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A Reassuring Friend
Helen Dempster, 48, Hampshire When my grandfather Eric, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 62 and then Parkinson’s at 64, the whole family was shocked. He and my grandmother Mollie lived a 45-minute drive away from us, and we knew they we
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Pause for THOUGHT
Emily Barclay, 44, Norfolk Finishing off a training exercise, I felt a huge sense of euphoria. Training for the Ironman Triathlon back in 2015, at 39-years-old, I was the fittest I’d ever been. I had no idea I could feel this good! I thought to my
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I Only Need To Wear SPF In The Summer Months
Continue to be sun smart well into the autumn and always be cautious on bright winter days. Use a sun cream on exposed skin from March until November in the UK. The fairer your skin the higher the protection you must use and those with acne rosacea c
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Mother’s Love
There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her baby. Whether they’re human or part of the animal kingdom, a mother’s love is undeniable. Pictures from Chester Zoo captured the adorable moment when Mandy, a 43-year-old Western Chimpanzee
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LET IT snow
Eager for a winter holiday, flying down the slopes of the French Alps? Skiing and snowboarding trips are one of our favourite winter getaways. However, it’s probably best you learn how to navigate your way down before taking on the Alps. This ski or
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Snap Happy
Nothing better than a juicy burger and fries! Zoey, Newcastle We had the beach to ourselves in the rain! Sandra, Weston I closed my eyes and took a bite – it was almost like being in Greece! Wendy, Brislington Pub drink and a quick game of Uno! Am
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Fashion COATS
The best winter coats provide the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. A winter coat needs to be practical, stylish, comfy and warm. It needs to match a lot of your wardrobe, or make a statement if it doesn’t. Once you track down one that ticks a
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Days Out News
Now in its eighth year, Christmas at Kew returns with a brand-new trail to illuminate the magnificent gardens. With over one million lights, this winter trail will be more twinkling and sparkling than ever before. A must-do event in the London festiv
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Pet Crackers
Snapped this one having a nap on our trip to Longleat. Alyx, Manchester Did someone get wet on their walk? Look at that face! Esora, Kent Herbie chilling and relaxing! Eva, Bristol The kids were obsessed with this bird after watching Pirates of
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The best way to brighten up a blank space and inject personality into a room is a gallery wall. Frame statement artwork, family photos or nostalgic record covers and hang them together at slightly different levels for a modern look. You could even fr
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Chef and busy mum, Sam Gates, understands how busy our lives are and how important it is for us to still cook delicious and nutritious meals, so she created The Batch Cook Book to inspire us all (£18.99, Robinson). Sam has packed each chapter with ma
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Introducing Eylure’s new lash mega-babes! Teaming up with two of the biggest beauty gurus in the business, Eylure are bringing you some true lash gorgeousness. Working closely with influencer Ling KT and makeup artist Carmi, the ranges have something
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Call Of Duty
Tallulah Self, 21, London Walking into my nan and grandad’s living room, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Amid the framed family photos was my grandad Garry, 74, in his slippers. Only, he wasn’t watching Corrie , reading the paper or sipping a cuppa...
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With A Bang
Newly married with a baby on the way; young Lisa Techel had her whole life ahead of her. Then one night, she went to bed and never woke up. Lisa was murdered while she slept, and her distraught husband Seth lost his whole family in a single gunshot.
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The Countdown Begins
Say ho-ho-ho to the highly anticipated No7 Beauty Advent Calendar. With 25 days of surprises, this calendar is sure to fly off the shelves. For just £45, the contents inside are worth a whopping £172.50, making this a magical bargain for No7 fans nat
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Does It
Dearest Jamie, From the day you were born, I knew you were a special little boy. With your gorgeous dark hair and brown eyes, you were the perfect combination of me and your daddy, Simon, now 47. But, from the moment you came into this world at Wor
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Q We’ve never had gaming devices or computers in our home – I prefer a more old-fashioned way of life. But now our kids are older, they say they’re missing out and it’s damaging their future. Have I done the wrong thing? Sara, Leeds A Firstly, don’t
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The Magic Number
Marie Hooper, 33, Sheffield Wiping the sweat from my forehead, I took a moment to catch my breath. After an hour on my exercise bike, I was completely knackered. Just then, the oven pinged from the kitchen – dinner was ready. Placing a piece of roas
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I store my lemons in the fridge to make them last longer. Hayley, Reading I always spritz my bin with Zoflora when I empty the bin bag. It keeps it smelling fresh. S. Britton, Northern Ireland I always use scissors to cut my pizza into slices. It
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Ask Our Doc
Q I had shingles a couple of months ago and while the blisters have gone, I still have pain where they were. Is that normal? Jenny, Leeds A First and foremost, ouch, this can be so uncomfortable. Shingles is caused by reactivation of the Herpes Zos
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Doggy In The Window
Debbie Nutchey, 53, Leeds Walking through the front door after a busy morning at work, I was greeted with a happy face. My six-year-old Staffy, Swift, was sat on the back of the sofa, peering out the front window, eager to see me. ‘Hello, love,’ I
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Birthday Bombshell
Elizabeth Frost, 49, Mildenhall Sipping on a delicious cocktail, I stretched my legs out in front of me and wiggled my toes. ‘This is the life,’ I smiled, leaning back. ‘Cheers to you,’ my friend Lisa, 49, grinned, clinking glasses. It was July 201
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Winter Wellness
Coconut oil holds many talents - whether it’s used as a healthy cooking alternative, a makeup remover or a nourishing hair treatment, it’s become something of a household staple. Holland & Barrett nutritionist Emily Rollason, shares three reasons why
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Less Is More
Less is More by Robin James is an essential guide on how to have less of what we don’t need in order to make room for what we do. Filled with practical tips and ideas, this book will guide you toward a simpler way of life. Learn how to reduce your cl
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Getting Stuck In
Mandee Hall, 38, Acklington Stuffing a wad of candyfloss into my mouth, I washed it down with a gulp of Coke. Crowds of people were bustling around, and the whoosh of rollercoasters blared all around me. It was 2013, and I’d taken my kids, Charlie,
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Winning Website
Struggling to get your little ones down for the night? Try this sleep calculator from home interior specialists Hillary’s, to work out how much sleep children need. They’ve created a sleep calculator that works out the best time for your child to wak
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The Chat quiz!
1 What was the fi rst fi lm to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? a Guardians of the Galaxy b Thor c Iron Man 2 In which year was Daniel Craig’s first Bond film released? a 2005 b 2006 c 2007 3 What is the first name of ITV’s cri
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Insider Tips
With many holidays cancelled this summer, British families want to get ahead of the game and sort their 2021 travel. share their top five tips for booking abroad for next year… Ensure you are covered by a premium package. Man
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In The Chair
Joe Michaelides, 34, Manchester Sat in the waiting room, I wrung my sweaty palms together, my heart thumping in my chest. Taking deep breaths, I tried to control my nerves. But as a voice called ‘Mr. Michaelides?’ my body started to shake. No one en
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Weird World Tipsy Tales
People often buy useless things when they have had too much to drink, but selling something you actually need is less common. This is what happened to a man from New Zealand. While in the middle of a truly epic binge, he ran out of money and decided
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