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Three Neighbors Share In The Joy Of Pastel
The large urban bay area in southern China sometimes known as the “Greater Bay Area” is composed of nine cities, including Zhuhai Xiangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. The region’s population exceeds 70 million and is rich with its own cultural flavors and
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Stay Attuned
This year’s winner of the Richeson Pastel Bronze award is no rookie to his craft. In fact, Peter Seltzer, of Woodbury, Conn., has won a number of Pastel 100 awards in the past, the last one featured in 2014. His winning pastel piece this year is an o
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What’s Online
Want to capture the vibrancy of your favorite flowers? These palettes make color decoding a cinch. A complementary underpainting lifts monotonous “real” color out of the doldrums.
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The Texture of Love
“The message of faith and love is clear and captivating in this touching study of human relationships,” says Carol Peebles of Heart and Cuddle (opposite), winner of this year’s Pastel Journal Award of Excellence. The Portrait & Figure category juror
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Painting Across Generations
Simone Bingemer’s Self Portrait (opposite), winner of the Richeson Pastel Silver Award, is the first self portrait she ever made. The artist has been practicing as a portraitist in Cologne, Germany, for decades. She won the Grand Prize for a portrait
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Elevating the Ordinary
It’s no secret that Israeli artist Yael Maimon loves cats. The vast majority of her paintings include one or more felines. Indeed, Maimon counts her cats among her closest friends—providing welcome company as she paints in her quiet studio. It all be
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Paint What You Love
I’ve long believed that artists won’t do much painting if their subject matter doesn’t resonate. My inspiration often comes from my interest in the colors that are barely perceivable in the dark and how they play against the vibrancy of color in ligh
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The standout portrait Let’s Go! (left) by Gwenneth Barth-White ( gets major points in all areas of picture-making: compelling composition, bold use of color, an appealing subject and pose, and a curiosity-arousing element of surpris
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An unusually slow, contemplative day helped California-based artist Patricia Prescott Sueme ( conjure what would become Shallow Wishes (opposite). “I was wandering The Huntington Gardens with a few other artists, and we had the pla
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Meet the Jurors
The pastels of the award-winning painter Tony Allain ( can be found in leading galleries as well as in private and corporate collections worldwide, including the Maritime Museum, Guernsey; and Queen Mary 2, a Cunard ocean liner.
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Beautiful sunshine on the brightly colored umbrellas of a food cart inspired Taiwanese artist Yvonne Liu to paint An Ordinary Day (opposite). Although she paints en plein air often, for her winning piece she used a reference photo from a recent trip
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Make a Statement
Thinking pragmatically, there’s a greater chance for sales, commissions and exhibition invitations when people who encounter your work feel they understand it. As a marketing tool, an artist statement can help critics, writers and curators prepare ar
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Embracing Splendor
This year’s winner of the Pastel Journal Founder’s Award, Our Boat, by Turkish artist Javad Soleimanpour, presents a resplendently luminous scene in which a finely built sailboat sits at anchor in front of a grand and inviting villa. For juror Tony A
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Freedom to Explore
As a medium, pastel is well suited to innovation, and when it comes to illuminating this versatility, New York artist Bill Creevy is, literally, the man who wrote the book. His 1991 publication, The Pastel Book (Watson-Guptill), is a text that inspir
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DOs and DON’Ts
• Don’t name artists who have influenced your work. The statement should be all about you. Dropping names only opens the door, valid or not, for the critique that your work is “derivative.” • Don’t use weak phrases that reflect insecurities or tentat
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“Nature is full of abstract design,” says Julie Freeman (, of New Zealand, and her winning painting, Ebb & Flow (opposite), takes advantage of the inspiration offered by the natural world. The artist’s body of work leans toward pho
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Jury Duty
The work of jurying is, to be sure, a job of evaluation. When viewing a work, a juror will consider the artist’s handling of color, value and composition, and assess how well an artist utilized the medium, the level of draftsmanship and the painting’
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After the success of an oil painting she’d done featuring Chinese sang-de-boeuf porcelains and a floral fabric background, Claudia Seymour (, of Wilton, Conn., decided to paint a new version in pastel. She used the same elements, w
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Everything in Its Place
Whether you’re happy to work in a messy space or you need it to be tidy, taking time to organize your creative instruments is worthwhile. Having your tools in good order will make it easier to dive in whenever inspiration strikes. My art supplies are
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Cold Shower
Step 1: When using a light-colored surface, I begin with an underpainting to block in the lights and the dark masses. This step can be done with either water-based ink or watercolor (adding rubbing alcohol for faster drying) or with pastel. Step 2:
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Painting on Vacation
It was the bucket-list trip of a lifetime. When a friend invited me to join her small group on a trip to the Provence region in France during the lavender bloom, I jumped at the chance. There was a catch, however— it wasn’t a painting trip. Only two
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Not a Literal Translation
The key to painting from photos is not to take them too literally. I use photos to determine structure, some color, perspective and simple shapes, but they only provide a flat view and that isn’t how the human eye views a scene. A photo is just an im
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Packing Supplies
I always want to bring art supplies with me on a trip, so I put together a small kit that fits into my backpack. I don’t use a tripod or easel. Instead I attach my paper to a piece of foam core and hold it in my lap or lay it flat when working. I l
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La Foce Gardens
I photographed this beautiful scene while on a garden tour at La Foce, a breathtaking estate in the Val d’Orcia area of Tuscany, where I stay during my painting holidays in Italy. I made a quick thumbnail sketch to make sure this scene would translat
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Tips for Painting Lavender
Observation is important. The time of day, weather conditions and quality of the light source will change the appearance of color in a landscape. Being aware of these variables will help your paintings look more authentic. If we aren’t paying attenti
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Conjuring the LANDSCAPE
Conceptual art places emphasis on ideas, which takes precendence over concerns of aesthetics or materials in the finished object. It’s an approach that challenges what art is and can be. Its founder, French-American artist Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968),
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Strokes Of Discovery
VIEWING ONE OF LAURINDA PHAKOS O’CONNOR’S paintings is not a passive experience. Lines and marks move in opposing directions, and you can bounce between seeing the artist’s every stroke and the scene as a whole in an endless loop without noticing the
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Making a Home Through Art
You might not think that escaping a country in crisis would be an auspicious experience, but for Dalibor Dejanović, leaving behind his war-torn homeland of Yugoslavia marked a new beginning. “I lived in a small town on the front line from 1991 to 199
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Go-to Materials
Dejanovic favors the suede-like surface of Clairfontaine’s Pastelmat. In particular, he enjoys its softness and its ability to handle a wet underpainting. He finds many other pastel papers too abrasive. He also uses Canson Mi-Teintes nonsanded paper,
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