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Scot Solida
Scot is a synthesist, sound designer and audio engineer of international repute, and has provided factory presets for many of the music software industry’s most acclaimed synths, samplers and drum machines, not to mention plugins from the cm Studio.
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970 Exclusive Samples
60 drum hits (x3 tempos) 41 cassette-tape beats 41 dictaphonebeats 60 analogue distorted beats 28 guitar/synth loops (x3 tempos) 184 analogue drum hits 15 MonotronFX 14 bass loops (x3 tempos) 75 analogue synth loops 34 FX 4 synth
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#08 Rhythmic Pads From Scratch
Pads are great building blocks for intensifying the emotions of your composition. Most pads feature a slow attack and long release amplitude which represents a traditional bowed string instrument. This amplitude setting is ideal for creating drama i
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Ableton Live 11 £539
It’s been three years since Ableton Live 10 was released, although in some ways it feels longer. The world’s cluttered with ever more hardware synths, beatboxes, samplers, and sequencers, we’ve got MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) threatening to fina
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Being in a band filled with multi-instrumentalists, how does the songwriting process work? “There are three of us that write music in the band, so the three of us tend to write and demo in our own houses,” Stuart says, talking about the band’s initia
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Pro Tips
The method of key change shown in step 10 is known as a modulation by secondary dominant. This is because we’re smoothing out the transition from the original key into the new key by preceding the tonic of the new key with the V chord, or dominant of
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Modular Mayhem
Oli Bell of Groove Criminals was set a mission to produce the wackiest possible boops and bleeps using only dusty analogue instruments. We caught up with him when he finally resurfaced… “All the modular samples were taken from an extended set of fre
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The 40 Greatest Synth Sounds Of All Time
The glorious sound of the synth – and by that we mean its circuits, the tone and timbre of the machine itself and not necessarily its attempts to emulate ‘real’ instruments – has now been filtering in and out of music genres for more than five decade
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Lindell Audio 50 Series $349/subscription
Over time, channel strip plugins have developed to accurately emulate more subtle aspects of the analogue signal flow including saturation, noise and even stereo image. Plugin Alliance offerings from both Lindell/LSR and Brainworx combine excellent m
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Modular Madness
We’re bringing you the best synth sample collection ever this issue with a packed DVD (or download) with several classic and new sample packs. Here we have a truckload of old-school sonic ramblings in the form of some mad modular synth multisamples a
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Ins & outs
SoundCloud have announced that they’re changing how they pay independent artists with their new ‘fan-powered royalties’ model. This means consumers’ subscription and advertising revenue will go to the artists that they actually listen to, rather than
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Pro Tips
Modern music is rife with examples of filtered drum loops and electronically treated voices and our DAWs generally come stuffed with the tools needed to create similar techniques. Yet this wasn’t always the case. The early adopters of electronic musi
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The Synthwave packs
It’s The Ultimate Synths Collection this issue so we’ve got our expert sample producers surfing the synth waves. Here’s what Robbie Stamp from Cyclick Samples says of Synthwave Power: “This collection splits into three folders: Arpeggiator Loops, Li
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Next Issue
We discuss the interfaces you need, how to route audio, suggest some modular synth set-ups, and reveal how to make the most of this incredible (and incredibly addictive!) music production phenomenon The brand new (classic) synth plugin on test Kideko
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Take it to 11 (point 5)
Tracktion have updated their top draw DAW, Waveform Pro, to v11.5. Despite it being just a point update, they’ve only gone and taken the whole engine out to replace it with something far more souped up, instead. They say 11.5 “introduces a new audio
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The subscription has quickly become a major force throughout the audio plugin and soundware ecosystem, with early adopters including many of the key players, such as Slate Digital and Plugin Alliance. Offerings vary considerably and if you have mul
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#11 The 2-5-1 Building Block
Songwriting can be an arduous process sometimes, and there are occasions where we need all the help we can get. When this situation crops up, nobody will judge you for rummaging around in your songwriter’s toolbox for some tried and tested tricks to
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Analogue Circuits
Making music inside the computer gives you a perfect signal path of sample-accurate ones and zeros, promising crystal-clear fidelity. But not everyone believes that this type of ‘perfection’ is always a good thing – when it comes to getting a charact
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Since 2013, Marius Lauber has been producing a slick fusion of electronic and guitar-laden dance, songs that have lit up charts on albums including Young Romance and his debut, self-titled Roosevelt. This year he returns with Polydans, his third LP w
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The Guide To Easy Strings
Over the first two instalments of the cm Guide to Easy Strings, we’ve been focussing on all things strings. A mass of fiddle-centric terminology and string-related jargon from col legno to spiccato has been unveiled and demystified, we’ve examined th
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Dave Clews
In a studio career spanning 25 years, Dave has engineered, programmed and played keyboards for a string of artists like George Michael, Kylie, Gary Barlow and Tom Jones. He now writes for and other mags and websites, is the author of Avid Pro Tools B
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There are a couple of big things to talk shop about this issue, the first of which is obvious – right there on the cover for you – and the second being very much the end of an era. We’ve finally got our Top 40 Greatest Synth Sounds Of All Time featur
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Use A Satellite To Collaborate
While many of us have been locked down, companies have been trying to unlock the potential of musical collaborations. Mixed In Key are the latest developers to give it a try, and with Satellite Plugins 2.0, they claim to have created a collaborative
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Blay Vision
Blay Vision is a Tottenham-based rapper and producer becoming widely known for both MC-ing and his dark, melodic grime productions. He has now worked with many influential artists in that scene including Jme (with whom he collaborated on the two-mill
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You voted, now see how to recreate all 40 sounds with the Plugin Suite! Read the full article from p14 Our resident music production gurus walk you through their specialist field every month 2-5-1 BUILDING BLOCK MODULAR AS EFFECTS
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Pro Tips
Multiple tone variations can be achieved by assigning modulation to your distortion parameters. For example, on a pad group, you could apply a BPM-synced LFO (ramp down) to the input drive, then set the speed to 1/4. This will make the distortion mor
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Tips For Mixing Strings
Many library plugins will have their own onboard controls for mixing, such as EQ and reverb, and a huge amount of control can be had over the sound if the developer has included the ability to mix and blend samples recorded using different mic positi
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Five Mogwai Songs To Check Out
Starting right at the beginning, Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home is the first track from the band’s debut album and contains all the steady ambient meandering, volume swells and booming chorus sections the band are famed for. Rumour has it if you play
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Selected Kit List
Electro-Harmonix Polyphase Alesis 3630 Roland TB-303, SH-101, Space Echo Moogerfooger Lowpass Moogerfooger RingMod Antelope Audio Orion 32 WEM Custom Copicat Korg CMP-1 compressor BSS DPR-402 compressor/limiter Focusrite ISA828 pr
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App Watch
Well-placed sources are suggesting that the next iPad Pro will have a processor that’s on a par with the M1 chip that sits in the new Silicon Macs. As such, it looks like it’s going to be obscenely powerful, and add credence to the suggestion that Ap
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