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Eddie Pepperell
Well, it’s nice to be able to talk to you about some actual golf. Before the European Tour’s three-week stretch in the Canary Islands, I’d only played one tournament – the Qatar Masters – since the Dubai Desert Classic in January. As I’ve said before
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Bill Elliott
I don’t know about you lot, but I was really pleased to see the PGA Tour has set aside $40million to reward a handful of players who (their words) “move the needle” across various social media platforms, including, I think, graffiti on motorway bridg
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Your Queries Resolved
In a recent round, my friend’s drive was heading perilously close to OOB. When we got down there, half of the ball was actually sitting on the line, with the other half the far side of it and no part of it on the course-side edge of the line (it was
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Is The PGA Tour’s New Player Impact Program Good For Golf?
Last month, the PGA Tour launched its polarising Player Impact Program, which will see the ten most influential players split a $40m fund between them based on factors such as their popularity on Google search and the engagement they drive on digital
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When Is The Better Time To Play: Dawn Or Dusk?
SAYS FERGUS BISSET The sun inches above the horizon, throwing its first rays across a resplendent, empty course, eager to flourish its newly mown greens. A medley of birdsong announces the start of another glorious day on planet golf and your arrival
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A Great Place To Talk
To find out more, visit Golf is a sociable game, isn’t it? Every round brings more than three-and-a-half hours to chat, tease and find out about other people’s lives. When you’ve never met your companion before, that opportu
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Golf Monthly
Editor: Michael Harris Digital editor: Neil Tappin Senior content editor: Tom Clarke Technical editor: Joel Tadman Content editors: Nick Bonfield, David Taylor Editor-at-large: Bill Elliott Design director: Kevin Eason Design editor: Jamie Latchford
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Adidas ZG21 Shoe £150
Golf shoes are usually judged on how they look, which is great for Adidas’ new ZG21 shoe because it looks great. But there is so much more to it that golfers will appreciate. Adidas really wanted to make this comfortable as a walking shoe given how l
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The Game
➛ Congratulations for winning the Wells Fargo Championship. Is the feeling more satisfaction or relief? I think a combination of both – relief that I’ve won again and satisfaction at the journey that I’m on and the process I’ve been going through to
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Health Benefits
“If you’re playing professional golf, you’re getting health-enhancing physical activity and walking 10,000 steps per day, and on average golfers live five years longer than those who don’t play golf. “It has longevity benefits, it has physical health
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Ping 2021 Putters £250
Ping is looking to crack the putter market with its unimaginatively named 2021 putters. There are 12 models in the range and we were sent, by request, the Fetch and Anser 4 to test on the putting green at Burghley Park Golf Club in Lincolnshire. The
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Golf Club Damaged In Anger Mid-round
If Augusta National’s famously slick greens weren’t intimidating enough, taking them on without a putter would surely make the task incredibly daunting. Chris Wallace, Rules manager at The R&A, discusses the challenge, albeit self-inflicted, that Si
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Letter Of The Month
I was pleased to read the article by Elliott Heath relating to greenkeepers’ well-being. I’ve been playing golf for 70 years, including a stint being chairman of the greens, and I believe that at many clubs greens staff are undervalued and underpaid.
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Prostate Cancer UK’s The Big Golf Race
Thousands of like-minded golfers are raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK by taking on The Big Golf Race, a four- or two-round challenge. Just get a team together, choose a date and course and get fundraising. “This is a great initiative,” says Le Ti
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Your View
During these unusual times, it was such a joy on St George’s Day to play 18 holes and to return home later to find Golf Monthly had arrived through the letterbox. Then there was a touch of sadness when I read your excellent 20-page special on Seve. I
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Maximum Available Relief
Most golfers know that when taking relief, it must be such that the condition you are taking relief from no longer interferes in any way with the lie of your ball or the area of your intended stance or swing. For example, if you decide to take relief
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Best Drivers Of 2021
To give you an idea of which driver might work best for you, we tested 17 of the latest models, both on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor and on the driving range at West Hill Golf Club, using Titleist Pro V1x balls to see what golfers can e
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Winning Isn’t Everything…
A beacon of consistency, Charles Howell III joined the PGA Tour in 2001 and has since amassed $40,875,344 in prize money. But for all the cash, Howell III has only won three times in two decades. Although more of a worldwide golfer, there’s no doubt
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Power Drills
1 Hanging back through impact costs you power. It stops you getting the pressure across to your left side that you need to help you push off properly. This drill will help. Start with your feet together on your backswing to help you rotate fully (ins
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Build A Better Short Game
How satisfying it is to launch a huge drive down the centre of the fairway? Extremely, of course. However, ask a tour pro what the most important aspect of the game is and 99.9 per cent will say it’s the short game – your performance from 120 yards a
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Treasure islands
The British Isles archipelago is made up of over 1,000 islands of varying sizes. Although most of our golf courses are situated on the mainland, there are also an intriguing and enticing number to be found on some of our smaller island outposts. I’ve
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The Superpowers Of The Older Golfer
It’s the patronising tone that irks me. The ‘didn’t they do well?’ astonishment from the golf world whenever an older player outperforms others. It’s like they only see the age, not the achievement. “Veteran Stewart Cink defies all logic – and doctor
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Testing Tiger Woods’ £50k home simulator
Once Tiger Woods is fully recovered from his injuries, the place he’ll likely start hitting golf shots again is his Full Swing Golf home simulator. It’s popular in the US among many leading PGA Tour players but has now made its way to the UK, with th
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PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley £799.99
Last year’s PowaKaddy CT6 GPS electric trolley was an excellent option for golfers who wanted at-a-glance, front-middle-back distances on a trolley that folded down compactly. But there was room for improvement, something that PowaKaddy has addressed
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Spotted On Tour
Viktor Hovland has been seen testing some new Ping i59 irons. He currently plays the i210s, launched in 2018. Dustin Johnson and Tommy Fleetwood have both recently switched into a TaylorMade TP Bandon 1 prototype putter with an LA Golf TPZ 135 shaft.
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Short Game
Ian Poulter’s Instagram response to being put on the PGA Tour’s slow-play observation list After his first PGA Tour start at the Valspar Championship, journeyman pro Michael Visacki spoke about his parents’ sacrifices Justin Thomas on Tiger getting u
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Better Late Than Never
I’d only played Seaford Head on the chalk cliffs in East Sussex once 35 years ago, with torrential rain ruling out the closing stretch along the clifftops. In April, I finally got to finish that round! Why so long? I don’t really know, but this time
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FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Shoe £159.99
The take up on tour of the three new Premiere Series golf shoes from FootJoy has been nothing short of phenomenal, so we were keen to find out what the user experience out on the course was really like. There is a trend towards golfers wanting more t
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Under Armour 2021 Shoes from £90
Under Armour may boast a short history in golf footwear having arrived on the scene in 2016, but its proprietary Hovr cushioning system, first seen in 2019, has been so well received that it forms an integral part of the brand’s latest range. It feat
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Golf shoe design goes in cycles. One year, athletic and sporty offerings are all the rage, then the next it’s the traditional styles that get the nod. This is where 2021 slots in (with some exceptions). The good news is that whatever floats your boat
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