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A School House Remastered
As much as we’d love to believe the glossy homes shown in magazines happen in an instant, the reality is it’s rarely a simple process getting a house up to scratch, especially with a project like Kate and Mike Lawley’s. Having previously lived in a V
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Whether you’re retrofitting doors or looking into designs and styles for a self-build, proportions and aesthetics should, without doubt, be at the forefront of your mind. You don’t want doors looking out of place because of the material you choose or
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Homebuilding & Renovating
Editor Claire Lloyd Deputy Editor Michelle Guy Associate Editor Natasha Brinsmead Assistant Editor Amy Reeves Production Editor Jacob Barlow Web Editor Sarah Handley News Editor Jack Woodfield Digital Editor Katie Corcoran Digital Editor Hugh
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The Floorplan
Placing the staircase along the front of the house on the north-east elevation allowed for a large kitchen-living-dining room. Floor-to-ceiling glazing in this open-plan space faces south-west to maximise light and capture long-reaching rural views.
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Six Ways To Find A Plot
Think like a developer and search out opportunities others overlook. Get out and about in your chosen area or use Google Maps to look for homes on large plots that have either a large side garden, or infill land. Register with specialist plot service
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• Do you need a lighting designer? • Understair storage ideas • How to get a pivot door right • The latest rainwater goods ■
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Buying Land Without Permissions: The 10-stage Plot-buying Process
• Work out how much you can afford to spend • Double check your numbers. Is there asnything you’ve forgotten? • Have a self-build mortgage broker review your plan • Make sure the plot will support a project you want to build • Carry out a plot apprai
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Expert Advice
• How to submit a planning application • Buying a self-build plot • Home security systems explained • Should you build an all-electric home? ■
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Arming your house with some form of security setup is a must if you’re serious about protecting it from would-be burglars. Yet despite the risk intruders pose, it’s reported by www.theecoexperts.co.uk that fewer than a third of homes in the UK are ki
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The Highs And Lows Of Renovating
Let me be clear — given the chance to renovate my house all over again, I would, no doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean the project wasn’t without some very low points. To begin this new column, where I will be sharing my experiences of renovating
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Should You Build An All-electric Home?
Ever since we realised that nuclear energy was not going to provide free energy for all, the all-electric house has been considered a daft idea. The shockingly low efficiency of fossil fuel power stations (less than 30%) leads to a high unit cost of
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Key Suppliers
PLANNING CONSULTANT KVA Planning: www.kvaplanning.co.uk DEMOLITION Nigel Jagger: www.njagger-demolitionandplanthire.co.uk OAK FRAME AND CLADDING Parker Oak: www.parkeroak.co.uk SIPS SUPPLIER SIP Build UK: www.sipbuilduk.co.uk ROOF Ben Dowker Roof
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The Main Choices Include…
• Masonry Modern masonry homes consist of an inner loadbearing skin, a cavity, which is fully or partially filled with insulation, and an outer skin, which often protects the structure from the elements. Materials are readily available and most build
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Beginner’s Guide To Self-build
There are many benefits to building your own home. It is an opportunity to create a unique home tailored around your lifestyle. It can be a route to creating a home that will adapt as your needs change, for instance accommodating wheelchair use. It a
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Retrofit Vs Self-build
Installing a wired setup is always more cost-effective when working with the blank canvas of a self-build. “It’s worth consulting an expert as early as possible — the sooner you speak to someone the easier it will be,” says Philipp from Loxone. “If y
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The Knowledge
“Careful surveying of the original building and extensive site investigations revealed poor ground conditions; the raised areas of the site were made up of ground with poor load-bearing capacity and running water at quite high levels, meaning a conve
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Should You Use A Lighting Designer?
Good lighting is about far more than simply illuminating a space. Lighting has the power to bring out all the best bits of an interior scheme, create atmosphere and draw the eye to architectural features, decorative objects or pieces of art. Of cours
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Planning The Space
Focus on what the area needs to achieve — what are your key objectives for converting the space? Is it for additional storage to accommodate awkward household items, such as the vacuum cleaner, steamer and ironing board? Is it to accommodate a washin
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The Floorplan
Replacing the dated conservatory was top of Ros’ list and the new flexible extension caters for a variety of uses. One this Ros never wanted to do was close the door on future developments as the family gets older so the design had to be versatile an
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Case Study
“We’d been to several open days by Oakwrights before we started our house,” says Michael. “We realised that not only did the building require careful planning but also great lighting to highlight the interior oak on show, especially at night. “We c
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Design Ideas: 8 Places To Position A Utility Room
Converting an integral garage is a smart option, as it allows you to maximise your home’s existing square footage without sacrificing any living space. Going down this route also means you’ll be able to carry out the required building work without hu
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Choosing A Build Route
Self-build is a broad church and there are many routes to getting an individual home built. However, generally speaking most self-builders choose one of the following routes: • Project managing the entire build themselves, including hiring and coordi
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The Team
is Deputy Editor. She is an experienced homes journalist, and has just completed her kitchen renovation. She’s currently lining up trades to decorate the next room on the reno hit list!  is Associate Editor and has worked for the title for nearly 20
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Back In Black
This striking new single family home in rural Aberdeenshire started life simply. Known locally over the years as ‘The Mill’, this former utilitarian stone building was once part of a working farm. However, for owner Wilma Geddes, The Mill meant a lot
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Selected Costs
Plans and approvals (drawings, planning application fees and structural engineer) £5,000 Building works (builder, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, windows, plastering and materials) £70,000 Kitchen (appliances, marble worktops, customisation and bespo
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT PMG Architecture: www.pmgarchitecture.co.uk;Ascot Design: www.ascotdesign.com BUILDING SURVEYOR WSW Consultancy: www.wswconsultancy.co.uk WINDOWS AND DOORS Bereco: www.bereco.co.uk KITCHEN Farnham Furnishers: www.farnhamfurnishers.co.uk
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Application Recap
This covers small-scale changes to a single private house, including extensions, loft conversions, outbuildings, and other alterations to a single domestic property. Current Application fee: £206 / £202 in Scotland This is a detailed application fo
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The Knowledge
“My parents’ smallholding is about half a mile from the village. Their shed, which we wanted to replace with our new home, fell outside the local development zone,” begins Lucy. “We knew getting planning would be a challenge so we hired KVA Planning
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A Neat Solution For On-site Generation
Huub’s Solar Powered Buildings are Dorset-built, modular, eco buildings that can be used as annexes, home offices, gyms, playrooms or whatever else takes your fancy. As the name suggests, they are powered by the sun. The larger Huubs in the range can
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