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Quick Snaps
THE Australian Centre for Photography has closed its doors asa result of a perfect storm of COVID-19, a lack of funds and the rise of smartphone photography. The ACP board announced in a statement the organisation would move into a period of hibernat
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With New Eyes
I have always had an appreciation for drone images. You know the ones – those photos where you can see way off into the distance. Those photos that capture scenes from above, like where the sand and water meet, where beautiful autumn trees stand and
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Ballarat To Get National Centre For Photography In $6.7 Million Funding Boost
THE Victorian Government has announced it will establish a National Centre for Photography in Ballarat, in a major budget boost for the region. The 2020-2021 Victorian Budget will invest a mammoth $6.7 million to create the new centre, which is plann
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Image Doctor
THIS MONTH’S WINNER Pavel Kotelevskii is an amateur photographer and this is his “first attempt with the classic composition of One Tree Hill in Maleny [Queensland].” To create this photo, Pavel combined two shots taken about 30 minutes apart. “The f
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Australian Photographer Wins International Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2020
DESPITE many weddings being put on hold this year, the annual competition that celebrates the world’s finest wedding photography still went ahead, with Australian photographer James Simmons taking home the title of International Wedding Photographer
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Sony Enters Drone Market With Airpeak
IMAGING and consumer electronics giant Sony has announced it will enter the drone market, unveiling a new business division called Airpeak that will launch in early 2021. In an announcement shared on the Sony website, the company confirmed Airpeak wi
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2020’s Finest Photojournalism Recognised
THE winners of the 2020 Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Awards have been announced. The Walkley’s are Australia’s most prestigious awards for journalism and photojournalism, and in its 64-year history have recognised some of our finest journalists an
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Nikon To Cut 20 Per Cent Of Staff Outside Japan
NIKON has announced plans to cut 20 per cent of its workforce outside of Japan by March 2022, in a move that confirms the company has taken a considerable financial hit in 2020. According to Japanese website Nikkei, Nikon President Toshikazu Umatate
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Google Photos To Drop Free Storage
GOOGLE Photos has announced it will discontinue its program of unlimited free cloud storage for photos and videos. Google Photos entered the cloud storage market in May 2015, offering unlimited and free storage for videos up to 1080p and photos up to
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Your Best Shot
TRAVEL Missing travel yet? We certainly are, and although we may not be able to actually go very far at the moment, that’s not to say we can’t reminisce about where we would rather be. So grab yourself a pina colada and a good book, and enjoy our fav
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How To Enter
1. Email your entry to with the name of the competition theme in the email subject line, for example: Weather, Abstract, Landscape, etc.2. The image file must be the same as your name, for example Jane Smith.jpg
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The Flight Path: pro Secrets For Capturing Birds In Flight
Who’d have thought that three little words could instil so much fear? Yet time and again I am asked this question: How do you get a good shot of a bird in flight? Whether it comes out as a blur across a landscape, an empty branch on which a robin had
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Australian Photography + Digital
Editor: Mike O’Connor Contributing Editors: Mick Fletoridis, Rob Ditessa, Drew Hopper, Anthony McKee and Saima Morel. National Sales Manager: Jodie Reid (02) 9213 8261 Advertising Production: John Visko
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The Four Seasons
The Bureau of Meteorology’s calendar educates Australians on the science of weather and brings awareness to the importance of understanding the risks it can bring. Each year hundreds of photographs are submitted and narrowed down to 13 final images.
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Second Chances
For the past few years, January has always been our travel photography special issue of AP mag, and as a complete travel nut, it’s one issue I’ve always enjoyed putting together. However, looking back at 12 months of parked planes and postponed trave
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Telling Tales
You’ve finally made it to your dream location, and by dream, I don’t mean your own secluded private island with swaying palm trees and a “ring-the-buzzer” butler service, but a place where you can bring your ambition of being a photojournalist to lif
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Join Us In Tasmania For The Photography Workshop Of A Lifetime
Join Australian Photography editor Mike O’Connor and TV presenter and pro photographer Darran Leal for a 5-day creative photography workshop in the Cradle Mountain region, Tasmania from 13-17 September 2021. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned phot
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TO SUBSCRIBE & GO IN THE DRAW TO WIN VISIT & ENTER PROMO CODE ADV/21011 OR CALL 1800 807 760 & QUOTE ADV/21011 The Fujifilm X-S10 and XC15-45mm offers maximum functionality in a compact body. Equipped w
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Nathan Duff is a photographer, videographer and retoucher working predominately in the automotive industry. Nathan’s work has appeared in numerous automotive magazines, including Top Gear, CAR, Wheels and MOTOR. See more at
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Building Blocks: How To Shoot Modern Buildings
With most of Australia’s population located in big cities, many of us have much better access to interesting buildings than we do to interesting landscapes or wildlife. Photographing buildings can not only be an enjoyable way to spend a day in the ci
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Car Noir
The threat of inclement weather hung over Sydney from the early hours of the morning when I met up with Richard, a journalist for Wheels magazine, to shoot the cover feature for an upcoming issue. I’d spent the day in the studio the day before in air
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Sony A7c
If there’s one thing you could say about Sony’s cameras, it’s that they tend to stick to a relatively consistent formula – the A7 series is almost all indistinguishable save for a few incremental physical changes, and the A6000 series of cameras shar
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Inner Space
In last issue’s Straight Shooter, I talked about drones as an example of a technology that has transformed photography – and to continue this theme I thought I’d talk about how new tech has made another genre of image-making much more accessible: und
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Winter’s Chill
Canada is my favourite country to visit and photograph. Until this trip in 2017, I had visited many times but always in the summer months. A friend had recently moved to Calgary and suggested a visit in early November would be a great time to photogr
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Massive Christmas sale
SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 40%! Spoil yourself or a loved one this Christmas with a subscription to Australian Photography and never miss the latest photography tips, news and product reviews. ♦ Only $71 for 12 issues (print + digital) ♦ Save 40% off the subsc
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The Art Of The Moving Picture
I have always been a video guy. As a kid, I would spend my spare time making short films and fun videos with my mates. So when I left school, my path was pretty clear and I embarked on a career in television production. I eventually found my niche in
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Bird’s Eye View
Ever dreamed you could fly? I’m sure all of us have looked at soaring birds and been very jealous at how easy they make it all look – in my next life I want to come back as an eagle! Today, the closest we can get to flying with limited budgets is a d
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The Year That Was
Even if you were to include the Australian bushfires or the November US election in the mix, there’s nothing that could even come close to defining the year like the COVID-19 pandemic has done for 2020. Around the time that COVID-19 first hit our sho
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Nikon Z 5
If ever there was a camera with an identity crisis, it’s the Z 5. Nikon’s newest full-frame mirrorless camera. Nikon calls it an entry level fullframe, but actually the truth is a whole lot more interesting and, depending on your needs as a photograp
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Tim Levy is an award-winning Sydney based freelance photographer specialising in events and portraits. See more of his work at and David Lazar is a travel photographer and musician from Brisbane who loves to capture momen
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