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1 Minus (4) 5 Singing voice (4) 6 Paving stone (4) 7 Droops (4) 1 Girl (4) 2 _ Fitzgerald, jazz singer (4) 3 Male deer (4) 4 Weeps (4) Read down the shaded squares for the answer. Answer on page 47. JUST FOR FUN Strike it! pg 13 Glowered (Cross out:
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Pick Me Up!
Editor: Gail Shortland Senior Writer: Hannah Poon Feature Writers: Rosie Crass, Nia Dalton, Monica Meade Senior Designer: Victoria Elliott Designer:Emily Kelford Junior Designers: Yazz Williams, Hollie Moxham, Mel Walter ■
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Look Amazing!
Take your skincare routine to new heights and create a relaxing facial experience from the comfort of your home with Botanics Facial Accessories. The range of five new products has been consciously designed to help you make moments of self-care that
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Animal Magic
New research from Simpson Millar has shown that 44% of pet owners are planning to leave a significant amount of money to ensure the welfare of their pets once they pass away. On average, pet owners are planning to leave £3,642 in trust for their belo
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Truetrue grit
Tucking into our breakfast on 4 January this year, my five-year-old Brynn stared out of the window at the empty streets. After three days of heavy snowfall, followed by some rain – the ground outside covered in black ice was deadly. The elderly resid
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Your Style Classic Denim
In 2020, our beloved jeans were left to gather dust. Instead, we replaced them with sweats, joggers and loungewear. Now, it’s time to get them back out and refresh your denim wardrobe just in time for spring. Springtime is one of denim’s main seasons
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Your Pick Me ups
Send a hug in the post with a candle from Cutch! New Cheshire-based candle company Cutch has launched a range of natural soy wax, hand poured, luxury scented candles, which ooze sophistication, style, and visual punch. Cutch was born in June 2020 whe
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Solve It In 7
Eggs, pumpkin seeds and garlic have been named some of the most surprising everyday foods to eat in order to boast healthy hair and skin this season. Fashion and beauty experts from PublicDesire.com have revealed seven of the most nutritious and whol
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Going Sober
Getting in after a long day at work, I headed straight for the fridge. Pulling out a bottle of wine, I grabbed a glass and filled it up. ‘Just the one,’ I said to myself, taking my first tentative sip. Only I knew that wouldn’t be the case. Working a
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Your Health
With Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy (www.doctorfox.co.uk) Q I recently went for my smear test and got an abnormal result. Should I be worried? Lisa, Suffolk A Try not to worry if your smear test is abnormal. Firstly, the smear test is not a t
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Three days OF AUGUST
My family has five generations of girls. My great grandma had two daughters, my grandma had two daughters and my mum had three daughters. Then in 2019, my husband Adam, 32, and I welcome our own little girl into the world, called Evelyn. When I fell
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Health News
The extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles is called Trypanophobia, and one in 10 of us have this phobia. With the vaccines underway, Phil Day from Pharmacy2U shares some steps on how to lower anxiety around inj
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Your Brainwaves…
This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! Convenient and easy to use, this folding step stool comes complete with a carry handle and non-slip surface. Perfect for when you need a little boost for those hard-to-reach plac
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Fill It!
1 Situation comedy, informally (6) 4 The cost of something (5,3) 10 Increase in wages or salary (3,4) 11 Amount of money in one go (4,3) 12 Space (4) 13 Fashionable celebrities (10) 15 Tangible and visible thing (6) 16 Keep apart or at a distance (4,
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Your HomeYour
Make a statement in your home with stylish accessories ■
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Easy Eats…
Home appliance manufacturer Hisense has united with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign to raise awareness about food wastage. 70% of the food we throw away could be avoided! By shopping and storing food smarter, we can stop the amount we throw away. I
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Cotton candy gin liqueur, £17.95, Amazon.co.uk Jazz up any glass of bubbles with this Dream Chaser gin. Tastes just like cotton candy! Project yourself cardboard projectors, £19.99, Firebox.com Slip your phone into the back of the projector, grab the
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Inches from DEATH
Climbing up the final flight of stairs, it was time to stop putting off the decorating. Walking into the room on the third floor, there was stuff everywhere. My now ex-husband Andrew, 47, was moving out the following week and I wanted him to put up t
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Let’s GO!
Following the success of the charity’s online events in 2020, the National Garden Scheme is launching a series of informative, gardenrelated on-line talks. Bringing the best of gardens, garden owners and experts together to share their insights and p
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Your Dilemmas…
Sue Tappenden is a Coach and People Expert who helps her clients improve their relationship with themselves and others. (www.headspaceforchange.com) Q I’m due to have my first smear test and I’ve put it off for two years now. I cancel appointments or
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Killer drive
It was in the early hours of July 15, 2017 and blue lights lit up the dark Australian night sky. Police and emergency crews were dealing with a traffic accident on the Mitchell Freeway in Perth. Suddenly, officers became aware of a car driving toward
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You face delays having to wait for a close one’s approval before you can book something you have been dreaming of. Patience in this matter is sure to earn you many brownie points though, Aries. Surprise visitors make this an alternative weekend where
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Crack It!
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Crack it! pg 38 Granola
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The Terrible Truth
Walking down the aisle in a beautiful red floral dress, I held a bouquet of roses and smiled at my husband-to-be, Jason Cartledge, then 38. As we said our vows and shared our first kiss as husband and wife, I hoped this marriage would be everything t
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Your Garden Trends For 2021!
Lockdown created another three million more gardeners! And with people still spending more time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your garden, no matter what size, look its best. Squire’s Garden Centres tell us some of the key garden tren
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Force Of Nature
Sleeping in my bed, in September 2017, my boy Adam, then two years and eight months old, came shuffling into my bedroom to wake me and my husband Guy, 47, up. ‘My legs and belly hurt,’ he told us. ‘Whereabouts in your belly? I asked. Adam rubbed all
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Follow It!
Answers on page 47. Hot Trend! Albert Moon Search for AlbertMoon on Etsy.com All £4.50 unframed Follow it! pg 8 Snowman
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Mother, daughter, granddaughter, wife, football coach, nail artist, director, charity fundraiser and karaoke singer. I am all of those things, and I am a cancer survivor. I work closely with breast cancer charities, in honour of my mum’s cancer battl
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Pick Of The Week
Five lucky celebrities are set to be thrust into the tough world of stand-up comedy in an entertaining two-part series in support of Stand Up To Cancer. Each celeb will be paired up with an established comic who’ll mentor them in their attempt to mas
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