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Courtyard House By Chrofi
While it may not be a well-known fact, prefabricated houses have been an integral part of Australia’s built environment since the early days of European colonization. The first known prefabricated houses in Australia were made in Sydney in 1804 for s
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Elm Tree Place By Eastop Architects
Eastop Architects is a Melbourne-based practice led by architects Liam Eastop and Lauren Trainor, established in 2017. Despite the studio’s youth, it has produced in Elm Tree Place a work of considerable maturity, nuance and, literally and figurative
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Let’s Keep Things Open
Find more residential products: and Blindspace is a unique means of concealing any type of blind in ceilings and skylights. The panels, which can be seamlessly integrated with painted ceiling finishes, simply click ope
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While separated by distance and designing in response to the myriad places we dwell in, Australian architects and designers are reimagining our homes with a shared, tangible thread that transcends boundaries. From weighty east coast havens like Highg
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The seed for Swarf was sown a few years back when Kate Worthington worked for a number of leading interior design titles. “I was exposed to different products on a daily basis,” says the former editor and graduate of the London College of Communicati
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Tom Ross is a photographer from coastal Victoria with a studio in Melbourne. Trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, and Massachusetts College of Art, he works with architects and storytellers, and has been published internationally. Sing d’Ar
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Woolamai House by Robert Simeoni Architects
I look back on this project from the early 2000s – the restoration of the historic Woolamai House, plus the addition of a new wing – as a reinforcement of my interest in the archaeology of architecture. It allowed me to explore in depth the history o
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Gemma Savio Editorial enquiries Gemma Savio T: +61 3 8699 1000 Katelin Butler Stephanie McGann Nicci Dodanwela Cassie Hansen Josh Harris Alexa Kempton Production Simone Wall Design Metrik sales & digital Mi
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Clt House By Fmd Architects
For homeowners Peter and Sue, Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Mornington was their home away from home. The couple split their time between their inner-city property and their 1970s-era country home in Mornington, for which they had long sought an arch
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Fresh Finds
A chair fashioned entirely from recycled materials, soft rose-hued lighting and playfully innovative wares for your home office – these are products to bring about daily moments of joy. Find more residential products: and
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Ryde Street House By Bence Mulcahy
The expansion of Hobart was facilitated in part by the tram network established in the Tasmanian city during the 1890s. The arrival of the network and the city’s burgeoning population saw clusters of modest brick and timber cottages built in the subu
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Bring The Inside Out
An ethereal moon-like lamp, chairs inspired by the French Riviera and sculptural fireplaces – this suite of outdoor products beckons us outside to bask in the welcome warmth that comes with spring. Find more residential products: and pr
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Corymbia By Paul Butterworth Architect
Minjerribah, also known as North Stradbroke Island, lies between Moreton Bay and the Coral Sea, 30 kilometres east of Brisbane, Queensland. The lack of a bridge connecting the island to the mainland presents multiple challenges to the construction pr
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Highgate Park House By Vokes And Peters
For many homeowners, the decision to engage an architect is accompanied by a desire to create a sense of belonging in the house they inhabit. To make a house a home is a personal endeavour. Be it in the physical making of the place or the types of sp
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David Barr Architects
The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius adhered to three principles of architecture: firmitas, utilitas and venustas (universally known today as durability, utility and beauty). These principles assert that good architecture should be strong, firm and
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Roofing: Lysaght Custom Orb corrugated roofing in Zincalume steel External walls: Brick in Dulux ‘Whisper White’ paint finish; timber in Dulux ‘Dark Door’ paint finish Internal walls: Walls in Dulux ‘Whisper White’ and ‘Dark Door’ paint finishes Door
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Welch House by Peter Swan
The Welch House in the Sydney suburb of St Ives is something of a mid-century anomaly in that very little is known about its creator. Architect Peter Swan was commissioned by Rhoderic and Marjorie Welch to design a house for their family in about 196
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North Perth House By Nic Brunsdon
Architecture can rarely be made without the conscious use of precedent: past works, preferably of enduring quality, being used by architects as a springboard for new work that responds to its own time. This is part of how architects learn. It is also
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Eileen Gray
Irish designer and architect Eileen Gray (1878–1976) was a pioneering figure in modern design and architecture and was one of the few women to practice professionally in the fields before World War II. A retrospective exhibition at the Bard Graduate
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Thornbury Townhouses By Fowler And Ward
On a quiet residential street in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury, among a mix of red and cream brick residences, is a new building striking for its restrained colour and geometry. A monolithic rough-cast render base with deep recesses supports a cr
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Thornbury Townhouses Meet The Owners
Josh Harris How was it that two generations of your family decided to live as neighbours? Anna My partner and I had lived in the area for about five years, from around 2010, and we wanted to continue to live in the area. But we couldn’t really affor
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Alcorn Middleton
In recent years Brisbane has experienced a healthy surge in its number of young, independent practitioners of architecture. Many of these practitioners have taken a linear path to practice, becoming successful progenies of the city’s well-established
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Dean Toepfer
For someone who only graduated from Jam Factory’s Associate Program four years ago, Dean Toepfer has made quite an impact. The Adelaide-based furniture and lighting designer’s elegantly modern portfolio is nothing short of impressive in both function
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01 Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture edited by Han Slawik et al. (Gestalten, new edition published in 2020) A decade after Gestalten published the first edition of Container Atlas, our fascination with shipping container ar
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Block House By Ha
The houses in Melbourne’s oldest suburb are scattered between commercial and industrial buildings and, increasingly, hip cafes that reveal themselves when the steel roller doors are up. Collingwood has been typified by this mix of small residential s
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Durbach Block Jaggers
There is a new Australian residential architecture that has evolved over the past decade that aptly responds to our climate, natural landscape and social context in playful, joyous and inventive ways. A select few highly influential Australian practi
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Borrowed Light: Insights From A Coloursmith
“Man needs colour to live; it's just as necessary an element as fire and water.” Fernand Leger 1881–1955 Colour, and the concept of colour, can be approached from different perspectives and disciplines, from the natural sciences to colour theories, t
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Wilson Beach House
What kind of holiday house would make a suitable getaway if your main home had recently been awarded the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Queensland chapter’s 1964 Residence of the Year? This was the challenging decision faced by Pam Wilson,
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Houses Awards 2020
See more, visit Barrie Marshall established Denton Corker Marshall in 1972 with John Denton and Bill Corker, with whom he shares an Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal. He has an interest in all aspects of desig
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Out Driving
The State Library Victoria’s South Rotunda is a kind of in-between space. The small gallery could easily be overlooked by a preoccupied visitor, yet it is precisely this quality that made it an appropriate setting for the unassuming character of the
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