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Reset for SUMMER
With the warmer weather finally here and our social calendars starting to fill up again, those of us who gained a bit of lockdown weight might finally feel the spur to do something about it. But rather than resorting to quick fixes, such as fad diets
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‘I Turned Off My Husband’s LIFE SUPPORT’
Bob was my soulmate – I knew we were destined to be together when we met in 1995. I was 23 and had moved to Penrith straight after university for a job in marketing. Bob was one of my customers and, even though he was 12 years older than me, we hit i
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How ANXIOUS Are You?
A certain degree of worry is inevitable, but if negative thoughts become unmanageable, it will affect your health. After living with the challenges and uncertainty of a global pandemic, anxiety levels have risen dramatically in the UK, with 50% of pe
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Breast Friends!
Secretly wearing a tatty old bra? You’re not the only one – 70%* of women say they’d rather wear something comfortable than buy a new bra. But it may be doing you more harm than good. ‘We’re not kind to our breasts,’ says Hazel Ma, bra fitter for Ani
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Fact Or Fiction?
I have lost count of the number of times patients have asked me about the best way to ‘detox’ – to clear their body of toxins. And I’ve read numerous adverts that claim detoxing will help with various health problems, including obesity, digestive iss
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Small Change Big Difference
Replace weighty winter drapes with lightweight panels in linen or voile over the warmer summer months. Simple tie-top curtains are easy to put up, on a simple rod or pole – try doubling up with two panels each side in soft, coordinating colours for a
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Choosing A Sports Bra?
‘It should come off as easily as it goes on,’ says Professor Marcos Sforza. ‘If you struggle to remove it when you’re clean and dry, think about how uncomfortable you’ll be when you’re in a sweat after a workout.’ ■
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Sex Life Sos!
I told some of my clients I was tackling this topic… ‘Save us and our stuttering sex drive,’ they begged. Busy family lives, work issues and fluctuations in how we feel about our partners can all contribute to a decline in the desire to be intimate.
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What Are You Reading?
We’d love to hear about the books you’re enjoying, so get in touch and let us know. You can email zoe.west@futurenet. com, drop her a tweet at @zoeannewest or message on our w&h Book Club Facebook page. ■
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Stream It
Aretha Franklin fans are in for a treat with this biopic starring Emmy award-winner Cynthia Erivo, which explores the Queen of Soul’s life and recording career. Disney+ This eight-part adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 bestseller follows Lisey Landon
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Nature Helped Me Survive My BREAKDOWN
On Valentine’s Day 2017, I was working on our new smallholding in the frosty air. As we dug, I caught sight of the first snowdrops. With their white heads loosening, promising spring, I felt sure my dream of a simpler life was coming true. By 2020, o
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Check Your Breasts
✢ Stand in front of a mirror with your arms down and then up. Look for redness, swelling, dimpling of the skin and changes in the nipple. ✢ Lie on your back. Starting with the right breast, put your right arm behind your head. Move your left fingers,
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+ Doctor’s Orders
We all need some cholesterol in our blood, as it plays an important role in the brain, nerves and skin. But having too much of certain types can lead to fatty deposits building up in the walls of arteries, narrowing them, and increasing the risk of h
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Bright Ideas
Cast aside your black kohl stick and nude lipstick, along with those hefty knits. Warmer weather and brighter days are the perfect invitation to play with brilliant hues that call to us like a magpie to a treasure chest. Holidays may still be off the
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Meet Our Contributors
International bestselling author LIONEL SHRIVER tackles tough subjects unflinchingly. Her latest book Should We Stay or Should We Go is no exception, so  you’ll be fascinated to discover how she writes on page 167. What was the last thing that made
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Book Of The Month
Every once in a while there’s a book that stays with you – whether the subject resonates, makes you think or quite simply shocks. The Husbands does all that, and more. Successful attorney Nora is house-hunting, which takes her to a small neighbourhoo
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Cocktail Anyone?
Gin’s answer to a mojito. If you want a longer serve, top it up with soda water and serve in a highball glass with a small mint sprig. MAKES 1 50ml Hernö Gin25ml lime juice15ml sugar syrupmint leaves, with extra for garnish coupe glass and a coc
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How Did You Score?
You’re resilient and optimistic, which means you effectively shake off anxious thoughts. Be careful you’re not suppressing genuine worries. Dr  Sophie Mort, psychologist and author of A Manual for Being Human (£14.99, Simon & Schuster), believes we m
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Star Sign Of The Month
CANCER 21 JUNE – 22 JULY Expect luck or fabulous news around the 5th. Make the most of it when the Cancer new moon on 10 July creates potential for positive change. A power struggle could erupt on the 17th. YOUR MONTHS AHEAD The influence of Plu
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‘Nothing Fazes Me Now’
What’s your earliest memory of acting? When I was small I was really shy, but at nursery I would go straight to the dressing-up box. I was an only child so I was always making up stories and pretending to be different characters. When I was three, I
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The course of true love may not run smoothly – it feels like your partner’s blocking you somehow, but the 13th has potential to be your most romantic day. Call 0905 789 4154* and choose weekly, monthly and yearly updates There are moments when you’
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GREEN Made Easy
Tempted by online offers to try a new mattress for anything up to a year? Unfortunately, these customer-friendly refund policies aren’t very environmentally friendly. The return rates for online mattress brands are much higher than standard retailers
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If we Brits were defined by a season, it would have to be summer. What is more quintessentially British than a day at the seaside, with squawking seagulls and sunburnt shoulders? Mediterranean resorts are all very well, with their reliable heat and w
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Midsummer light Bites
In Denmark, this recipe is often made with ‘rygeost’ – a young smoked cheese. It’s hard to get outside of Denmark, so use cottage cheese. Makes 2 open sandwiches 2 slices of dark rye bread, buttered1 x 10cm piece of cucumber, halved, deseeded and
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Despite being dismissed by many model agents at the start of her career due to her signature gap-toothed smile, Lauren Hutton’s career as a model has spanned nearly six decades, with numerous Vogue covers, a million-dollar modelling contract with Rev
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One of the top garden trends, pergolas are a stylish way of adding structure and shade to a patio area. Pergolas can be attached to a house to stretch the space or used as a stand-alone feature. Train climbing greenery such as clematis and honeysuckl
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Golden GIRLS
The world’s greatest sporting show will be very different this year. Delayed from 2020 because of the pandemic, there will be fewer cheering crowds in Tokyo. However, Team GB is expecting to take 380 athletes to Japan – and the good news is that, for
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Taking the PLUNGE
Coronavirus has caused many of us to reassess what we want out of life. Lockdown has made us look at our homes, driving up property prices as homebuyers seek more space and new locations, freed by remote working. Almost a third of buyers, and one in
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Woman & home AMAZING WOMEN AWARDS 2021
We’ve been bowled over by the nominations for our Amazing Women Awards, and this month, we celebrate the three finalists in two categories. Don’t Tell Me I Can’t… celebrates women who, through determination and grit, have notched up incredible achiev
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Romantic VISION
One of the UK’s most celebrated gardens, Sissinghurst is steeped in romance, harking back to a dreamlike era of drowsy summer afternoons, breathless with the scent of old roses. Almost hidden among the tall hedgerows of the Kentish Weald, the site wa
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