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Pingus At A Glance
Dominio de Pingus Established 1995 Vineyard 4.2ha Grape varieties Tinta Fina (Tempranillo) Annual production 5,000 bottles Region Ribera del Duero Flor de Pingus First commercial vintage 1996 Vineyard 30ha across four sites Grape varieties Tin
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The geographic regions of California’s wine grapes are identified either by political boundaries, such as county names, or by federally recognised growing regions called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). For a wine to carry an AVA on its label, at
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Your Letters
I was intrigued that the British real estate brokers quoted in your news item about the surge of interest in Tuscan wine estates (January 2021 issue) cite the Covid-driven realisation that people can ‘work from...the Tuscan countryside’ as the reason
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In Brief
Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate, Opus One and Shafer have been named among wineries set to release wines direct from their cellars for sale at the first Napa Valley Library Wine Auction in February. Organiser Napa Valley Vintners said the sale would f
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Notes & Queries
Can you aerate a wine by lightly blowing air into it using a straw? I would like to ‘open up’ a wine faster than you can by using a conventional decanter or a wine pourer, and my theory is that perhaps by gently blowing into a glass of wine with a st
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Weekend Wines
Complex, yeasty nose of wheat crackers and lemons, dried apricots, bruised apples and sourdough. Creamy and intense, with buttered brioche, roasted nuts, yellow apple and tangerine peel on the palate. A backbone of sharp acidity, plus a long, biscuit
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Northern Rhone 2019
Heat and drought were the defining characteristics of the 2019 vintage in the Rhône. The heat spikes were lower in the north than they were in the south, with temperatures rarely topping 40°C, but you still feel the sun in the wines. Neither was the
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A Month In Wine
From new Brexit duty-free limits to US tariff tension, January 2021 has reminded us how access to wine can be affected by shifting international trade rules. An 11th-hour Brexit deal brought some good news for the UK’s 33 million wine drinkers, said
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Marques De Grinon, Cabernet Sauvignon 1982
When this wine was launched on international markets in the mid-1980s, it caused a sensation. This was not just because of its quality but because wine lovers were not accustomed to tasting high-quality Cabernet Sauvignons from Spain. Moreover, this
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Market Watch
The fine wine market has entered 2021 on a sea of relative calm, according to several trade voices, despite wider economic uncertainty. Many Liv-ex indices showed modest gains in 2020, led by the Champagne 50 and Italy 100 – both up between 6%-7% ver
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Rioja Gran Reserva: The Facts
Total Rioja vineyard 66,240ha Red grapes Tempranillo 87.7%, Garnacha 7.5%, Graciano 2.2%, Mazuelo 2%, Maturana Tinta 0.3%, others 0.2% Volumes In 2019, total sales of red Rioja were about 218.5m litres, of which just 6.2m litres were gran reservas –
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The Root Of The Matter
Wine writing is full of discussions about different grapevine varieties, often with mentions of the soils they are growing in. But usually ignored is the thing that links the two together – the vine rootstock. Rootstocks influence how grapes ripen. H
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The Art Of Wine
On a frosty, foggy winter’s morning, a worker attends to Shiraz vines in the T&L Vineyard at Clonakilla, a silhouette in the mist, skeletal vines towering above. Founded in 1971 , this winery is renowned for its flagship Shiraz-Viognier, which benefi
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Rioja Gran Reserva: Know Your Vintages
2015 After several lean years, this is a fine vintage with some excellent early-drinking wines. The gran reservas are still young, released with minimum ageing. 2014 A return to form after the disappointing 2013s, but lacks Rioja’s hoped-for brillian
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Dominio De Pingus
If you listen to the man responsible for its existence, the success of Spain’s most celebrated cult red wine is almost entirely down to forces beyond his control. Fate, good fortune, the right place at the right time... these are the motifs in Peter
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Gins Around Europe
Gin from Europe?’ you might be thinking. ‘Is nothing sacred?’ After all, gin is as proudly British as fish and chips, Tesco and Fray Bentos meat pies. This is correct – but only in so far as none of the above are strictly British inventions, either.
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Affordable California Whites
California white wine is almost synonymous with Chardonnay. It’s the state’s most widely planted grape variety of all, with nearly 37,800ha in 2017. And anyone who thinks it’s going out of fashion should think again. Chardonnay has been California’s
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Rioja Gran Reserva
The ‘gran’ in gran reserva could be said to have made Rioja great. It built the image of venerable elegance, of the refined interplay of oak with an autumnal palate of mellow fruitfulness. Despite this, there is a remarkably small proportion of gran
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Spanish Great: The Latest Pingus Releases
£650-£750 (ib) Albany Vintners, Corney & Barrow, Cru, Ditton Wine & Spirits, Nickolls & Perks, Starling Wines, VinQuinn, Wineye Amid all the hype about its price and cult status, it’s easy to forget that Pingus is also a magnificent expression of bot
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Hudin’s Pick: A Taste Of Somontano
N/A UK Chardonnay aged for six months in French oak barrels. Fresh orange peel, potpourri, heady orange blossom, green peppercorn and a wealth of perfumed aromatics. Structured on the palate but not overwhelming, with a nice balance o
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The Judges
Atkins is a widely published and awarded wine writer and presenter, weekly drinks columnist for The Sunday Telegraph and wine editor of Delicious magazine. The author of 11 books on wine and drinks, she has appeared as a wine expert on BBC1’s Saturda
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As you might imagine, wine with pungent cabbage notes is not generally what the winemaker intended. This note can be identified as a tangy flavour or aroma, often calling to mind over-stewed school meals. Stewed or rotten cabbage aromas could be a si
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The Verdict
Although the gran reserva category has basic parameters (see p105), there is still considerable variation in its wines. Winemakers can choose to age their gran reservas for longer, and wines are also increasingly being made in a variety of styles. In
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Somontano At A Glance
Wineries 29 Area planted 4,000ha Annual production 16m bottles DO founded 1984 Main town Barbastro Grapes Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Moristel, Parraleta White Chardonnay, Garnacha Blanca, Gewürztram
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Hugh Johnson
You need a microscope to find a single bright spot in being locked down. Yes, it’s your chance to reread War and Peace, but any personal satisfaction is clouded, if not cancelled, by the Spectre of Opportunities Lost, and most of all for conversation
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Walls’ 2019 Northern Rhône Value Picks
(In addition to those recommended in the following pages) Lionel Faury, Reviniscence, Côte-Rôtie Pierre Gaillard, Côte-Rôtie Stéphane Ogier, Mon Village, Côte-Rôtie Pierre Gaillard, Condrieu Du Monteillet, St-Joseph Blanc Aléofane, St-Joseph Rouge C
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What I’ve Been Drinking This Month
I recently had the chance to taste Tenuta Carretta, Bric Paradiso Riserva, Roero 2015 (the 2014 costs about £28 via Vinissimus). Its understatement, elegance and refinement set me thinking of the sandier soils of this sub-region in Piedmont compared
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Singular Sensation?
Bodegas Lecea’s deep underground cellars in San Asensio are some of the most beautiful in Rioja, popular with wine-loving tourists in search of good reds, a friendly family welcome and a brush with the past. Some of the concrete tanks in these cool g
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My Top 20: Cariñena
Cariñena appears in a number of guises in Spain, among them traditionally as a minor blending variety in Rioja (where it is known as Mazuelo), and in Catalonia (as Samsó). What has driven it to top rankings in recent times is the appearance of single
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