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‘I Must Hold The Record For The Shortest West End Career In History’
“I love musicals. When I was a young girl, a family trip to the theatre was my yearly birthday treat. We would head to London’s West End just as dusk was falling, with the neon and glitter lighting up all around. And then there was the magic of the s
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How To Help
✢ Being inactive, becoming dehydrated and having a high-protein/low-fibre diet put you at risk – consider what you can do to address these. ✢ Medication, including aspirin, antacids, some diuretics, epilepsy and antibiotic medication, may put you at
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Sisters AT WAR
“A man came to the charity shop door the other day, peered in, noticed that the shop was pretty much empty, and announced, ‘I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to bring my mask. Would you mind if I came in anyway? I haven’t got a cough or anything, not even a
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‘My Funny Old Week’
WHERE I’VE BEEN Mainly to the shops and back, to be honest! Like everyone else in these strange times. WHAT I’VE BOUGHT An electric milk frother to make a cappuccino at home. This may have saved my sanity. And some basic audio studio equipment so I
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Q Is Aspirin Good For You?
Aspirin, aka acetylsalicylic acid, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to reduce fever and relieve mild to moderate pain, such as muscle aches and headaches. It blocks a natural blood substance called prostaglandin, and also thins
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Book Club
It’s back to the Isles of Scilly with Rhodes’ fourth DI Kitto novel. As Kitto and his team prepare for a swimathon on St Mary’s, they discover a body, dressed in a bridal gown. It becomes clear there’s a killer preying on women – and everyone’s a sus
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Thanks to Neutradol One virus killer spray, you could win this four-star holiday in Lanzarote. A perfect vacation destination, Lanzarote has inviting beaches, year-round sunshine and a unique volcanic landscape – don’t miss the Timanfaya National Pa
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4 Fixes For… An Insect Bite
It can help reduce itching. Ask your pharmacist about antihistamine tablets and creams or short-term steroid skin applications. Bites reach maximum size at two to three days, or up to seven days. Effects depend on what bit you. General reactions coul
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How To Enter
Which of these is NOT a breed of dog? A Dalmatian B Labrador C Cornish Rex If you know the answer, go to womans weekly.com, click ‘Win’ and look for the competition. This competition is open from 9am on 15 October and closes at 11.59pm on 15 Novem
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Here To Help
Q I had COVID-19 about three months ago and I‘m still feeling unwell. I’ve been told by doctors that it affects people differently and that I should feel better with time. I’ve had several tests to confirm that I‘m negative and no longer infectious,
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Time to GET EVEN!
Put simply, uneven skin tone is the result of excess melanin production, which is the body’s natural tanning pigment. ‘Sun damage is a major – although not the sole – cause of pigmentation,’ says Dr Howard Murad, board-certified dermatologist and fou
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Biscuit BLISS
Pastry, plus buttercream, plus jam equals biscuit perfection! MAKES 12-14 For the pastry:✣ 225g (8oz) unsalted butter, softened✣ 50g (1¾oz) icing sugar, sifted✣ ½tsp vanilla extract✣ 225g (8oz) plain flour✣ 50g (1¾oz) cornflour For the filling:✣ 7
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We Achieved Our Childhood DREAMS!
Jan Kiley, 57, is a dog trainer from Hampshire. I’ve always loved dogs – I remember spending many happy hours at my grandparents’ house in the 70s, teaching their two Collie-crosses Ben and Georgie to jump over broomsticks, and by the time I was 10,
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Autumn BIRDS
Many of us took even greater pleasure than normal in the first sightings of our migrant birds this spring, delighted to see swooping swifts while we were literally ‘grounded’. Now, as the days shorten, it’s the turn of our autumn arrivals, many of wh
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One thing I have finally learned as an adult is that batch-cooking is the answer, but I’m embarrassed to say this has only been a recent revelation. I now look back on how much easier my life could have been if I had been a bit more organised with fa
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Freeze ahead ENJOY LATER
Delicately poached fish, topped with a vibrant sweet potato mash and finished with a blanket of golden crispy cheese. SERVES 4 ✣ 500ml (16fl oz) skimmed milk✣ 1 bay leaf✣ Grating of fresh nutmeg✣ 350g (12oz) skinless, boneless salmon fillet✣ 60g (
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It may seem early to think about Christmas, but to have a gorgeous container of flowering plants for the festive table, or to give one as a gift, you have to prepare them well in advance. The trick is to create a period of cold ‘winter’, then bring t
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3 Of The Best... Ways To Chill Out
This extra-fluffy fleece throw would be ideal on the sofa, or as an extra layer on your bed. £5, poundland.co.uk Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with this silky eye mask and lavender pillow mist. Good Night set, £6, matalan.co.uk There really is noth
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Should grown-up CHILDREN PAY RENT?
Oi-Wa Wright, 55, works in finance and lives in Southfields, London, with her husband, Stephen. They have two daughters, Gaby, 22, and Franki, 20. I was born in Hong Kong and gave my family half of what I earned. It’s a Chinese value to respect your
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Lost and FOUND
Today it was raining hard. Brinnington Street was awash and the road drains were hungrily sucking in whirlpools of water. Martina looked ahead, keeping her chin down to prevent water getting under the hood of her cagoule. She counted the paces betwee
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Good to SHARE
Take in the beauty of nature at Dorset’s Sherborne Castle Gardens for the amazing Autumn Colours Weekend, held 24-25 October. Enjoy 42 acres of magnificent gardens designed by Capability Brown and marvel at the glorious autumnal colours reflected In
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3 Reasons To… Keep Exercising Outdoors
Cooler weather may drive us indoors to workout but a fresh-air workout offers better ventilation and makes it easier to social-distance. Exercising outdoors improves your mental wellbeing – even 20 minutes in a park helps, according to a study by the
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Next Week
Get 10% off your next order at theknittingnetwork.co.uk To claim your discount, enter code WWS720 at the checkout or call 01795 570303. Terms and conditions: One use per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Offer ends 31
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Letter Of The Week
Seeing the gorgeous picture of Sammy the Sailor [11 August] prompted me to send a photo of Airman. A friend of my mother’s knitted him for my brother when my father – an RAF navigator – was a prisoner of war. My brother was around two years old at th
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New Read
£12.99, SHORT BOOKS Find out how blueberries can help with trauma, and how salami might cause depression in this new book from psychiatrist and nutrition specialist, Dr Uma Naidoo. Packed with fascinating science and delicious recipes, it shows how w
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We only viewed this property to completely rule out new-builds,’ says Kat. ‘My partner Chris and I were moving to Bristol and I was adamant I wanted a home with character, so a brand-new property was out of the question.’ ‘We arrived at the developme
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Get In Touch
Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. P.S. It really helps when you put your details in capitals. We do not return photos (apart from You Wore It Well) so please do not send originals.  womansweeklypostbag @futurenet.com Tell us your fu
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Alcohol And Dementia
A study suggests modest alcohol consumption (less than eight units a week in women, 15 in men) may benefit brain function. The Health and Retirement Study, following 20,000 middle-aged and older people for nine years, found that compared with those w
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Don’t touch it,’ his eyes warned. ‘If you do, you’ll be in trouble, Jocelyn. I mean it!’ I wanted to touch it. I really did. I smiled and moved my hand towards it a little more. It was the sort of thing a kid overcome with excitement would do. He re
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What you’re WEARING
I like casual comfort, but with a little edge. I am a jeans girl at heart. Where I’m going or what I’m doing will dictate how I wear them. Heels and a blazer can look smart. My jeans are boyfriend style from M&S, my shirt is Levi’s, the shoes are fro
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