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QRP: Low-Power Communications
…and Analysis by WB6UTW In July 2018, CQ featured the article “The Sabretooth Wire: An Innovation in Antenna Length Shortening” by Eric Knight, KB1EHE. Eric’s sabretooth wire design significantly reduces the length of a wire antenna by kinking the wi
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Optimizing On-the-Air Practices in FT8
I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time operating the FT8 digital mode. For those unaware of what FT8 is, this is a digital communications mode often referred to as a “sound card mode.” The creators of this mode are Joe Taylo
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Learning Curve
Mother Nature seeks equilibrium and weather is the result of a constant battle for equilibrium or stability. In a way, meteorology studies weather dynamics seeking stability. Since our planet’s axis is tilted as compared to our Sun’s axis, Earth’s su
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Results of the 2020 CQWW DX SSB Contest
I’m proud to say that the 72nd edition of the CQ World Wide SSB contest is in the books. And, what an edition it was! Just as we had hoped, the sun came back to life — at least by a small amount. Whether it was the new class of rookies or seasoned ve
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Building And Operating A New Superstation At ND7K
In 2018, Tim, N6WIN, reached out to me and said he was going to build a nice station at his retirement ND7K QTH in Arizona. After asking him what he was planning on putting up, he said that he wanted a station that could compete in domestic contests
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The 20th Annual CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend
The 20th annual CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend will be held on Saturday, May 8th and Sunday, May 9th, 2021 (but see below). Here’s hoping that it will be safe to have foxhunting get-togethers by then. CQ doesn’t impose any rules or offer any awards
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What’s New
AOR Ltd. has released a new firmware update to its popular AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 digital voice receivers with a feature previously found only in its pro line of wideband receivers. After users download the firmware update from AOR’s website
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(Data rounded to nearest whole number) Sunspots: Observed Monthly, January 2021: 11 12-month smoothed, July 2020: 8 10.7-cm Flux: Observed Monthly, January 2021: 76 12-month smoothed, July 2020: 74 (Data rounded to nearest whole number) Sunspots: Obs
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2020 Cqww Dx Ssb Plaque Winners And Donors
World Juan Hidalgo, EA8RM Donor: Southern California DX Club World – Low Power Alexey Ogorodov, HC2AO Donor: Slovenian Contest Club World – QRP Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q Donor: Jeff Steinman, N5TJ World – Assisted High Power PT5J (Opr.: Sergio Almeida PP5JR
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Multi-Operating Under COVID-19 Conditions
When COVID-19 cases began to accelerate in October, W3LPL team members collaborated to develop a plan for safely operating in the CQWW SSB and CW contests. Understandably, most of our team members were not comfortable operating as part of a large, tr
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CQ Amateur Radio
Richard S. Moseson, W2VU, Editor Jason Feldman, KD2IWM, Managing Editor Susan Moseson, Editorial Consultant Kent Britain, WA5VJB, Antennas Stan Broadway, N8BHL, Emergency Communications Gerry L. Dexter, The Listening Post Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB, Kit-Bu
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Ham Radio News
While there won’t be an in-person Dayton Hamvention® this year, the Hamvention Awards Committee continued its tradition of honoring the achievements of outstanding amateurs, and three of its four 2021 awardees have their heads in the stars … literall
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Looking Ahead
Here are some of the articles we’re working on for upcoming issues of CQ: • CW Results: 2020 CQ World Wide DX Contest• From RDC to PGC (and what that means!)• My Dipole Has Gain!• A Hammock Yagi Upcoming Special Issues: June: Take it to the Field Oct
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Serrana Bank is an atoll in the western Caribbean Sea. According to Wikipedia, it is a mostly underwater reef about 50 kilometers (31 miles) long and 13 kilometers (8 miles) wide and has six cays, or islets, the largest of which is Southwest Cay. Ser
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Our Readers Say…
Editor, CQ: I enjoyed the “Hams – Past – Present – Future” article (CQ Classics, December 2020) but I take issue with the parenthetical remark “Judy Garland is a ham.” Where did that come from? I’m clearly not an expert on Judy Garland but nothing I
