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Thomas Lawrence caused quite a stir when he exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art’s 22nd annual exhibition way back in 1790. It was hard to believe that an artist of only 20 could create such exceptional and original works, but then again, the young
Artists & Illustrators1 min cititePsychology
9. SATURATE YOUR colours
Playing with saturation can bring a painting to life. This challenge teaches you how to really see colour and improve your mixing skills too. Arrange an object on a similar coloured surface – for example, a blue book on a blue towel. Experiment with
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Mixing media can add extra interest to your watercolour paintings While a watercolour wash is still wet, carefully scrape the dust off a pastel with a sharp knife blade and let it fall into the pigment. Control the effect by putting more or less in c
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10. Test Your Tones
Converting a painting into greyscale will help you identify whether you are properly planning out your tones and maximising contrasts properly. For many artists, tone is everything. Tone is the structure into which you weave your colour. The problems
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21 For 2021
There are countless artistic responses to the global pandemic being crafted as we enter, at time of writing, a second national lockdown in England. Yet there are perhaps none that tread the delicate line between the personal and the universal as imag
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11. Always Be Prepared
Putting together a simple painting kit that you can carry everywhere in a pocket or bag will get you in the habit of sketching on the go and, over time, improve your drawing and observational skills no end. How often do you find a convenient excuse n
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The Working Artist
Are you honest with yourself about the art you make? Have you even thought about it? Making the effort to find an honest and balanced inner voice is very worthwhile. Most of us have a constant internal dialogue whispering away in the background makin
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12. Looking Up
Seeing a face in an unusual position causes us to readjust our thinking and try to make sense of it in order for us to feel comfortable again. The tendency is there to straighten things up, to extract symmetry where it does not exist, and to push, co
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21 Must-read Art Books
Obsessed with colour since first seeing the stained glass of Chartres Cathedral as a child, Victoria Finlay gave up her arts journalist job in Hong Kong to travel the world in search of fresh hues. Visits to North African bazaars and Afghanistan lapi
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Aine’s Materials
Rosemary & Co Series 222 flat one-stroke brushes, sizes 1”, 1.5” and 2”; Royal & Langnickel Crafter’s Choice flat brushes, sizes 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4” Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Yellow Ochre, Viridian, Sap Green, Cerulean Blue, Fren
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The Viking Cruises British Art Prize 2021
Artists & Illustrators is proud to announce the launch of The British Art Prize 2021, in association with Viking, the award-winning cruise line. This major new national open art competition will provide artists of all levels with a platform to gain e
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13. Master Hands
Hands are both communicative tools and our means of reaching out into the world. Leaving them out of a figure drawing robs your model of their identity and agency. If you’ve been avoiding hands, make 2021 the year you finally master them. Drawing a h
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Enter For Free
Portfolio Plus is an exciting online community that allows you to share, showcase and sell your art via a personalised web page for as little as £2.49 per month. As well as free entry to the British Art Prize 2021, other membership benefits include:
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14. Draw In Place
This challenge is part drawing exercise, part meditation. It is intended to help ground you in your space and produce unexpected compositions. Start with a large piece of paper and your favourite drawing medium. Take yourself somewhere familiar, perh
Artists & Illustrators2 min cititeVisual Arts
1. Dynamic Still Life
You will learn how to employ a more dramatic viewpoint and bolder palette, while emphasising the abstract qualities of a subject. A still life subject offers great creative focus. I always look at a still life as an abstract entity, thinking in terms
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15. PAINT wet-in-wet
As well as getting some all-important outdoor time, this challenge will open your eyes to one of the delights of watercolour: when the paint almost takes over and goes its own way. At this time of year, damp days mean a watercolour painting can take
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2. Simplify Shapes
By simplifying a complex subject in the planning stage, it will help you to consider the bigger picture and not be drawn into the minutiae of the details. When searching for a subject, I will sometimes find a scene that is rather daunting in its comp
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16 GO TO WORK On An Egg!
For this challenge, especially in these difficult times, I wanted to find a subject that was readily accessible to all of us: eggs. During this task you will learn selection, cropping with a viewfinder, preliminary sketches to aid composition, contro
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3. Draw Without Lifting
This drawing challenge will encourage more of a connection with the subject, helping you to notice more and become better acquainted with what’s in front of you. Whether made from life or from a photograph, few would question the value of drawing. It
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By focusing upon recording subtle tonal contrasts and negative shapes, you will learn to identify artistic interest in even the most unlikely of subjects. Each winter I brave the elements at least once, to paint or draw outdoors when snow arrives. Th
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4. REFLECT On A Face
Mixing skin tones may seem challenging enough without thinking about added reflections. However, reflected colour is really useful for breaking up the planes or facets of a face and relating your subject to the background. I can remember as a child h
Artists & Illustrators2 min cititeVisual Arts
18. PAINT A MUNDANE still life
For this exercise, it shouldn’t be the subject matter that attracts you, but rather the fall of light and the colour patterns. If we are less emotionally invested in the subject matter, we are often better able to experiment with the handling of the
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It’s fair to say that 2020 wasn’t a fine vintage. Putting aside the tragic human costs involved, it will go down as a year of postponed exhibitions, funding cuts and struggles with creative inspiration. Yet with vaccines seemingly on the way, here at
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5. TRY EGG tempera
Egg tempera is a unique and ancient form of paint. It is excellent for highly detailed work and building up a painting in layers. The finished picture imparts particularly luminous colour with a chalky matt surface and an inner glow. The paint dries
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19. Place Your Pets
So often painted in isolation, a pet portrait in a realistic contexts adds life and interest. The process will encourage you to think about shadows and reflected light too. Choose a setting that reflects the personality of your pet. Think about how y
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6. DRAW IN layers
When you are drawing a portrait in coloured pencil, it is easy to fall into the habit of reaching for browns and pinks. Doing this can limit both the range of what you can represent and the expressive impact of your drawing. By starting with a palett
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20. Draw On A Master
Copying an entire masterpiece can be a daunting and dispiriting task, whereas focusing on a single aspect of a work and cherry-picking that for your own practice will help you to develop and gain a better appreciation of what makes a great painting.
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This painting [above] is one I made during lockdown when things were quite strict and everyone was confined to their homes. I did at least three other similar paintings as well. I love to paint quite abstract ideas and this one is sort of futuristic
Artists & Illustrators1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
What Is “Cmyk”?
CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and “Key” (black). It refers to the four colours of ink commonly used in printing things, such as this magazine. In this model, an image is divided into four separations (one for each colour of ink), which are pr
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