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Lockdown LOVING
When lockdown 3 was announced in the New Year, it left many of us wondering how we would ever get through another period of isolation, with the cold, dark, wet days looming ahead. With the challenges of working from home, homeschooling and no social
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This is not the climate in which to do anything in a hurry or a panic. Keep your focus, and don’t press a button unless you’re sure what it does. For your reading ☎ 09058 172557 If it’s not working, either fix it or bin it! Just because something’s
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Ace your BASE
Switch on lacklustre skin with XX Revolution Skin Glow FauXXdation Foundation, £15, Boots, a buildable base infused with pearl particles that help create a fresh and radiant finish. Lack of moisture is the enemy of dull, light-sapping skin, and helpi
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Quote Of The Week
After a reshowing on TV, iconic 70s movie Grease got a bucketload on social media from young people demanding it should be banned for its ‘homophobia’ and for being ‘a bit rapey’. It’s based in the 1950s when life was different. Get over it. Radox i
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Q My fiance and I are based 70 miles apart, so up to now we’ve lived separately. But during lockdown, we moved in together full-time, and it was wonderful – especially on the sexual side. But at new year, I needed to move back home and we’re really f
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‘They Are The Biggest Sell-outs IN ROYAL HISTORY’
A year on from the controversial departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the Royal Family – a decision ‘not taken lightly’, but one to allow Harry’s family to live a more ‘peaceful’ life out of the limelight – it seems the couple may be maki
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The arrival of baby Violet was supposed to be the happiest day of Blythe’s life – the chance to become the kind of mother she’d like to be, not the kind she grew up with. But as she holds Violet, she knows something feels very wrong. This nuanced boo
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Not Seen That Before!
Three great ways to start the day If you’re an Oreo biscuit fan, Oreo O’s cereal is going to be right up your street. The mix of crunchy cocoa ‘O’s and vanilla flavour discs with a splash of cold milk is irresistible, £3.99, 350g, Asda and Morrisons
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✱ Before you get going, you’ll need the right kit. A pair of walking boots and weatherproof coat are a good start ✱ To search for different types of outdoor activities and locations, visit nationaltrust.org.uk ✱ For tips on striking a healthy work-li
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ZOOM Crashers!
The singer, 47, was interrupted by son Theo shouting from the toilet. Peter was chatting to Elaine Crowley, when the Virgin Media host said, ‘Is that a little scream I hear in the background?’ To which the father-of-four replied, ‘Can you hear Theo?
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Look Who’s Back
Film icon Michael has appeared in more than 130 films since his career took off with roles in Zulu (1964), Alfie (1966) and The Italian Job (1969). He’s been nominated for six Oscars, winning two for Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and The Cider House
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The Joy Of BOOKS
When I met Amelia, I’d been working at the library for 20 years. I didn’t believe a book could change anybody’s life, least of all mine. Until I met my wife, I’d wanted to train as a teacher, but she persuaded me not to. By the time the marriage en
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App: New Features
Stay motivated, engaged and on track to reach your goals. ‘What’s in your fridge?’ offers food inspiration based on the ingredients you have to hand, plus there’s a meal planner, personalised recipe recommendations and weekly wellness check-in, as we
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Joanne’s Changing Food Habits
Breakfast: Nothing Lunch: Sandwich, crisps and a chocolate bar Dinner: Large portion of chicken in a creamy sauce with potatoes and veg Snacks: More crisps and chocolate, milky coffee Breakfast: Porridge with a banana, and a cup of tea Lunc
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‘My lifestyle HAD TO CHANGE’
Today, he is one of the most successful and well-respected musicians in the country, as well as a loving husband to his wife of nearly 21 years, Dawn, and devoted dad to Daniel, 20, Emily, 18, and Daisy, 11. But rewind 25 years and Gary Barlow was
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The royal INSIDER
In times of crisis, true leaders emerge. It’s an old cliché, but it’s as relevant to the battlefield as it is to the worlds of sport, politics and even the Royal Family. Prince Charles has been groomed since the age of four to understand the qualitie
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Camilla, 73, wrapped up in a trendy blue-and-red tartan coat paired with a coordinating scarf, long black boots and a cute mask. The Corrie actor, 38, kept things casual in mom jeans and a camel coat, opting for trendy trainers over heels to complet
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Popular at Japanese street food stalls, gyoza are small dumplings served steamed or fried with soy sauce for dipping, as a starter or side, tossed into noodle soups or served with rice and slaw. Traditionally filled with minced pork, mushrooms and ca
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Booze News
This week’s top tipples include three great low-alcohol alternatives to wine, gin and beer, to see you through dry January and beyond. For an alcohol-free alternative to wine, try Co-op Irresistible Non-Alcoholic Merlot Red Grape Juice and Sparkling
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The Lessons Cancer TAUGHT ME
One in eight women in the UK will develop breast cancer, but few document the experience. Busy part-time lawyer, married mother-of-two and avid list writer Sara Liyanage found her world turned upside down when she received her diagnosis, aged just 42
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The Female Faces Of ENGINEERING
For centuries, the industry has been dominated by men, but a new generation of female engineers is finally breaking through. The campaign This is Engineering was launched in 2018 by the Royal Academy of Engineering to rub the historic slate clean. He
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3 Ways To Boost Your Health This Week
Skin cancer isn’t just a threat in the summer. ‘As damage to moles is gradual, it’s during the winter that moles can go unnoticed as we forget to check them,’ says dermatologist for Stratum Dermatology Clinics Adam Friedmann (stratumclinics. com). To
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When it comes to healthy eating on a budget, you can’t beat canned soup such as Baxters Super Good Root Vegetable and Turmeric Soup Packed with vegetables and a warming mix of spices, including health-boosting turmeric, it’s free from artificial colo
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Coming Soon...
Eddie Murphy reprises his role as African prince Akeem in this sequel to Coming to America (1988). This time Akeem and his friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) travel back to the US to find his long-lost son.  Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan return as sisters
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Look At Me NOW
There are a fair few of us who are unhappy with how we look in photos. I could spend hours looking at images of myself, poring over every flaw until my mood is so low that my entire day is ruined. When my in-laws announced they were holding a party
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LUXE X For Less
As well as mood-boosting orange and bergamot, this nourishing hand cream is paraben-free and cruelty-free. It also contains notes of mandarin, neroli, musk and cedarwood to lift your spirits. Hands are left silky-soft with a long-lasting citrusy smel
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Tool Academy
Perfect if you’re after a hint of coverage in certain areas, the warmth of your hands will help blend make-up seamlessly. A sponge delivers light to medium coverage and a seamless finish. Drench with water, wring out, dab into your foundation, then
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I QI’ve been best friends for 30 years with someone who lives nearby. Last year, her husband, who works in my company, asked me for some help on a work-related matter. It was very complex and we spent several evenings together. On the last night, he
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Unwind at LAKE COMO
Encircled by lofty pine-clad mountains, Lake Como’s three slender arms stretch through Northern Italy’s Grigna mountain range, offering not only lovely walks, but spectacular views, too. A tranquil lake, Como’s shoreline is punctuated by quaint towns
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3 Easy Ways To Say What You Want In Bed
Rather than trying to make your desires known in the moment, start conversations about favourite moves when snuggled on the sofa or on a quiet country walk. That way you’ll feel more relaxed. Instead of being up close and personal with your wants, e
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