it. Now, with his latest release Heart & Soul, Eric Church has joined the short list of artists who’ve let it all hang out creatively with a triple album. “I certainly did not set out to do a tr
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Otis Redding (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
Otis Redding was big news by the summer of 1967. Having spent most of his career performing in black clubs, his breakout appearance at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival that year introduced mainstream America to soul music’s most electrif
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Lou Ottens
THE DUTCH ENGINEER credited with the invention of the audio tape cassette has died at the age of 94. No cause has so far been reported. In 1963, Lou Ottens changed the course of music with his easily affordable and portable way to capture and recreat
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"He Seema To Have Gone Strange!"
Released on May 17, 1971, Ram was Paul McCartney’s second solo album and his first collaboration with wife Linda. McCartney took early influences such as Keith West’s Excerpt From A Teenage Opera and The Who’s Tommy and rolled with 12 experimental, l
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Who are… J Lee & The Hoodoo Skulls
Describe your sound in a sentence? A contemporary twist to a vintage sound. Where and how did you and the Hoodoo Skulls meet? Mainly through playing a lot of function gigs early on – weddings, funerals, circumcisions, you know the sort of thing. Wayn
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Gary Moore
How Blue Can You Get PROVOGUE Blue is still the colour. Despite buying Peter Green’s legendary Les Paul as a precocious teenager in Skid Row in the late 60s, it took Gary Moore another 20 years to ‘come out’ as a blues guitarist. During that time he
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Crowded House
Dunedin Town Hall, New Zealand Meanwhile, back in the real world… It takes a certain kind of confidence to drop the music to a whisper and let the audience take over the singing during the first song, but when the band is Crowded House, the song is W
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Dirty Honey
A YEAR AGO, an unsigned Los Angeles band sprawled on a downtown fire escape for a photoshoot that accompanied a High Hopes piece in Classic Rock. Having scanned the horizon for rock’s next generation of giants, they decided to take the job on themsel
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Essential Playlist
I’ll Stick Around Foo Fighters This Is A Call Foo Fighters Big Me Foo Fighters This Is A Call Foo Fighters Big Me Foo Fighters Everlong The Colour And The Shape Monkey Wrench The Colour And The Shape My Hero The Colour And The Shape Stacked Actors Th
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Round-up: Melodic Rock
Double Trouble ESCAPE MUSIC Robbie LaBlanc has had a fascinating career. In and out of several early bands, the singer once posted a demo through the letter box of producer Arif Mardin, and was thrilled to be offered an audition for Atlantic Records.
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Buried Treasure
FLOWER TRAVELLIN’ BAND Anywhere. Philips, Japan, 1970. £1,800 (if complete with Obi, £900 without) Flower Travellin’ Band are undoubtedly the most commonly known band from the Japanese underground rock scene of the early 70s. Most members had paid th
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On the day that I’m typing this, the UK seems to be making its way – slowly and tentatively – out of lockdown. Who would have thought we would still be working from our sofas when we first hauled the laptops home over a year ago? Not me, that’s for s
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Record Store Day UK
AC/DC Through The Mists Of Time, 12" picture disc Alkatrazz Born Innocent Jon Anderson Olias Of Sunhillow Anti-Flag 20/20 Division Ash BBC Sessions 1994-1999 Beastie Boys Aglio E Olio Black Sabbath Master Of Reality, purple vinyl Black Spiders Black
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Joe Bonamassa
Austin, Texas Royal flush. Such is Joe Bonamassa’s frustration at having his touring schedule curtailed that this is his second virtual show, following last year’s Royal Tea Live At The Ryman (to be released on CD/DVD in June). But you’d struggle to
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It’s September 2013, a Saturday evening, and I’m at Hayes & Harlington station, about to Google Map my way through an office-block-filled maze to a secluded destination where loud music, soft bean bags and Trooper beer await, at a new vinyl LP listen
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Classic Rock
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