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The beauty OF BESPOKE
There really is no end to the advantages of choosing custom pieces rather than standardised, off-the-peg furnishings. Bespoke solutions are, by their very nature, unique, and can be created using unusual materials, colours or patterns to offer a stri
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When Bespoke Can Provide The Perfect Solution
• For a room with a pitched ceiling, and spaces beneath stairs, commissioning bespoke cupboards with angled doors is the only way to make best use of the whole space. • Cupboards inserted into alcoves beside a chimney breast can be designed to fit se
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A Letter From Home
It’s no secret that the interiors industry bustles with activity at the beginning of a new year, as many of us have considered how we might refresh interiors over the holidays or plan to add new pieces to our homes in the coming months. 2021, filled
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Classic Or Contemporary?
Planning a new bathroom in a period property brings with it a multitude of considerations, including whether to select traditional fixtures and fittings sympathetic to the era of the house or whether to opt for a sleek, contemporary style with innova
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The icing on the cake when it comes to interiors, passementerie adds a layer of decorative detail and a tailored, professional finish to soft furnishings. From braids, fringes and tassels to pom-poms, beads and embroidered borders, there is an abunda
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The English Home
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Burning Success
The old adage “the hearth is at the heart of the home” is still true, and there is no doubt there are few things lovelier than sitting by the fireside or a woodburner on a cold winter’s night. No one knows this more than Alistair Compton, managing di
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HOME Comforts
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Use a greenhouse to bring forth a burst of spring cheer in late winter. Hartley Botanic suggests bulbs can be forced to put on an early display of bright colour from midwinter onwards, naming tulips, narcissus, hyacinths and crocus as prime candidate
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Leather Craft
From accessories to flooring and furnishings, leatherwork can be employed on a variety of surfaces – its hardwearing and tactile qualities make it ideal for the demands of daily use. For a decorative twist, seek out items made with innovative leather
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I have just drawn three oblongs on a blank page in my gardening diary. I call it a diary, but, in truth it’s more a set of random jottings with dates attached. Be that as it may, those three oblongs are signs of hope, of the future, of the cheery opt
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Blushing Romance
The delicate hue of blush pink has a light and airy feel. In a sleek contemporary setting, play up its cooler notes with silvers, greys and blues; incorporate tonal ombre-effect blush fabrics and sparkling glass for a modern aesthetic. Within a tradi
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Nature and her soothing green foliage have been appreciated more than ever over the past year. Restorative, uplifting and calming to the eye, it is no surprise that more homeowners are looking to surround themselves with greenery indoors. Dramatic gr
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Masterpieces of Venice by Canaletto (1697–1768), part of one of the most important private art collections in the world, will go on public display for the first time in more than 70 years. The 23 exquisite paintings are on loan from Woburn Abbey to T
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Common Plant Problems And How To Fix Them
All plants need tender, loving care to thrive. These tell-tale signs can help identify a plant’s needs Seasonality – Some plants shed leaves during winter to conserve energy and regrow in spring. Restricted roots – if a large number of roots are pr
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The London Edit
When Tom Helme and Martin Ephson – the school friends who created the modern Farrow & Ball – decided to launch their own fabric company, Fermoie, in 2012, we knew it was going to be something special. Today they design and print signature fabrics and
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MY design HERO
“Bill Blass, the all-American fashion designer, has been one of my heroes since the beginning of my career. His apartment in New York was the epitome of timeless elegance. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1922, Blass moved to Manhattan at the age of 1
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Restoring ELEGANCE
Stepping into the entrance hall of Jane Meade’s Grade II listed home in Suffolk, the eye is met by striking coral wallpaper accentuating the soaring ceilings and graceful staircase. Even on a dull day, light pours in through the elegant windows, crea
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Interior designer Anna Haines remembers feeling incredibly grown-up when she and her husband, Viv, were shown around this early Edwardian house in Acton, west London, 10 years ago. “We were living in a small terraced house in Shepherd’s Bush at the t
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Artist, Lincoln Seligman is internationally acclaimed for the individuality his work brings to sleek landmark buildings. Juxtaposed with the disciplined lines of minimalist modern architecture, his sensuous soaring sculptures, freehand murals and lar
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In 2005, two terraces of modest late-Georgian houses in Whitechapel, once part of the Royal London Hospital estate, seemed destined for demolition. These small houses were built between 1809 and 1815, for lower-middle-class families. Their first resi
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Style Inspiration
Bring old and new together for a dynamic, layered and evolved room. Here bright colours combine to provide a youthful, contemporary backdrop to an antique console. Adding a fun layer of contrast is the stool, a new design by Samantha Todhunter for he
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Neutral interiors are an ever-popular presence, and while there is a lot to be said for colour confidence, a well-considered, curated and harmonised home of natural tones can be deeply interesting and soothing. Consider layers of subtle tones from st
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The hot topic of current interior design is ‘well-being’ in the home. But can the design of our homes really affect the way we feel – and even how we behave? And how can we achieve that elusive ‘feel-good’ factor, creating the perfect interior that i
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Winter can provide more of a challenge for decorating the home with seasonal flowers and plants than other times of the year. However, there is still an abundance of holly and ivy which can be used beyond Christmas in creative ways, and other leaves
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A New Way Of Life In 2021
How did the way you used your home in 2020 change? We found ourselves locked down in our home in the Bahamas for several months altogether as a family, with all five children home. Our home became a hive of activity, my daughter, aged 12, became a p
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One Final Thing…
After the challenges and changes 2020 brought to all our lives, we are truly looking forward to the New Year with a sense of optimism for better times. Celebrations may be quieter than usual this year, but they will offer a chance to reflect on the k
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New Year Honours Awards 2021
In this unprecedented year, full of challenges and shifts, The English Home team has been inspired by the continued determination and creativity shown in our industry to bring great design to our homes. Though, clearly, on a global scale priorities a
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A Letter From Home
The start of this new year feels particularly momentous – a time to celebrate new beginnings and a fresh start. Our January edition marks the passing of a challenging 2020 with positivity, and anticipates the changes we will make to embrace new ways
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