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Meet Serge Ramelli
Our editing skills series is from photo-editing expert and photographer Serge Ramelli. Serge has over 615,000 YouTube followers, and full learning courses on his website. Discover his Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials each issue.Visit www.photoserge.
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Watch The Weather
The unpredictable and continuously shifting weather encountered during springtime can be problematic, not least when it comes to protecting yourself and your gear from torrential downpours! However, there is a big advantage to it: the best light in l
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Digital Photographer UK
Editor Lauren Scott 0330 390 6246 Senior Designer Neo Phoenix Production Editor James Price Technique Editor Peter Fenech Senior Art Editor Warren Brown Content Director Chris George Product photography Bath Photo Studio L
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Action Freeze-frame
Capturing events that are usually too fast to be seen with the naked eye can create some fascinating shots. Although freezing such rapid motion requires a more technical approach, the results are well worth the effort. For this you’ll need to set up
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Deep-clean Your Camera
Keeping your camera clean and in tip-top condition will help you to get the very best image quality out of it, and regular maintenance is also essential for improving the longevity of your kit. Interchangeable-lens systems like DSLRs and mirrorless c
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Get Stock In!
Beata Moore is a professional photographer and author. Currently she is finalising her latest book, Photographing Surrey and Sussex, which will be available for purchase in the first part of 2021. How much of your income comes from selling stock im
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Capture Close-up Details
So often landscape photography is seen as purely ‘scenic’ imaging, concentrating exclusively on wide vistas encompassing panoramic detail. When mentioning the term many people immediately think of wide-angle shots of Yosemite, the Grand Canyon or an
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Turn Out The Lights
Since the biggest challenge of shooting in uncontrollable household lighting is colour bias, you need to reduce this as much as possible. One solution is to turn out all lights in the room before you take each shot, and make 100 per cent of the scene
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Two Ways To Replace The Sky
Replacing the sky is a basic use of Photoshop, and it always comes in handy if you are working in Lightroom to just jump into Photoshop and change the sky. But as you may know, there is a new feature in Photoshop that can be used to do this. Here we
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Levitating Camera
There are several different approaches that you can take to capturing an edgy levitating camera shot, but we’ve gone with the simplest here, as there are no strings or complicated edits involved. With your main camera fixed in the same position on a
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The Gallery
I captured this macro shot of the golden reproductive parts of a Nelumbo nucifera(white lotus) flower head – which was ready for pollination. This plant can use thermoregulation, to self-heat the flowers to aid in fertilisation. The sacred lotus is a
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WIN! Prizes from Affinity
Pet photography is very popular, but for this round we want more than standard portraits. Find a new side to your furry or scaly friend and capture their personality in a novel way. Enter at www. for a chance to win
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Stroboscopic Motion
This stop-motion effect is created by a pulsing flash that fires multiple times during a long exposure, freezing the action as the subject moves. All you need is a dark space (try your living room with the curtains shut and lights off), a tripod, and
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Get Studio- Style Lighting At Home
Difficulty level: Expert Time taken: 2 hours Working from home as a photographer can be difficult, not least because your household is rarely an optimal shooting location for most subjects and styles. If you’re used to working in a studio, the light
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Explore Wider Perspectives
Now that we’ve discussed telling a story without capturing too much detail in the frame, let’s examine wide-angle framing of broad scenes. As we’ve mentioned, there are occasions when viewers will expect to see a widely framed shot of a well-known vi
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Repeating Illusion
Never ending Adding the same image inside the screen creates the illusion that it repeats forever This Inception-style image of a frame within a frame is easy to create, whatever the scene. You’ll need two cameras – one as a prop and one to shoot th
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Pro Case Study
How has your work been impacted by the national lockdown? The biggest impact has been from not being able to meet with my clients face to face to deliver my photographic services. Photography is a business that’s traditionally almost impossible to d
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I’m Stock!
Please help! I’m a hobbyist photographer and hear from fellow shooters that selling stock images can supplement your income. Being a novice I’m unsure where to begin. Do you have any advice for me? Sally Smith Sally, we got in touch with Logan Ban
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Gitzo Reaches New Heights
Ever felt like you just couldn’t get a high enough perspective on what you’re photographing? Well Gitzo might just have the solution. The Gitzo GT5563GS Series 5 Systematic Giant tripod is one of the flagship tripods available from the company. This
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Your Lens Choices
A 70-200mm or 70-300mm lens is ideal for picking out details in the landscape, and compressing perspective to bring elements closer in the frame. Models with a ‘macro’ function are useful for isolating larger flowers, buds or leaves. This might seem
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Shoot Spring Landscapes
Winter may provide us with some highly unique image opportunities, such as snow blanketing a familiar landscape, but after a few months the promise of spring is a welcome relief. Spring has always been a season of hope and excitement. In centuries pa
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Pick Your Plan
Perpetual licence or subscription? Capture One 21 is available as a one-off purchase with a perpetual licence, or by a subscription that’s paid monthly or annually, with the latter being cheaper and working out at £19/$19 per month. If you have a Fuj
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“Nature Gives To Every Time And Season Some Beauties Of Its Own”
”Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own,” writer Charles Dickens once said. And while winter has provided us with its own share of photo opportunities, now comes the promise of spring. Spring brings with it longer daylight hou
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Your Find Spark
According to James, “Lensbaby lenses are an acquired taste. Often dismissed as gimmicks, they’re not everybody’s cup of tea. But using the Lensbaby Spark 2.0 affords some of the most fun you can have with your camera. This is thanks in no small part
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Dodge And Burn In Lightroom
Dodge and burn is a key feature of Lightroom, with its ability to perform local retouching. This technique is relatively unused, but we’re going to reveal it here, and explore how you can apply it to your landscapes as well as portraits. Dodge and b
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Top Tips For Spring Photography
1 Watch for weak colour Greens are not impactful colours compared to reds and oranges, so watch out for flat images. 2 Use the weather Work in dramatic clouds as backdrops, and include directional lighting for extreme contrast. 3 Capture contrast L
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Searching For Coastal Wolves In Canada
Helle: One of our greatest expeditions was looking for wolves in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. The wolf is an icon of how strong nature is. It’s been hunted since the dawn of time. It was a shot in the dark to say, “Let’s sail for a
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TALKING POINT… Picture Controls
Nikon’s Picture Controls, which give JPEGs a particular look, have been around for a long time, but the range has expanded to include more creative options, such as Dramatic, Denim and Bleached. Adobe Camera Raw also enables the Picture Controls to b
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What To Look For In A Macbook
MacBooks come with a choice of Intel Core processors, or Apple’s new M1 chip, found in the MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1. This chip can rival high-end Intel processors for speed, while giving you longer battery life. The more RAM you have, the fa
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Forced Perspective
In the current climate, you don’t always need to look for groundbreaking new ways to shoot. Forced perspective works when objects in your frame look like they’re a different size than they really are, because of the distance or camera angle that you
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