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This 1997 follow-up stands in the shadow of its prehistoric forebear, but is better than both its reputation suggests and all subsequent Jurassic sequels. Eschewing the awe and wonder of the original, The Lost World… doubles-down on the jeopardy, del
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TOP 5 Wireless speakers
Portable Bluetooth speaker (aptX-capable) with stereo driver array and gorgeous design. Excellent blend of low-end punch and mid-range/treble detail. Rechargeable battery life is rated at 24 hours This battery-powered wireless portable Bluetooth spea
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The £2,000 5.1 system
NOW WE'VE DOUBLED our budget, it's time to get serious. And by that we mean a more premium flatscreen, genuine multichannel audio, and an AVR. With £2,000 that should be easy, right? Sort of. As well all know, you can easily spend more than £2,000 ju
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Minority Report
Disney, BD A much more confident and exciting slice of cinematic sciencefiction than the previous year’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report [2002] stands alongside Blade Runner as one of the best Philip K. Dick screen adaptations. Spielber
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I recently read Mark Craven's piece about being asked to help friends and family with their TV purchases [Digital Copy, HCC #319]. This is something I also get roped into doing. Last month my parents asked for advice on a new TV as their current mode
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Micro Machine From SVS
In addition to its new 1000 Series Pro range (see p7), SVS has also launched a dual-driver compact subwoofer designed to deliver big bass without ruining your AV feng shui. The 3000 Micro, the latest SVS sub to trickle down technology from the brand'
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An OLED Work Of Art
DOUBLE TROUBLE The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streams into action, p99 LG’s DECISION TO call the new higher-brightness panels in its 2021 G1 OLED TVs ‘Evo’ seems a bit odd. LG’s regular annual OLED updates feel like evolutions; using a radically d
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Monster Hunter ➜ Sony Pictures ➜ Ultra HD Blu-ray Milla Jovovich has a holiday to remember with Tony Jaa in Paul W.S. Anderson's adaptation of the long-running Capcom videogame franchise Monster Hunter. We set our subwoofers to stun with the US 4K BD
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Pixar's Matter Of Life And Death
Warner Bros. ➜ All-region BD £15 (HMV-exclusive) Possessed landed Joan Crawford an Oscar nomination for her performance as an emotionally unstable woman haunted by a lost love and the death of her husband’s former wife. A psychological melodrama with
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Avoid These!
The ‘Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’ has done just that in this 1991 sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. While the concept would appear to be a natural fit for Spielberg, the finished film is an atypically messy and uninteresting affair. The stunning sets a
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Polk Enters Atmos Arena
Polk Audio's new Reserve loudspeaker lineup is the American brand's first to bring a Dolby Atmos model to the UK, in the form of the R900 upfirer. Eight further speakers complete a range that Polk says offers 'premium quality […] at accessible prices
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For Spielberg completists
Roughly half-an-hour longer than the 1989 animated adaptation (and only half as good), this 2016 live-action take on the beloved children’s book is technically spectacular but ditches the darker aspects of Roald Dahl’s writing. Still, the visuals wor
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In A League Of Their Own
The story behind Zack Snyder's Justice league is almost as epic as this four-hour cut of the infamous superhero extravaganza: the movie’s original disintegration, brought about through studio interference, and then the director’s departure from the p
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TOP 10 Subwoofers
➜ £2,300 A fine update of REL's upper-tier Serie S, with a new driver design, punchier amp and revised signal filtering delivering a powerful, poised performance from a glamourous cabinet with stacking potential. HCC #305 ➜ £3,750 This sequel to the
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Sony 5.1 Cuts The Clutter
Sony has added to its home theatre audio lineup with the HT-S40R, a 5.1 system featuring wireless rear speakers, subwoofer and a three-channel soundbar. Available from May priced £350, the HT-S40R claims to offer 'cinema sound without clutter or comp
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Hey Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone!
Director Kinji Fukasaku's controversial near-future shocker follows a class of 42 Japanese high school kids taken to a remote island, strapped into exploding necklaces, and forced to fight each other to the death as part of a government scheme to tac
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Games Aren't My Thing!
I've noticed a lot of the TV reviews in the mag repeatedly discussing gaming performance and game-related formats over HDMI. Personally, I have no interest in this at all, and I wonder how many others do. Brian Phillipson Mark Craven replies: The dev
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A post-9/11 sense of panic runs through this breathless 2005 adaptation of H.G. Wells’ alien invasion novel. Unlike comparable efforts from, say, Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich, the destruction unleashed here is more than mere cinematic spectacle, ca
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TOP 10 Blu-ray players
➜ £2,200 A phenomenal universal disc spinner, which adds audiophile-grade music playback to its 4K BD talents. Includes Dolby Vision support, with HDR10+ promised via future firmware. Build quality is staggering. HCC #293 ➜ £850 Supporting both HDR10
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Atmos Without Wires?
Lithe Audio's Pro Series is the world's first in-ceiling speaker supporting the WiSA wireless transmission standard – in addition to AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and voice control via Google and Amazon Alexa. Priced £600-per-pair in base fo
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TOP 10 AV Receivers/AV Processors
➜ £1,400 Denon's first AV amplifier to support 8K and 4K/120fps isn’t just playing games. This nine-channel model sounds powerful and entertaining, and drips with feature tricks (including IMAX Enhanced, HEOS and Bluetooth headphone support). HCC #31
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TOP 10 Projectors
➜ £7,000 Those priced out of the market for Sony's laser-based VW790ES (see below) should look here. This conventional lamp PJ is less inherently punchy, but ekes out better blacks and still looks lush (and sharp) with 4K HDR. HCC #318 ➜ 6,500 The en
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News X10
Black Widow, the delayed standalone outing for Scarlett Johansson's high-kicking Avenger, will finally land in UK cinemas on July 9. However, Marvel owner Disney has also announced a 'Premier Access' (Premium VOD) release on the same day through its
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You Only Live Once…
WHEN A JAMES Bond fanatic approached Portugal-based installer Consexto to create a luxury home cinema, he gave the company a licence to thrill. And he also wanted to show offhis Aston Martin car collection… After an extensive design and build process
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Be Careful What You Wish For…
Fittingly for a film set in the 1980s, this Wonder Woman sequel is a story of excess. From the sheer number of ideas struggling against one another and accompanying wild mix of tones, to the excruciating 151-minute running time, Wonder Woman 1984 is
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LG XBoom Go PL7
PORTABLE WIRELESS SPEAKERS at this price often give you either a funky design or decent sound quality, seldom both together. LG’s XBoom Go PL7, however, delivers a big sound from a physics-defyingly compact body. Its 9in-long mostly cylindrical chass
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A New Vision For Genre Film Fans
Fractured Visions began in 2016 as an annual film festival. How did that come about? To be honest it was just an excuse to share cool movies that I liked with fellow genre fans here in Cardiff. We didn’t have anything cool like FrightFest or GrimmFes
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Arcade Action
People Can Fly ➜ Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC ➜ £55 So far in 2021 we've been relatively starved of triple-A games thanks to the pandemic. Many have been postponed for later in the year, even 2022, and schedules are looking thinner than us
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The £3,500 PJ/Atmos system
TIME FOR A confession. Originally we aimed to give our top-level system a £3,000 price limit, but with a self-imposed remit of Dolby Atmos audio and a 4K projector, we began to hit some buffers. It would be doable (more on that later), but we decided
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Do you need an HDD PVR in the streaming era? This Freeview Play box loads up catchup via a responsive UI, offers welcome Watchlist functionality, and is ready for 4K HLG HDR Sky's new top-tier product offering dazzles with its image-rich user interfa
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