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Flight Of The Contours
PRICE: €1,350-€1,690 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: L-ACOUSTICS.COM/CONTOUR-XO L-Acoustics Creations, a division of French company L-Acoustics, has unveiled a new in-ear monitor, the Contour XO, a pocket-size reference earphone: “for rock stars, sound professio
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Baby Boomer
PRODUCT B&W 607 S2 Anniversary Edition ORIGIN UK/China TYPE 2-way standmount loudspeaker WEIGHT 4.7kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 207 x 300 x 165mm FEATURES • 1x 25mm Carbon Dome tweeter • 1x 130mm Continuum mid/bass cone • Quoted sensitivity: 84dB/1W/1m (8oh
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JL Dussek
CD AAM JAN LADISLAV DUSSEK is one of those forgotten composers who, despite being hugely famous in his lifetime, disappeared from view after his death. Admired by Haydn and inspirational to Beethoven, his Messe Solemnelle is a late work written in 18
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Ausounds On Way To UK
PRICE: FROM £120 AVAILABLE: 2021 WEB: AUSOUNDS.COM LOS ANGELES MANUFACTURER Ausounds has announced that it will be introducing a number of products to the UK from next year including a range of earphones featuring planar magnetic drivers and active n
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Going For Gold
PRODUCT Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a Gold Badge ORIGIN UK TYPE 2-way standmount loudspeaker WEIGHT 5.35kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 190 x 305 x 165mm FEATURES • 19mm Falcon T27 dome tweeter • 138mm Falcon B110 mid/bass driver • Quoted sensitivity 83dB/1W/1m (15o
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Still In The Game
In his autobiography, Eric Clapton describes hearing Steve Winwood for the first time. The guitarist was playing with The Yardbirds at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel club one night in late 1963 and Winwood was singing with the Spencer Davis Group on the
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Norwegian Goods
PRICE: £2,900 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: ELECTROCOMPANIET.COM Electrocompaniet is launching a new, entry-level integrated amplifier for the UK. Designed in Norway, the ECI 80D offers a claimed 2x 80W into 8ohm loads (or 2x 150W into 4ohm), using an in-house
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High Five
PRODUCT Sonos Five ORIGIN US/China TYPE Wi-fi speaker with multi-room streaming WEIGHT 6.4kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 364 x 203 x 154mm FEATURES • 3x tweeters; 3x bass drivers • 3.5mm line-in • Wi-fi; Ethernet; AirPlay 2 DISTRIBUTOR Sonos TELEPHONE 0800 02
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ACCORDING TO HIDIAMOND, its 4VRC technology – a copper conditioning process that adds graphite to the copper and ‘cooks’ it four times – leads to a reduction in the conductors’ inductance, capacitance and resistance. The conductors are insulated with
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2020 A Year To Remember
2020 has certainly been a crazy year in many respects. Among my personal consequences of the lockdown has been a severe restriction on my social activities and considerably more time to listen to and use my hi-fi system. Recently, I have listened to
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Power Play
PRODUCT QED XT5 ORIGIN UK TYPE Mains power cable FEATURES • X-Tube technology • Aircore dielectric construction • PVC and LDPE dielectric • UK or Schuko plug options available DISTRIBUTOR QED TELEPHONE 01279 501111 WEBSITE qed.co.uk QED is aware of t
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VERTERE’S TAKE ON the perfect playing surface, the Techno Mat, comprises two distinct sections. The first is a lower cork piece, regarded by many to be the optimal material to mate correctly with most platters. It includes a set of calibration markin
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Blast From The Past
PRODUCT Thorens TD 1601 ORIGIN Germany TYPE Belt-drive turntable WEIGHT 11kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 440 x 180 x 370mm FEATURES • 33/45rpm • TP92 9.1in tonearm DISTRIBUTOR Signature Audio Systems TELEPHONE 07738 007776 WEBSITE signaturesystems.co.uk; thor
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New Acoustic Dimension
NAD’s story started when Marty Borish – then head of Acoustic Research – decided not to launch a range of electronics under that brand name. Instead, a worldwide group of AR distributors came together to start a co-operative to develop their own bran
