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Style Icons
‘My style is practical – it reflects the functionality of what the roles in my life demand of me while allowing space for expression and self-discovery.’ ‘My style is sophisticated and elegant. I try to portray the right image for a businesswoman
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What Walking 100KM SOLO Taught Me
I NEEDED TO BE ALONE. Time alone was not something I’d had in large doses for the previous 14 years – marriage, two children and a business meant I was at the beck and call of others who needed me physically, mentally and emotionally. What I wanted w
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Buff And Glow
PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES (+ 20 MINUTES STANDING) MAKES 1½ CUPS Place a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water; take the pan with the bowl off the heat. Add 150g cocoa butter; stir until melted. Take the bowl off the heat. Stir in 2 tablespoons
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DONT’T Miss Out!
Looking for longer, stronger, healthier hair? Mielle Organic’s Rosemary Mint products are infused with Biotin to encourage healthy hair growth! Both rosemary and mint essential oils are known to increase blood circulation, which allows for more oxyge
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Ask The Experts
You’re clearly a vintage fan; is there a specific era that you gravitate towards? Not necessarily. I can play with anything, as long as the fabrics and the colours speak to me. Most of the time, it’s a beautiful print or afabric that leads the way.
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HELENA KRIEL WAS LIVING a high-flying life. Early on in her writing career, she won the Steven Spielberg Award for Screenwriting and was suddenly launched into Hollywood as an A-list screenwriter. All the doors were flung wide open. Born and raised i
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YOUR PLACE In The Sun...
Being in the sun makes you feel healthy, happy and glowing. But I’m sorry to say it’s mostly an unrequited love affair. The sun is just not that into you. You spend winter pining for it, and the minute it starts tip-toeing back in spring after four m
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A Bird Named Frank abirdnamedfrank.co.za Architects of Time 011 669 0790 Asha Eleven ashaeleven.com Bioderma available from Dermastore (dermastore.co.za) Black Betty blackbettydesign.com Bodycare from Africa bodycarefromafrica.co.za Breitli
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QAnon & co
The world is actually run by a powerful ancient sect of satanic, psychopathic paedophiles. The US moon landing never happened and the fake video footage was directed by Oliver Stone. These are just a few of the weird, wacky beliefs that inspire hundr
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2021 Your Year Ahead
As 2021 dawns, the most important thing you can do for yourself is focus on your self-esteem. How good do you feel about who you are? And if you don’t feel all that good, what are you going to do about it? One thing you might need to do in the year a
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Products We Rate
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Covid-19 Doesn’t Exist.
DONALD TRUMP is humanity’s last hope to dismantle the ‘deep state’ forces seeking to enslave humanity. South Africa’s gold was once mined by an ancient race of aliens called the Anunnaki, which created humans as a slave race for mining purposes. The
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MONEY MISTAKES to avoid AT 50+
For many of us, our 50s are our highest-earning decade. And if you’re planning to retire in your 60s, the joy of not having to work any more is so close you can taste it. But that also means it’s no time to start making mistakes with your money. ‘Som
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Party Like It’s 2021
Whether you prefer foundation or BB cream, go for it. But always start with a good primer, not only to give you smooth, glowing skin but also to keep your makeup in place. Yes, it’s still mostly about the eyes. Masks look like they’re here to stay f
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Animal House
I NOTICED, WHEN OUR CHILDREN were babies, that my husband developed an under-documented condition called ‘chronic night-related deafness’. This meant that as soon as daylight disappeared, so did his hearing. He was utterly unable tohear anything othe
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1 QANON Interestingly, this global ‘movement’ has its origins in South Africa, and the FBI has classified it as a domestic terror threat in the USA. 2 PLANDEMIC In May 2020, a YouTube video with this title went viral. It showed an interview with a d
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Do You Have To Retire At 65?
‘It’s important to consider how and where you want to retire,’ Simon says. ‘Don't leave it for your last day of work. Sure, it’s 10-plus years away, but that means you have the time to decide and implement a plan.’ Many people at 60 or 65 still feel
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TRIED & tested
The instruction on the product recommends daily application on your whole body. The lotion absorbs easily and fast on application, and my skin felt smooth and moisturised all day. Even though the lotion contains oil, it doesn’t feel sticky or oily on
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How To Spot An Unfounded Theory
Not all conspiracy theories are unfounded. How can you tell? In The Conspiracy Theory Handbook, psychology and communication researchers Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook offer these signs that you’re dealing with a dodgy narrative: • OVERRIDING SUS
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Up Close And Personal
STARTUP COSTS: ‘I kept these to a minimum,’ Carmen says. ‘Using my own laptop, I saved money by creating my own website. My biggest expense was buying the products, because you can’t launch a store without them!’ CURRENT TURNOVER: ‘I would say, mont
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Road Show
A frill added to a basic wrap skirt gives it a bit of feminine flair. Dress it up with heels and a broderie anglaise top or keep it casual with a pair of sneakers. This bright feminine ruffle dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. It
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Morning Ritual, Grounded Life
Ans Dokter is an avid traveller. She had plans to travel widely in 2020, before Covid-19 put a spanner in the works. She is the owner of Amani House in Hout Bay, an ecofriendly lodge for retreats, and this is where she hunkered down for the better pa
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Congrats To Our Winners!
The winners of the annual Santam Women of the Future Awards in association with FAIRLADY and TRUELOVE were announced at an exclusive business luncheon emceed by Doreen Morris and broadcast via livestream. It was a great honour to partner once again w
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FLAVOURS OF THE Mediterranean
SERVES 4 This dish is simple and so delicious. It’s perfect on its own with a leafy salad, and a great accompaniment to lamb or fish. If you fancy making it even richer, you can always add a dash of double cream. • 4 medium waxy potatoes, washed and
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Scene Change
‘I’m a little fishy, and I swim in the water and have two brothers who are fishies,’ she said, before counting in Cantonese. Later, father asked daughter to record a message for her future self. ‘I am Sofia,’ she said. ‘And when I grow up, I want to
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Mingle More, Age Less
Women spend a significant amount of time worrying about ageing, often seeing it as the beginning of the end. But how we think about ageing could affect how we actually age, says Dr Louise Wiseman, a former GP who recently published Your Best Life: A
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Veg It Up!
SERVES 8 AS A SIDE DISH PREP + COOKING TIME: 45 MINUTES This recipe is perfect for a picnic. Transport the eggplant salad and yoghurt sauce separately; assemble the salad just before serving. • 1 small (100g) red onion, halved and sliced very thi
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How Accurate Are PERSONALITY TESTS Really?
Perhaps you were bored at work and killed some time doing a BuzzFeed quiz. (Okay, seven BuzzFeed quizzes: once you know which Game of Thrones character you are, it’s hard not to wonder in which city you should live based on your taste in cheese.) May
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If your daily habits are starting to make life feel predictable, you need to take action, says psychotherapist and mental-strength coach Amy Morin: small changes can make a big difference. Here are a few tips to help broaden your horizons. Sticking t
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