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Shop For The Cause
These matte lipsticks in pink-plum shades give beautiful colour that lasts up to 12 hours without fading. It also contains oil-enriched powders that care for your lips. $32 goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF in the US; until Dec 31,
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Longchamp’s My Pliage ® customisation service
The iconic Le Pliage is like that old friend you’ve known since way back when. It made its debut in 1993 and has constantly evolved with the times. Ever dependable, the lightweight, foldable tote is inspired by origami, and remains a popular choice f
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The Best Hair Treatments of 2020
WHERE Black Hair Salon, #B2-44 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6835-9976 TREATMENT Korean Perm, from $279 WHAT IT IS Figure there’s no way you can do a perm on short or boyish-cut hair without looking like Phua Chu Kang? Think again. Black Hair Salon’s Korean
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Doc Talk
I’m curious about the “Fan Bingbing laser”. Is it the best treatment for hyperpigmentation available? That is the Picosure laser, which the Chinese actress is said to be a fan of. Also known as the Celebrity Pico Laser, it’s the first picosecond las
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The Importance of Being Resilient
I love our pink masthead on this issue’s cover. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems only natural that Her World supports this campaign to remind women of the importance of regular self-checks and early screenings. With most of
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Picosure Vs Other Pico Lasers
Picosure’s revolutionary technology is designed to harness the body’s natural healing processes to help your skin. Using a patented lens, Picosure effectively converts laser energy into gentle pressure waves, which activate the body’s natural communi
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HW Endorses: The Miu Belle bag
In the spirit of the season, with many fashion houses going back to their roots, Miu Miu revisits its signature leather treatment on the Miu Belle bag. Made famous since 2006, the matelasse technique continues to be a distinctive characteristic of th
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The Hot New Drops that Beauty It Girls Can’t Get Enough Of
Her work gives her an inside look at what’s trendy. Off the runways, she looks out for makeup that hydrates her overworked skin and dry lips. If it’s fuss-free and portable, she’s on it. Orbis U Lotion, $45 Why it’s great: This post-cleansing lotio
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“My team always smiles at me as we start working on a new season, because they find my creative thought process quite amusing. But you know what? I love the fact that I design a collection thinking unlike anyone else, I was never one to conform…” –
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City Slickers
Apply gel through hair and tie back into a knot or ponytail. Don’t be fussed if it isn’t perfect or if there are stray hairs – the point is to look sexily dishevelled. Run fingers lightly through hair to create a bit of messy texture. You can also te
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Statement Sghoes Of Fw'20
Fashionable and heavy-duty, they add an edge to any #ootd. Fun, interesting and quirky, these bold designs are great with pencil skirts and dresses. Worn with pants or a flowy skirt, these suede or glossy options will definitely draw attention to y
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20 Good Men Of 2020
The Beijing-based actor has three new dramas coming up. IG following: 353,000 What are you busy with now? I’m currently in Johor Bahru, in the midst of filming The Ferryman – Legends of Nanyang. It airs next year on iQiyi, China’s largest televisi
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If The Shoe Fits
Are you more of a collector or wearer? Definitely a wearer! I don’t believe in collecting shoes without wearing them. What started your obsession with shoes? Nothing really. I just like having options when it comes to shoes. What was the first pa
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When was the last time you paid attention to your boobs, besides slathering body foam on them in the shower? By paying attention, we mean knowing the texture, shape and appearance of your breasts and nipples during different times of the month, at di
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Modern, urban life is busy and stressful enough as it is, but when we also have to deal with a global pandemic, it’s easy for already-hectic schedules to be thrown out of whack. Of course, we still want to look our best (especially with all those Zoo
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The Guide To Breast Self-examination (bse)
Do your BSE every month, seven to 10 days after your period starts or on a fixed day.  Raise your arm above your head  Use middle three fingers  Press firmly in circular movements and check entire breasts, armpits and nipples Be familiar with h
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Goodbye, Maskne Woes
In these unprecedented times, the latest buzzword in beauty is maskne: an undeniably irritating side effect of wearing a mask for extended periods of time in our hot, humid climate. Coupled with stress and long hours working from home, it is no wonde
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You Are Not Alone
If you are affected by breast cancer, or know someone who is, take heart. The Breast Cancer Foundation offers various support channels such as these. Whether you have questions about breast cancer or just need a listening ear, this programme lets you
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Radiant Beauty From The Inside Out
Real beauty is more than just skin deep. In the past, we simply applied topical lotions and creams but now, it is imperative more than ever to take a holistic approach to our well-being and skincare routines. Besides adequate rest and a balanced diet
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Mammograms Don’t Have To Cost A Bomb
The Health Promotion Board’s Screen for Life programme offers subsidised mammogram screenings for Singapore citizens ($50), permanent residents ($75) and pioneers ($25) at selected locations. Eligibility criteria: • Singapore citizen or PR • 50 years
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The Investment Pieces
1 Yellow complements my skin really well! And wearing a blazer with a pop of colour is perfect for meetings with creatives or for a major event. I’d pair it with diamond earrings, heels and a cuff. – MARY VICTOR 2 These earrings are a go-to stapl
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In February, she discovered a hard lump on her breast and experiencedfainting,andfeverish spells.Twomonthslater,inApril, after consulting a specialist, accountant Oh Mei Qi was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She’s only 29. “I’m anaemic,
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The Power Of Gemstones
How she would describe her style Colourful, cheerful, sober, feminine, and at the same time, classic. The watch and jewellery she wears every day My must-have is the Serpenti watch in pink gold and black ceramic. And I always have lots of jewellery
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Don’t Be Defeated By The Disease
“Don’t ask ‘why me?’, but think ‘why not me?’ Globally, two million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. This form of cancer is extremely common, but also treatable,” says breast surgeon Dr Esther Chuwa. “Younger women can sometimes ha
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A Daring Spirit
TAG Heuer timepieces are designed for those who love challenges, as seen in the brand’s partnerships with Formula 1, the biggest football leagues, as well as actors Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey. While the Swiss brand is at the forefront of the
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Girl Talk
I used to journal as a kid. Then, we called it writing a diary. I was six, and I remember my first entry was about my pet fish: four Creamsicle mollies. I recently went back to my mum’s and read my old diaries. Boy, I had sad entries about those four
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HW Endorses: Chantecaille Radiance Elixir
It used to be that if your skin looked like you’d just gone on holiday, then you very likely did. You’d have an enviable glow, with a touch of rosy radiance. There may be curbs on leisure travel right now, but rested-looking radiance is still within
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Ask Jay
I recently met two guys who are twins. One is quiet (and interested in me), the other is outgoing (whom I like). Should I go on a “double” date, single date (with each) or not at all? OMG girl, you’ve struck gold! If it doesn’t work out with one, yo
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Beauty Editor’s Faves
The brows are everything now. The super-tiny nib of this brow pencil lets me quickly feather in hair-like strokes on my sparse brows, and outline the shape I want. Available at selected Watsons stores and www.watsons.com.sg A makeup primer gives skin
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