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At A Glance
Area: 108,889 square kilometers Population: 17,153,288* Capital: Guatemala City Area: 22,970 square kilometers Population: 399,600* Capital: Belmopan Area: 20,720 square kilometers Population: 6.5 million* Capital: San Salvador Area: 112,
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A Closer Look
The Panama Canal is a 51-mile long canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The canal was built as a system of locks. Locks are chambers built along the canal that can raise or lower the amount of water inside them, to raise and lower sh
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Animal Central
From golden frogs to big cats to colorful birds, the national animals of Central America represent the geography and cultures of the region. For a quick sampling of creatures plain and beautiful, common and rare, read on. Although the Baird’s tapir l
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The Legend Of The Quetzal Bird
Long ago, Cacique (ka-SEE-kay), a powerful leader of the K’iche’ (KIH-chuh) people, lived in the rain forests of Guatemala. He longed for a son to carry on as ruler when he died. After many years, his wife gave birth to a baby boy, Quetzal, which mea
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This Is Central America!
I t’s time to visit Central America. But first, it helps to know exactly where Central America is. Despite its name, it is the southernmost part of North America, which can seem a little confusing. It makes up most of the isthmus dividing the Pacific
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Art Connection
Feeling a little nervous about starting a new year? Maybe you need a worry doll to help calm your jitters. The legend about worry dolls comes from Guatemala. Long ago, a young girl named Maria secretly decided to help her poor family by making small
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Me, Oh-maya!
The Maya are groups of people who live in parts of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Their ancestors created a great society. At its peak, from 600-900 C.E., the Maya civilization was more advanced than its neighbors in the Americas. The Maya people w
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YOUR TURN: Make Your Own Worry Dolls
Have your parent or legal guardian send us a high-resolution image of your creation to faces@cricketmedia.com by February 19, 2021. Be sure the email includes your name, age, and address, and states that “Cricket Media may publish the image provided
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Touring the Tables of Central America
We’re about to take a tasting trip across the Central American isthmus. Seven different countries, seven different cuisines, all nestled together on a narrow piece of land. A melting pot of cultures has influenced the collective cuisine, including th
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Say What?
“What are you looking at?” —Cameron G. “Whooooooo woke me up?“ —Sam W. “I’m watching you!” —Nik S. “Stop staring!” —Una Z. ■
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A Platter of Pupusas
You can combine any number of mouthwatering ingredients into a pupusa, from barbequed pork with chayote to roasted vegetables with cheese, or even something on the sweet side, like shredded coconut and chicken. For this recipe, we’re keeping it simpl
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Answer Page
Pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C. Joya de Ceren was buried under ash in 600 C.E. 4. quetzal; 6. Blue Zones; 8. Tikal; 9. Guatemala; 10. El Salvador 1. Belmopan; 2.pupusas; 3. Panama; 5. tapir; 7. Lake Nicaragua ■
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Most people would like to live as long a life as possible. No one really knows why some people live longer than others, but did you know that where you live can play a big part in how many years you’ll be alive? If you live in a Blue Zone, chances ar
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Last Face
Fill in the speech bubble for this photograph. Have your parent or legal guardian send your idea, with your name, to faces@cricketmedia.com and include a note that says “Your caption is your original work and FACES has permission to publish it in pri
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Life In The Nicoya Blue Zone
Why is Nicoya one of the world’s five Blue Zones? People there spend much less on health care than people in the United States and are more than twice as likely to reach age 90. They have very strong family groups, as well as a strong religious faith
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Caps Off
Find the seven parrots who wore a baseball cap to the big game. Answers on page 48 ■
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The Power 9
1 Regular, natural physical activity that comes from everyday tasks, not from going to the gym or special exercises like running. 2 Having a sense of purpose in life, a feeling of knowing why you are here. 3 Less stress. 4 Eating a moderate amount
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What if Easter preparations meant dyeing sand, collecting pine needles, and staying up all night to work on an art project that you knew would be ruined the very next day? Well, welcome to Guatemala’s Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Semana Santa is the b
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Fast Facts
» Some alfombras measure more than 1,000 yards, more than 10 football fields laid out end-to-end. » Volunteers spray water in a fine mist over the alfombras to keep the sand and sawdust from blowing in the breeze. » Many andas are so tall that they
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Playing Games Honduras-style
Would you play the same games in Honduras that you do in the United States? You might. Children in Honduras enjoy many of the same games North Americans do. They go fishing and shoot baskets. They play sandlot baseball—called bate (BAHtay). They fly
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ATTENTION WORLD: Belize Saves Their Coral Reef
Sea turtles float in clear waters, colorful corals hug the ocean floor, and aquatic animals glide among the mangrove roots. Welcome to the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the second largest coral reef in the world (Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
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Fast Facts
In Greek, Mesoamerica means “middle America” and refers to the geographical and cultural area from central Mexico down through Central America. “World Heritage is the designation for places on Earth that are of outstanding universal value to humanity
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3 Countries , 1 Biosphere
The Trifinio Fraternidad Biosphere Reserve is located at a spot where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras converge. A biosphere is the layer of planet Earth where life exists. The three countries intersect in an area of the biosphere called the Mont
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High Five
1 Despite its name, Central America is geographically the southernmost part of North America. It is located between Mexico and South America. It also makes up most of the isthmus that separates the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 2 The ancient
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Dear Kylie
Kylie made two new friends in Central America. They shared what makes their part of the world special. Dear Natalia and Alejandro, Hi! My name is Kylie. I am 15 years old. I live in New Hampshire. Thank you so much for pen paling with me. I am exci
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WHERE In The World?
Here is a hint: This fall forms at Lake Quill. ■
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Living Above The Boiling Earth
You know immediately that something strange is going on in the city of Rotorua. The air smells like rotten eggs. Plumes of steam rise from road drains. Peculiar crusts of yellow, white, and red cover the rocks. Mud puddles bubble. Rocks burn your han
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The Island of Birds
Imagine an island untouched by humans and without any large mammals. Colorful and strange birds of all shapes and sizes swoop over lush forests and seaside hills. The sky is painted with endless clouds. Flightless birds nest safely on the ground, and
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Your Turn
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