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ON MY MIND: When the Lights Go Out
I struggled for months with a bipolar depression that smothered me. It felt like I was suffocating. The heaviness seemed to affect even my breathing: I had to consciously put in effort for each breath. It felt like someone just flipped the light swit
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Help for Hypersexuality
What constitutes too much sex? Sheer frequency, it turns out, has nothing to do with it. There is no standard measurement for a healthy libido, which makes it difficult to formally define one common—yet challenging and potentially destructive —sympto
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SOUNDOFF! I Can't Think About Anything Else'
I’VE ONLY HAD a few episodes of hyper-sexuality, but that was more than enough to let me know what it's like. I remember realizing that I had no control over it—it was like an enormous wave, crushing me into the sand, forcing me. My thinking and my a
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Better Eating On A Budget
No doubt you’ve heard it before: Fast food, junk food, and highly processed products are linked to greater risk of depressive moods—not to mention so-called “lifestyle diseases” such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Bottom line: Eat better, feel
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Shaking Off Shame
AFTER AN 18-MONTH HIATUS at home with her baby daughter, Amanda Rosenberg dove back into working with her sketch comedy group. Writing comedy has been a dream come true—and in a roundabout way, she can thank her bipolar diagnosis for shaking her free
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Hallmarks of Success
I received two rejections yesterday, one of which forced me to click on four links and enter a password before I could access my “regret-to-inform-you” letter. I consider it a sign of intense maturity that, at 41 years old, all I did was hurl curses
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Balancing Act
Here’s a shorthand guide to mindfulness, courtesy of the University of Michigan Medical School’s psychiatry department: STOP.  Stop To Breathe. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat as needed.  Observe. Take a moment to figure out what you’re feeling
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Navigating Troubled Waters
Around 20 years ago I took up scuba diving. More than 70 percent of our planet is ocean, and I wanted to see things that are unseen to all but a few. Lately I’ve been asking myself, “What can scuba diving teach us about managing bipolar disorder in t
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It took a pandemic for “essential workers” to be recognized as heroes. Through it all, every day, they took care of us, kept us safe, and kept things moving—and still do. Struggling with their own fears, disappointments, and enormous stress, many fac
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Paranoia and the Stories We Tell
We are all storytellers. We forge stories in our imaginations. And it is in fear that we create our most elaborate tales. As an Alaskan outdoorswoman, I have spent many nights camping in the wildest places of the north, where grizzly bears, wolves, a
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We Hear You
THANKS TO CHYLER LEIGH for being brave enough to share her story (“Super-girl Actor Chyler Leigh: Fighting the Good Fight,” Spring 2020). I also had a mother who had [undiagnosed] bipolar disorder. If I had only known that I had bipolar just like my
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Troy Roberts
TROY ROBERTS, 63, fended off his share of “checkmates” in life, emerging triumphant from a childhood shaped by the mob, violence, insecurity, and the “gift” of bipolar from both parents. Due in no small part to his resilience and ability to project s
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Meet Tammy
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The Pulse
As street demonstrations swept America last month demanding respect for black lives, Paul Gionfriddo of Mental Health America pointed out a more insidious, long-lasting toll of racism: Poorer physical and emotional health due to trauma, stress, and p
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May 11, 2020, PERTH, Australia—Women with bipolar disorder and other severe mental disorders struggle with unhealthy eating during pregnancy, a small study suggests. Australian researchers, noting the importance of adequate nutrition for mothers and
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Unintended Consequences
People often make comments to me such as: I thought you’d dealt with that. Or: You mean you still get depressed? My reply is that living with bipolar is still a big deal. I struggle with depression routinely, mania occasionally, and the overall impac
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It Don't Come Easy
WHEN SARA F. OF MARLBOROUGH, Massachusetts, has a hypomanic episode, she copes OK. Her hypomania tends to be dysphoric rather than euphoric, so she gets more angry or irritable than usual—but she’s still able to function throughout the day. The bigge
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SOUNDOFF! Lifelines for Low Moods
A FEW THINGS that help me: my faith in God, a positive attitude, journaIing, helping family with yard work and so on, and being thankful for all the blessings in my life. There are worse things than having bipolar disorder. Being on the right meds, e
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Affirmation Vs. Autopilot
WORDS —whether spoken or thought—carry incredible weight. They are capable of healing or harming. The unkind phrases we tell ourselves so often can easily turn into beliefs, shaping an unfair and cruel view of who we are. If words hold so much sway,
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Balancing Act
Tension can build up quietly. We might not recognize it, but our bodies do. Grinding your teeth at night and walking with your shoulders bunched up around your ears? Consider taking 2 minutes, once or twice a day to practice deep breathing. Tania Muc
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Proof Positive
ON THE SURFACE, Jordan Burnham was a high school success story. A talented athlete, he played on the baseball and golf teams. He was elected class president in ninth grade. He was a popular student from a loving home. Bubbling underneath was corrosiv
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How Much Should You Disclose?
A few years ago, I took a leap. After nearly a decade working as a full-time writer, I applied for a position as a creative writing professor. It was my first time seeking traditional employment since the publication of my memoir, Haldol and Hyacinth
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Springtime Rules
I follow my very own “bipolar calendar.” And it is nearly always the same. Every spring, like clockwork, the sun returns to southern Alaska with an unnecessary force, and with it comes the manic eruptions that signal the end of the comforting darknes
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Double Trouble?
A certain amount of anxiety is a normal part of life; we often find ourselves worrying about stuff, our family, our job, and pretty much anything else that matters to us. For those who live with bipolar, more than 50 percent also have some form of cl
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Losing My Dad And Losing My Mind
Last summer, my dad turned 82. But not really. Two years prior, he passed away suddenly, just before his 80th birthday. Almost immediately thereafter, we unexpectedly lost my beloved dog, Pika, and then my husband’s uncle, too. And while having bipol
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Nita Sweeney
She’s run three full marathons, 28 half-marathons in 18 states, and 100 shorter races—surprising even herself. Nearly 50 years old and dealing with bipolar II’s chronic and crippling depression, NITA SWEENEY could barely jog for 60 seconds. With one
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Hollywood actors like Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy, Supergirl) seem so far removed from our daily lives—so polished, so pretty, so well-paid, so insulated from everyday problems. Truth is, Leigh deals with so much we can relate to—from caring for her
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We Hear You!
THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of bp Magazine was über-awesome! The eye-catching layout matched the quality and diversity of the articles. From the history of bipolar to personal profiles (Patty Duke and Carrie Fisher), cutting-edge research, and—my favo
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AGE: 44 LOCATION: ST. IGNACE, MI DIAGNOSES: ADHD & BIPOLAR I DISORDER YEAR DIAGNOSED: 2018 •  •  • 1ST THING TO KNOW: Fair warning, I like to make people laugh. FAVORITE BOOKS: Anything by Mitch Albom. MOST TREASURED GIFT: My wife’s love and support.
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The Pulse
Crisis counselors at the Crisis Text Line (741741) offer mental health assistance round-the-clock. An analysis of 129 million messages sent over six years showed:  56% of users said it was their first time trying to get any kind of mental health inte
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