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By Design
If this issue of Log & Timber Home Living looks a little different to you, you’re not imagining things. It’s dedicated to one thing only (which just happens to be our readers’ favorite topic): FLOOR PLANS! For several years running, we’ve crafted an
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Floor Plan Magic
Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home.” Now, more than ever, people realize the importance and impact our homes have on our physical and emotional well being. But the perfect home isn’t going to fall from the sky, and, often, it’s not fou
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Let’s Get Cozy
We all strive for it — that perfect blend of coziness and elbow room. So what does the “cozy” concept mean to you? Is it a steaming mug of coffee savored from a tiny porch on a brisk morning? Is it enjoying a good book in front of a crackling fire in
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FLOOR PLANS Under 2k Sq Ft
MODEL NAME Square Footage: 1,085 Bedrooms: 1 Baths: 1 full Built as a guest house for family and friends, this home was inspired by European cottages the owners saw during the time they were stationed in Germany and Austria. The first floor has open
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Flex Your Floor Plan Muscle
If you plan to own a log or timber home, chances are you also intend for this to be your last house … your “forever” home. This kind of commitment to your abode emphasizes the importance of having an adaptable design — one that will continue to serve
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MODEL NAME Square Footage: 2,025 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 full Wrap-around timbered porch in the front, wrap-around deck in the back, hammer beam entry, all before you enter the front door. Inside, the plan features a formal foyer, first floor master sui
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Floor Plan Finishing Touches
If you’re like most people who want to have a log or timber home of your own, you will dedicate a great deal of thought, time and energy into the way you want your floor plan to flow. You’ve jotted down your “must-haves,” your “nice-to-haves” and per
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MODEL NAME Square Footage: 3,055 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 full, 1 half The Grand Teton resonates the classic craftsman’s architectural style, an attractive characteristic that comes naturally with a log home. With its full-length front porch, massive exp
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Staying Current
If you think about it, today’s log or timber home’s energy needs are actually a two-way street. There’s the consumption portion, which is obviously a product of living in the house; but there is also the ability to produce our own energy, if you plan
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A Return to Roots
After spending a decade gazing out at Montana’s Canyon Ferry Lake and the majestic foothills of the Rocky Mountains from the deck of their RV, Chris and Danielle Fowler knew the precise view that they wanted to capture for their mountainmodern dream
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Rock Out Your Yard
When it comes to a natural complement to log and timber homes, stone tops the list. Just think of how dramatic, gorgeous and perfectly suited a rock fireplace is inside a log or timber home great room. That same feeling of balance and woodsy charm ca
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Materials That Enhance Life and Age Gracefully
We can build our homes from lots of diffierent materials: from off-the-shelf materials available at the local builder’s supply to exotic and expensive goodies from around the world. For the techies, there are some incredible “engineered” materials in
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Ranch Dressing
See this house’s floor plan on page 20 [letter U] Ranch-style homes can trace their roots to Spanish Colonial architecture in the American Southwest. These singlestory residences featured low rooflines with wide eaves to help shield their occupants f
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Hand Hewn: The Traditions, Tools and Enduring Beauty of Timber Framing
By Jack A. Sobon It’s not often when you come across a book that conveys a rich piece of history in a compelling and beautifully illustrated way. It’s even more rare when the topic is the craft and tradition of timber framing. But that’s exactly what
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Design Tips For Aging In Place
1 Limit Steps. Avoid steps from the garage to the mudroom with a ramp or have the garage floor even with the threshold. Decks should be comprised of non-slip materials. 2 Improve Convenience. Kitchen cabinets should have pull-out shelves. Specify an
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Down Low Or Leveled Up?
COVER HOME When you’re building a custom log or timber home, one of the first decisions you’ll make is whether your home will have a single-story design or one that’s multi-level. For some folks, it’s an easy choice; but for others, weighing the pros
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To The Letter
H An H-shaped plan is ideal for anyone looking to create separation between the master bedroom and other areas of the home. Here, the two wings are connected by a central gallery, which also creates a short sightline between the front of the home and
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Parting Words
See more of this hybrid house on page 52 ■
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Finding A Favorable Interest Rate
For many people who borrow money to finance their log or timber home, finding a favorable interest rate is ironically both a basic and a complex component in completing the task. Paying interest is a necessary companion to obtaining the money needed,
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Dine Out
Now more than ever, people are eager to gather together with friends and family. We can’t think of a better place to hold summer soirees than a log or timber home immersed in nature. But when the party moves outside, all too often the host is sequest
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Singled Out
The exterior of a uni-level home should be as dazzling as its interior, and this Texas ranch is a star. 1. Mixing materials (in this case, handhewn logs, local stone and brushedcypress board-and-batt) is a surefire way to create today’s coveted homes
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Best. Treehouse. Ever.
Before John Blenkush built his second log home in the woodlands of Chico, California, he worked on jets in the Air Force. “It’s basically the same thing as a cabin,” he jokes. “It’s still a structure, it still has electrical, it still has a bathroom
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External Motivation
Throughout the process of choosing materials for his home, Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes’ sales advisor Zach Parmeter kept two things in mind: looks and performance. Nowhere was this more evident than on his home’s exterior. He craved a Craftsman
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Counter Intuitive
Once upon a time, kitchen countertops were considered purely utilitarian surfaces, workhorses meant to stand up against the wear and tear of food preparation. Those days are over. Today’s countertops are prized as important design elements that contr
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Log Home Additions
Adding on to any home takes forethought, but adding on to a full-log home can be tricky business. Not only do you need to ensure that the addition looks appropriate, you have to guarantee that the log connection will be structurally sound. There are
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Choosing Timber Trusses
When it comes to the structural integrity of a timber frame home, trusses play a strong supporting role — literally — by providing crucial support to the walls and roof. Aesthetically, trusses also serve as the crowning jewel in timber frame construc
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Of a Single Mind
Growing up just outside of Pittsburgh in the 1970s, single-level houses were as ubiquitous as steel mills, Heinz ketchup and watching the Steelers on Sundays. They were everywhere. My childhood home was no different. It was a split-entry: Walk throug
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The Single Life
Consider convenience. From maintenance to mobility, a single-level home can make things easier for all walks of life. But you also want options. Whether it’s hosting house guests, adding storage or accommodating a growing family, a little extra space
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