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This week’s TV
Anna Friel returns as troubled detective Marcella in the third series of the thriller. The eight-parter focuses on her new life in Belfast where she is working undercover and has assumed a new identity in order to infiltrate an infamous crime family.
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Just Genius
Rather than buying expensive storage for our dry goods, we reused our favourite pasta sauce jars and labelled them. Now we can always see how much we have left! Anne Ford, Uxbridge Keep loose screws in your glasses secure by applying a touch of clear
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Win! £1,110 cash!
Garfield, the cartoon cat, lives in which American state? Solve the puzzle by following the arrows and writing in your answers. Then read down the letters in the shaded squares to find the prize answer. WIN £1,000 puzzle 10 Your answer: To solve the
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Look Out, School!
It didn’t come easy, but for Hannah, it was third time lucky. She lost a lot of blood in the op, but stabilised. Over the next few months, she needed a couple more surgeries for minor complications – including a twisted bowel and bile duct reconstruc
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The Biggie
What is the name of Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello’s Pomeranian? Solve the crossword then read down the shaded squares to find the two-word prize answer. 11 Gloomy donkey created by AA Milne (6) 12 Head of a republic (9) 13 Throw dice (4) 14 Sq
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Tara Glover’s 20-year-old tortoise Lord Timothy Sheldrake came out of his shell in Great Yarmouth. He had a smashing time. Bosley, 4, in Newcastle, adores owner Rick Haswell so much that he rips up the carpet whenever he’s missing him. Ellie El Gato,
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Look Great Today
Q I’m really self-conscious about the size of my pores – they’re so noticeable. Is there anything I can do to shrink them? Hayley Wilyman, 49, Swansea A There are approximately 20,000 pores on the face, and as we age and skin loses elasticity they ca
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Please, Let It Work...
Amanda Wallace, 39, Sheffield Trying to get my 2-week-old daughter Hannah to breastfeed, she struggled with me – and most of it came straight back up. It was August 2016, and she’d weighed a healthy 8lb 6oz when she arrived in July. She was slightly
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Have You Heard?
One in five homeowners admit keeping a spare key in their garden, under a doormat or flowerpot, research by Admiral found. However the insurer is warning that not only does keeping keys outside make it easier for burglars to break in, if a burglar us
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Are You Being A Safe ‘Sharent’?
• 42% of parents share photos of their children online*, but it’s important to be safe. ThinkUKnow, an online safety programme, says you should consider… • Who is looking? When did you last check your privacy settings? Remember anyone who can see a p
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I Didn’t Kill My Husband!’
Julie Mehdi, 54, Old Bury, West Midlands Walking past an elderly couple sitting on a bench and feeding pigeons, my hubby squeezed my hand. ‘That’ll be us one day,’ he smiled. Five kids and 16 years of marriage later, Zafar, 44, was still a hopeless r
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That’ll Teach Us!
Terri Shanks, 50, Worthing Stretching out on a sun lounger, I watched as my son Cameron, then 5, splashed about in the shallows of the sparkling sea. It was 2017, and the two of us were enjoying an incredible two-week trip to Barbados. ‘Can’t we stay
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A Letter To... Anyone Suffering
Dear friend, I want you to know right now, you’re not alone. I wish my mum Maggie had known that. I remember watching her in the kitchen when I was a child. Her laughter erupting as she served up a delicious feast, while singing along to the music. B
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The Big Quiz
The answers to all but one of these quiz questions can be found hidden in this wordsearch grid, reading forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally. To help you, we’ll tell you that the answers are in alphabetical order in each section. However, one
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What’s The Answer?
Puzzle 1 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D Puzzle 2 799380 Puzzle 4 Rose Puzzle 5 Have worked at McDonald’s Puzzle 6 Part Puzzle 7 Ides Puzzle 9 Rhode Island Puzzle 10 Andros Puzzle 11 1, 6, 3 Puzzle 12 Fishing Puzzle 13 Arya Puzzle 14 Nickel Puzzle 15 Heart Puzzle
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Saving Of The Week
Want to give your hands a treat for less? Then snap up the Rose & Co Apothecary Hand Cream (90ml), which contains camomile to soothe the skin, for HALF PRICE at Beauty Naturals. RRP £5, NOW £2.50 plus free delivery. Offer available until 15 February
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You Can Do It!
Step up your breakfast game with this delicious take on a middle eastern shakshuka. SERVES: 4 PREP TIME: 15 MINS COOK TIME: 30 MINS • 1tbsp olive oil• 1 red onion, peeled and finely sliced• 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed• 1 yellow pepper, deseede
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Cash smart
You can help maximise how long your kitchen appliances last for by taking care of them, says eSpares’ Kirsty Quigley. Here are her top tips… To help prolong your washing machine’s life, use a washing machine cleaner once a month; this will remove lim
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Spot The Difference
Look closely at these two pics – there’s a difference in five squares. The five grid references (eg, 1B, 2A, 3C, 4C) are your prize puzzle answer. WIN 5x£30 Puzzle 1 Your answer: TO ENTER Turn to page 56 for details ■
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Win! £500 cash!
Salvador Sobral set a record at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 by winning how many points with his song Amar Pelos Dois? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize puzzle answer. 3 digits 110 124 172 391 436 496 5
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UK City Breaks
Stroll down Broad Street to the Walk of Stars, where plaques in the pavement honour famous Brummies such as Dame Julie Walters and Ozzy Osbourne. Afterwards, sit back and explore the city’s incredible 35 miles of canals on a narrowboat tour (sherborn
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Faceless Monsters
Natasha, 30 Staring down at the beautiful bundle in my arms, I felt so lucky. ‘She’s perfect,’ my partner Peter, then 27, cooed. It was December 2017 and our daughter Lily had just been born. We were so in love. Her sweet lips, chubby cheeks and wide
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In November 2015, Derek Medina, 33, was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing his wife Jennifer. As the verdict was announced, Jennifer’s mother Carolyn Knox broke down. Medina was also found guilty of illegally firing a weapon in a dwelli
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ASK Aunty Nelly
Q After 15 years of marriage, my husband admitted he’d fallen in love with my best friend. He left the very same day. I’m devastated, as are my teenage children. Trying to be strong for them is exhausting. I’m struggling to make ends meet, as my husb
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£25 A Letter
Tips must be your own idea, and not appear in other mags. If published, we pay £25 for tips with photos. Send tips, photos, name and full address to: Tips page, Chat, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP or email us at Remember
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Win! £600 cash!
English TV presenter Michaela strachan won the women’s title at the World Championship of what event in 2002? To find out, solve the puzzle... Fill in the grid. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. When you’ve compl
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PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS THROUGHOUT Simply text CHATC followed by a space and your answer/s (spaces between answers please), full name, door number and postcode to 84988 Texts cost 50p plus standard network charge (maximum 160 characters per text).
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Welcome To This Week’s Chat…
With a naughty beagle of my own at home, the pics of pet chaos on p30 looked all too familiar. I think my Daphne’s record for destroying a new toy is three minutes flat. Good job we love ’em, eh?! An altogether more well behaved doggy is Ida (pl8). D
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ASK Dr Martin
Q I’m proud of my younglooking appearance but now I’m getting horrible, bulging veins on my hands. What can I do? Maureen, Burnham-on-Crouch A Veins on the back of hands often become more visible as you age, due to thinning of the skin covering them.
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Little One
What forename is shared by one of the six core characters in the High School Musical movies and one of the seven core characters in the comedy series Community? Solve the crossword, then read down the yellow squares. The yellow shaded squares will sp
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