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Simple Suppers
• Melt a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan and add a chopped onion. Cook until translucent, then add a sliced clove of garlic, a sliced celery stalk, a chopped carrot, one medium-sized diced potato and 24 asparagus spears. • Pour in chicken stock to
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Country Mouse
ON Wednesday, the majority of the Country Life editorial team met for the first time in more than a year. Since we were last together, some have had babies, others are slimmer or ‘about’ the same and several beards have been grown. It was a joy to se
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In The Making
SINCE starting work at a bench in Hatton Garden, the jewellery designer has honed her eye for setting stones in the most perfect way possible—for which she is an absolute stickler. Her Notting Hill boutique is picture perfect—in fact, the designer ho
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Heritage Reinstated
THE Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII freed up large tracts of land throughout East Anglia, allowing the newly rich gentry to create farms and estates on former monastic lands. In the late Tudor period, prosperous landowners built grand
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With Fens Like These...
It's tough to know where to start with The Old Rectory, near Beeston in north Norfolk. Is it the charming moat that surrounds three-quarters of the property? Perhaps it's the wooden Monet-style bridge that crosses said moat? Or could it be the Grade
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Local Heroes The Book Club
Audrey is desperately trying to steer things back to the original plan to compare and contrast Hilary Mantel's ‘Thomas Cromwell' trilogy, but fatigue had set in and and the group fell on The Thursday Murder Club. Even Belinda, who normally relies on
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A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down
IF you hanker after the dark chewiness of a Pontefract cake, the spicy flavour of an aniseed ball or fancy testing your tooth enamel with coltsfoot rock, you can still indulge yourself. These old-fashioned sweets remain available in traditional sweet
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Book Of The Week
This memoir from Norfolk-based professional watercolourist John Hurst is illustrated with some 200 drawings, photographs and paintings inspired by his coastal surroundings. His love of the natural world shines out of the pages and well-known patrons
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Architecture For Education
PEGGY GLADSTONE arrived at Newnham College to study Sanskrit in autumn 1921. That women such as her were still not entirely welcome at Cambridge, she recalled, was made apparent only weeks later, when, in October, a mob of male undergraduates tried t
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Ode To Our Wastelands
THE American naturalist and author Robert Pyle’s book The Thunder Tree describes the loss of his childhood playground, a disused section of the Highline Canal in Colorado. It was an accidental wilderness, forgotten by the world until the pressure to
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Interiors The Designer's Room
THIS is the master bathroom of a townhouse in Chelsea, which was once split into different areas. The room is large, but the clients wanted to maximise the space, so, to accommodate all the elements on their wish list, Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co rou
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Good Week For
The childhood haunt of John Lennon and George Harrison, the Art Deco Abbey Cinema in Liverpool, has been granted Grade II-listed status, scuppering demolition plans The cow wheat shieldbug, which was believed to be extinct in Scotland for the past 30
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Contact Us (photographs Welcome)
Email: Post: We are sorry to say that we are unable to accept or respond to letters by post until such time as the COUNTRY LIFE offices re-open Future Publishing reserves the right to edit and to reuse in any forma
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Town Mouse
IT’S been impossible over the past week not to enjoy the seemingly endless succession of brilliant days and crisp, cold evenings. They contribute to a sense of optimism and of life returning to an even keel. So, too, has the end of the Easter holiday
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Letters To The Editor
FOLLOWING your excellent review of previous Grand Nationals (‘What a grand story’, April 7), it might amuse readers to hear of the race in 1911, which was preceded by a catastrophic rainstorm. My great-grandfather Capt (later Col) R. H. Collis was th
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If You See Nothing Else…
At first sight, Mousehold Heath appears to be an exact rendering of a featureless landscape in which very little is happening, so why did the National Gallery buy it and why did it cause such excitement when it first came to wide public notice? In fa
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Town & Country
TWO fledgling populations of native endangered dormice in Wensleydale should now be waking from their winter slumber to discover a bigger, wider world, as local landowners and farmers have completed a six-mile corridor of woodland and hedgerow either
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The Mouse That Roared
IN 1863, 42 years after his death, Mousehold Heath, now in Tate Britain, was the first of John Crome’s works to be bought by a national collection. It caused something of a sensation, because although his reputation had been growing, it was still as
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Bad Week For
Network Rail has had to postpone refurbishments to the Grade II-listed Britannia Bridge, which crosses the Menai Strait, after a male peregrine was seen ‘roosting, preening and hunting', indicating the presence of a nest in the central tower A quarte
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My Favourite Painting David Profumo
‘For the past few years, I have had on my desk a postcard of this enigmatic portrait–I have long been an admirer of Henry Williamson as an inspirational Nature writer. Fishing was also one of his life’s passions. It seems to be a study in contentment
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Samphire With Pine Nuts And Lemon
Serves as a A little samphire goes a long way, especially when used as a garnish. Cook it in unsalted butter—it will be salty enough—and, if you’ve foraged your own, rinse well before using, as it can be muddy. 80g samphire15g pine nuts (a heaped t
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Treading On Eggshells
I HAVEN’T booked a haircut, but I have been to the pub. Lunch outside with my mother, who now looks at Zam and says: ‘Don’t you realise how old your beard makes you look?’ If she thought this might encourage him to shave, she is mistaken. He laughs i
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Pick Of The Week
Sir Frank Bowling was born in British Guiana (now Guyana) in 1934 and, on coming to Britain in 1953, he joined the RAF. There, he met the future artist and architect Keith Critchlow, who introduced him to the National Gallery and Gainsborough, Consta
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Country Life
Editor-in-Chief Mark Hedges Editor’s Office/Lifestyle Editor Rosie Paterson 6591 Deputy Editor Kate Green 4171 Managing & Features Editor Paula Lester 6426 Architectural Editor John Goodall 4137 Gardens Editor Tiffany Daneff Executive Editor and Int
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Naturally Beautiful Creations
COLLARED doves coo in the trees, a wren trills loudly from the depths of the shrubby foliage where the birds habitually nest and bumblebees forage among blossoms and bulbs. A huge part of the pleasure of a garden surely lies in such scenes. The scutt
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Town & Country Notebook
1) In which UK city was The Salvation Army founded in 1865? 2) How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have? 3) What name is used to refer to a female peafowl? 4) Which 20th-century poet said: ‘Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativit
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School Of Thought
John Crome founded the Norwich Society of Artists with his brother-in-law Robert Ladbrooke in 1803, to promote the work of local, often self-taught artists. The first meeting took place in the Hole in the Wall tavern. Notable pupils included James St
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Where To Buy Flour From A Working Mill
• The Prior’s Flour at Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire (01638 741009; • Heage Windmill, Belper, Derbyshire (01773 853579; • North Leverton Windmill, Retford, Nottinghamshire (01427 880254;
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As Clear As A Bell
• Bell’s famous ‘Rural Trilogy’ comprises Corduroy, Silver Ley and The Cherry Tree • In 1930, he compiled the first crossword published in Britain for The Times • As part of East Anglia’s Literary and Cultural tour, a blue plaque will soon mark the h
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