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WHEN YOU CONSIDER that the power supply of a Class A amplifier is effectively in series with the audio signal, it’s not difficult to appreciate the importance of the quality of the mains power cable that supplies the power. This issue is not lost on
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Unique Group Tests
HAVING A SMART speaker listening to your conversations may not appeal, but one benefit of building a microphone into a speaker is that it can sonically map the dimensions of the room and calibrate the sound output accordingly. So, for several of thes
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Destination: dorchester
Dorset’s newest record shop breaks the mould in plenty of ways. It’s no shrinking violet, for starters. The opposite of an off-the-beaten-track affair, you can’t miss it: there’s a swirling, hypnotic logo drawing you in from Dorchester South railway
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Russ Andrews
AS THE NAME suggests, Kimber sees Russ Andrews move away from its traditional designs to incorporate carbon in its new range. The cable is made from eight VariStrand 19.5AWG OFE 102 percent IACS-grade pure copper conductors that have been woven toget
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Get Smart
ONCE A NOVELTY, smart speakers are becoming more of a part of daily life. And, increasingly, they’re being used as an element in a wider household entertainment system that encompasses music, video and even allows you to control gadgets such as smart
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Hi-fi Choices
EXPERTISE: REVIEWER Active in the industry since 1999, Ed’s first record was Boss Drum by The Shamen. He splits his time between reviewing and protecting hi-fi kit from his son Will. EXPERTISE: ENGINEER Neville has an eclectic taste for classical bar
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Buying Guide
PRICE: £380 REVIEWED: HFC 447 The 6000CDT is exceptional at revealing what’s on your discs to deliver a great big soundstage with plenty of detail inside. It can dig down deep into the mix to eke out the different musical strands while dynamically an
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Apple HomePod £279
PRODUCT Apple HomePod ORIGIN USA/China TYPE Smart wireless speaker WEIGHT 2.5kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 142 x 172 x 142mm FEATURES • Wi-fi • Streaming services: via AirPlay 2 (Mac/iOS only) • 16-bit/44.1kHz DISTRIBUTOR Apple UK TELEPHONE 0800 0480408 WEBS
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The Skip Hits The Fan
A few weeks ago I was collecting together a bunch of songs to playlist a community internet radio show I do every Sunday. The show’s themed each week, a bit like that one that Bob Dylan used to do – y’know, one week songs about roads, the next songs
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Reader Classified
These pages are a must-read if you’re thinking about buying used kit, or if you have hi-fi you want to sell. It’s free – simply submit your ad with no more than 50 words (we reserve the right to edit it if not), remembering to include your email, pho
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Denon Home 150 £219
PRODUCT Denon Home 150 ORIGIN Japan/Vietnam TYPE Smart wireless speaker WEIGHT 1.7kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 120 x 187 x 120mm FEATURES • 25mm tweeter • 89mm bass driver • Wi-fi; AirPlay 2; Bluetooth; Ethernet; 3.5mm aux in; USB • 24-bit/192kHz; DSD64 DIS
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It Ain’t Worth A Thing…
When I was recently reading a web-based physics news platform I came across an article that looks into what gives jazz music its swing. According to Phys.org, the answer has never really been clarified. Jazz musicians have been using the concept of s
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Hi-Fi Choice
Editor Steve Sutherland Production Editor Jake Day-Williams Art Editor Emily Hammond Simon Berkovitch, Paul Hirons, Paul Hocker, James Hughes, Cliff Joseph, Jason Kennedy, David Price, Neville Roberts, Ed Selley, David Vivian, Chris Ward, Nigel Willi
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Harman Kardon Citation 200 £280
PRODUCT Harman Kardon Citation 200 ORIGIN USA/China TYPE Smart wireless speaker WEIGHT 2.85kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 178 x 219 x 172mm FEATURES • 25mm tweeter • 120mm bass driver • Wi-fi; AirPlay 2; Bluetooth; Chromecast • 24-bit/96kHz DISTRIBUTOR Harman
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Reasons To Be Cheerful
In an unbelievably rotten year, I find myself rather oddly feeling sorry for Ludwig Van Beethoven. While the Rolling Stones were able to postpone their 2020 tour for a year and even the Olympic Games have been pushed back to 2021, you can’t reschedul
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