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Advertising Rates: Non-commercial ads are 20 cents per word including abbreviations and addresses. Commercial and organization ads are $1.00 per word. Boldface words are $1.50 each (specify which words). Minimum charge $2.00. No ad will be printed un
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Analog Adventures
I obtained my first oscilloscope as a going-away gift from one of my nerdy friends after my freshman year in high school, as I prepared to leave Silicon Valley for “Surf City.” (Actually, all my friends were pretty nerdy. –EN) It was a rather decrepi
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MF/LF OPERATING: Life Below the AM Broadcast Band
Plus … Heavy Lifting at W7XU, a Remote Operation in England Results in Many QSOs with North America, and KB5NJD says 73 Over the last few years that I have given presentations on the topic of 630 and 2200 meters, I have encountered a surprising numbe
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A CQ Exclusive: Mosquito Aerial Denial (MAD) System
Long known for its prowess in advanced science and mathematics, the services of the Lauton Institute were sought some years ago to assist in the development of a system that could be used to protect citizens from mosquito-borne diseases in general an
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A Replacement for “ARES Connect”?
With the demise of the “ARES Connect” database, the ARRL Department of Emergency Management has formed a working group to determine what elements are needed for a new data system. The League’s new Director of Emergency Management, Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW
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Behind The Bylines …
Ken Goetz, N2SQW (“Optimizing On-the-Air Practices in FT8,” p. 10) is retired from the New York State Office of Emergency Management, where he served as a radio engineer and State RACES Officer. Currently the Deputy State RACES Officer, Ken is also a
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The Listening Post
Unfortunately, due to a computer error, Gerry Dexter’s usual monthly “shortwavelet” news bytes are off the air this month. Gerry sends his profound apologies to the shortwave listener (SWL) community and says that he should be back up and running in
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Magic In The Sky
It’s been quite some time since we’ve called upon that revered dispenser of (mostly worthless –ed.) advice, so get ready for another installment from “Dear Hammy.” The warning to “get ready” isn’t so much for you as it is for the CQ legal department.
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The Youth Team of ZM4T
In the 2020 CQWW SSB contest, we hosted a team of kids operating from ZM4T. Fortunately, we are COVID-19-free in New Zealand and our life is normal compared to the rest of the world. Due to my own health issues, I have limits to what I can physically
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Math’s Notes
A Non-Metallic Amateur Antenna In past columns we have touted the exploration of tera-hertz (THz) frequencies as interesting portions of the electromagnetic spectrum ideal for experimentation. While writing about these, we occasionally suggested lase
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Participation records continued to be smashed as amateur radio operators around the world chose to “stay safe” and operate in contests each weekend in the busy contest months of January and February 2021. There were 3,376 logs submitted for the 2021
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MCKEESPORT, PENNSYLVANIA — The Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club will hold its 49 th Annual Amateur Radio/Computer Show from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday, April 18 at the McKeesport Palisades, 100 Fifth Avenue. Contact Bill Powers, N3GHT, (412) 260-5699. Ema
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VHF Plus
Plus, a Beacon Grows on St. Helena Well, hello, and welcome to your column. I’m beyond excited that W2VU has afforded me the opportunity to curate the VHF+ column. I’ve been around radio my entire life and was finally licensed about 20 years ago. I h
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Hand-Grinding a Quartz Crystal
I thought it was going to be a typical Tuesday of helping Elmer by doing log entries as he proceeded with the boat-anchor CW contest. Actually, I’ve yet to have a typical “work” day (if you want to call it that) as one doesn’t know what one is gettin
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This time I am going to cover perhaps the most complex topic I have ever taken a swing at. Antenna temperature does not apply to HF antennas and can barely even be measured at 2 meters. So, we are mainly talking about a 1 GHz-and-up spectrum issue. L
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