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Mad 4 it
BMW has launched the M4 GT3, a car the Bavarian manufacturer hopes will win major endurance races in customer hands. The all-new challenger is the first to be built under a new rules package created by the FIA to allow for greater freedom of design.
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Stop Right There
One of the most respected names in brake technology, AP Racing, has cemented its place in motor racing this season by securing some major deals, including component supply in the NASCAR Next Gen (Gen-7) package, the FIA RX2 Championship and extending
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Layer Cake
Carbon fibre composites have been a part of the racecar constructor’s armoury for four decades now, yet still the material retains an air of the exotic. This is likely because its time-consuming manufacturing processes means it hasn’t gained widespre
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H Uncovered
As the motoring world starts to home in on solutions to what will fuel our transport needs in the future, Toyota has opted to create a hydrogen-powered Corolla Sport, which was given its public competition debut by Rookie Racing in the Super Taiku 24
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Honda’s Carbon Exhaust
During the V8 era of F1, Honda developed a carbon-carbon (CC) exhaust system, which saw extensive dyno testing and some limited track use. With no composite resin systems at the time able to withstand exhaust temperatures, Honda decided to experiment
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Strategic Thinking
The first short race of the 2021 IMSA season and, like clockwork, a yellow played a hand in the result at Mid-Ohio. Observers have commented about how a race was stolen, but this is what makes racing in the US so much more challenging than in Europe.
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Two Steps Beyond
The FIA has continued its path to reduce competition in the face of cost control measures and in the FIA WEC awarded Michelin the Hypercar tyre deal, while Goodyear was granted the LMP2 sole supplier contract. Naturally, both manufacturers have been
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Claret Or Clarity?
Spa-Francorchamps is a place everyone involved in racing enjoys. It throws up a world of challenges for competitors, either in the cockpit through driving or on the pit wall via strategy. It also features one of the most challenging paddocks for an o
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Channel Hopping
One of the great things about what I do is, from time to time, I get really great suggestions from customers for potential articles. In this particular case, the customer (Supashock dampers based in Adelaide, Australia) suggested I write an article a
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In Brief
Formula E and the FIA have extended the Girls on Track programme for a further six years, and have been joined in the initiative by ABB. Since its inception, the programme has invited young women aged between 8 and 18 to discover for free different
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The Art Of Noise (reduction)
A Formula 1 car is an exceptionally harsh and ‘noisy’ place for a sensor, with many sources of vibration and electromagnetic interference (EMI) present, all of which have the potential to skew sensor readings and make life difficult for efficient per
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FIA Seat Upgrade
The FIA has delivered an update to the 8855-1999 seat that is used as standard in closed-cockpit racecars. The update is designed to significantly improve the safety of the device. With support from D2H Advanced Technologies, the new FIA Standard 88
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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has confirmed that the UK Formula Student competition will take place at Silverstone on July 21-25, 2021. Racecar Engineering has linked up with the IMechE, offering the Racecar Engineering Engagement, Outrea
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Multimatic lands VW Group LMDh deal
The Volkswagen Group has teamed up with Multimatic to develop its LMDh platform, which will be shared between Audi and Porsche, while Lamborghini remains a likely third entry from the VAG Group to compete at Le Mans. Multimatic, which developed the
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Fluids And Solids
Q I very much enjoyed your latest newsletter on suspension dynamics and it made me think of the BMC Hydrolastic suspension employed on many of their models from the ’60s, such as the Mk II Mini Cooper and Austin / Morris 1100 sedan. These cars had di
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Storm In A Teacup
The introduction of the Hypercar formula to the FIA World Endurance Championship was always predicted to be challenging and, at the opening round of the 2021 season at Spa Francorchamps early in May, so it proved. The new cars are considerably slower
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Racecar Engineering
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Hyper Confusion
A quick guide to the different categories referred to in this article, and how they stack up against one another. The overall category designed by the FIA and ACO to replace the old LMP1 class. Cars that can compete in the Hypercar category. Grou
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The F1 world never fails to confuse me. The achievement of putting on a meaningful and exciting World Championship under Covid restrictions has been immense. So is the introduction of a team budget cap, something which has never been remotely achieva
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Mark Ortiz Automotive is a chassis consultancy service primarily serving oval track and road racers. Here Mark answers your chassis set-up and handling queries. If you have a question for him, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: E: markortizauto@
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AP only for NASCAR Next Gen
AP Racing has been selected by NASCAR as the sole brake system supplier for the 2022 Next Gen Cup Series. The UK business has been a major supplier into NASCAR’s top racing divisions since 1987, equipping 13 championship-winning cars in the Cup Seri
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Murray Mint
Gordon Murray, the famed former McLaren and Brabham designer, has announced an investment of a further £300 million into Gordon Murray Design, Gordon Murray Automotive, R&D and talent, along with a new Gordon Murray Electronics division that will put
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New old Stock
After years in the making, countless hours in the computer design phase – that was further elongated by Covid – and more than 1100 hours in the wind tunnel, NASCAR has finally unveiled its Next Gen regulations that will debut at Daytona, 2022. At a c
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Load Transfer
Before we go any further, let us first discuss why load transfer is ‘bad’. In Figure 1 we can see the evolution of the left front and right front tyre vertical loads, slip angles and induced lateral forces as we enter a corner. To keep things simple,
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Sand And Deliver
It was history in the making when nine electric SUVs lined up to contest the inaugural Extreme E series in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. For the race engineers involved in the running of the cars, it was a completely new experience. Combined with t
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The Heat Is On
From sliding tectonic plates to the honey in beehives, the conversion of kinetic energy into heat energy through friction is a universal process that’s been going on for millennia. It wasn’t until we figured it could be used to our advantage in the i
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In Brief
Porsche and its partner, ExxonMobil, will test advanced biofuels and renewable, lower-carbon eFuels as part of a new agreement to find pathways towards potential future customer adoption. The first iteration of the fuels have already indicated thei
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WRC Gains Hybrid Support
Three manufacturers entered into the FIA World Rally Championship have agreed to share the burden of cost to develop a hybrid system for the future of the sport. Hyundai, M-Sport Ford and Toyota will each make an equal contribution along with the FI
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Now, The Fun Starts!
In Motorsport Valley, a year since Covid brought business to a halt, the sun is out, spring is here and motorsport is preparing to welcome spectators in the next few weeks. Early, fast-paced decisions and proactive solutions stood many companies in g
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The Backwards Evolution
The FIA’s recent ban on reverse engineering practices in Formula 1 brought the subject into motorsport headlines after the arrival of the ‘Pink Mercedes’ in 2020, courtesy of the then Racing Point, now Aston Martin team. Outside of such high-profile
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