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Air Power!
With all the concerns on many folks’ minds regarding potential gun legislation, it’s not surprising that air guns are finding their way into many households. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to shoot and are legal almost everywhere. With the perf
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New 3d-contoured Scales
While this isn’t the first time ESEE has used G10 for its scale materials, it’s the more comfortable choice. Previously, only flat, orange scales have been offered for various models. The combination of S35VN with 3D G10 scales marks major additions
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Last Words
While it’s impossible to stop or divert a hurricane, it is possible to prepare for one and minimize your risk of injury or death, especially when the storm category goes higher than 2. Here’s a list of helpful reminders you should think about when yo
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First Words
As I prepare to put my thoughts in order for this month’s comments, I’m at somewhat of a loss to nail down what the significance of this month means this year. When I was a student in upstate New York, June always meant freedom from the classroom—bu
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Nutrient Survival: Long-term Storage Foods
One of the first items on every survival preparedness list is food. But just having food is not enough; having nutritious food is key to staying healthy during a crisis. Nutrient Foods, a scientific nutritional food research and manufacturing company
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Perspective Is Everything
Survivalists have been called worrywarts, overreactors and even downright paranoid and a bit crazy. But now, many of those perceptions have changed. Last year’s pandemic, coupled with social unrest, rising racial tensions and an economic downturn, ha
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Could You Survive? With Creek Stewart
The captivating, new television show, Could you Survive? with Creek Stewart, is an amalgamation of engaging reenactments and ready-to-use, instructional survival skills and techniques demonstrated by Stewart himself. Each episode of this program, whi
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Concealing Your Tracks With Natural Materials
Making anti-tracking shoes with natural materials is strictly connected to the abundance or absence of the proper vegetation you need to make your sole design disappear. By scanning the area, you will soon get the answers and materials you need. You
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Edc Tool Kit
Depending on your general daily activities, adding a small tool kit to your EDC load might be worth the time to assemble. You won’t be performing major engine repairs with it, but it could get you out of a jam when a full-scale tool box isn’t availab
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ESEE-3 S35VN Fixed-Blade Knife
• Overall length: 8.19 inches• Cutting edge length: 3.38 inches• Overall blade length: 3.88 inches• Maximum thickness: 0.125 inch• Steel: S35VN; 59-60 Rc• Weight: 6 ounces (knife only)• Weight: 9 ounces (knife and sheath)• Sheath: Molded• Finish: Sto
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Sow Thistle Offers Multiple Menu Options
Name: SOW THISTLE (Sonchus oleraceus and other species) Sunflower family (Asteraceae) Sow thistle is commonly mistaken for dandelion, to which it is related. Sow thistle is an annual weed with a more or less erect stem that grows from 1 to 4 feet ta
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Hunter Pro M Alox
• Closed: 5.4 inches• Blade: 3.88 inches• Blade material: Stainless steel• Handle material: Textured aluminum• Pocket clip: Fixed; right hand; tip up • Lanyard hole• Weight: 6.6 ounces MSRP: $104.99 ■
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Are You Equipped For The Outdoors?
Pack these items for a fighting chance if or when you’re thrust into a survival scenario: Rain poncho. Compact, inexpensive and extremely valuable during a downpour, a poncho can help prevent hypothermia by keeping you dry throughout your ordeal. Pa
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Knowledge Is Power
Wilderness living skills icon Mors Kochanski famously said, "The more you know, the less you carry." While gear can make a big difference in your ability to deal with an emergency, it pales in comparison to having the knowledge needed to not only thi
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Protect Your Digital Assets!
The reliance on electronic devices in today’s information age is incredible, to say the least—communications, information, GPS navigation and entertainment for when you need a break from life. However, having “everything” at your fingertips comes wit
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These vitamins are included in Nutrient Survival products: • Biotin (B7) helps keep your liver, skin, hair and nervous system healthy and is important during pregnancy for embryonic growth. • Choline is essential to regulate memory, mood, muscle con
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Move Like A Ghost And Leave No Trace
The ability to detect, read and follow both human and animal tracks represents a valuable means of developing a more conscious awareness of the outdoors. In the very same manner, the capability to reduce, camouflage or even avoid leaving visible sign
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Concealing Your Tracks: What To Carry In Your Backpack
A pouch or any small bag dedicated to improvised anti-tracking shoes is an option to consider. Some very common items could come in handy when you need to conceal the sole design of your boots. Remember to always consider your weight and your physica
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ESEE-4 S35VN Fixed-Blade Knife
• Overall length: 9.0 inches• Cutting edge length: 4.1 inches• Overall blade length: 4.5 inches• Maximum thickness: 0.188 inch• Steel: S35VN; 59-60 Rc• Weight: 8.0 ounces (knife only)• Removable handles: Canvas Micarta, G10, 3D G10• Sheath: Molded wi
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Swiss Tool Spirit XC Plus Ratchet
• Overall length: 9.0 inches• Closed length: 4.1 inches• 38 functions• Includes ratchet tool and 6 bits• Leather pouch holds knife and ratchet kit• Weight: 7.4 ounces MSRP: $149.99 ■
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Survival Is Contagious
Spreading the word about survival prepared my colleagues for the unexpected. It’s no secret that I have a bug-out bag (or two or three) and that I carry knives, multi-tools and other ingenious survival and emergency tools on a regular basis so I can
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Think You Can’t Convert?
Here are six ways to go from a carefree, daily shopper to a store-it-for-a rainy-day prepper: 1. Utilize unused space. Don’t let a small apartment or house keep you from stockpiling necessities. You have more space than you might realize. Utilizin
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Esee’s Best Just Got Better
ESEE Knives started 2020 out with a new steel for its offerings, along with one new model and revamps of its classic ESEE-3 and ESEE-4 models. This company’s been busy! ESEE Knives now offers its classic ESEE-3 and ESEE-4 knives in S35VN steel with
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Pcp Air Gun Considerations
PCP air guns are some of the more-complex air rifles available. Where this system stands out is the large air tank that’s attached to the rifle itself. This can be a bit of a problem when you need to refill the tank after it runs low. The lower the p
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Time To Get Tough
When looking for a high-quality field watch, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with options. How do you separate the junk and the jewelry from the high-value tools? I discovered Bertucci Field Watches earlier this year and was impressed by its design
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Hatsan USA
Hatsan is a Turkish manufacturer that’s been in business since 1976. Surprisingly, it exports nearly all of its manufactured guns (Hatsan air rifles and Escort shotguns). What’s most impressive is that it’s a “vertical” manufacturer: It starts with t
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Health benefits of the minerals Included in Nutrient Survival products: • Calcium is commonly known for its role in bone health. Additionally, calcium helps with muscle function and maintaining heart rhythm. • Chloride is an important electrolyte in
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Add Some Swiss Precision To Your Edc
The Swiss Army Knife, often referred to as a "SAK," is one of the most common tools on the planet. It seems that anywhere you go, you’ll see the familiar bright-red handle bearing the Swiss cross. It’s probably a safe bet that most ASG readers count
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New Products
As time goes on, our curiosity and needs expand beyond a few basic areas of interest. In this month’s “New Products” collection, we included a pretty wide variety of newly available gear that’ll pique the interest of the most discerning “gear hounds.
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