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EDITOR Eliza O’Hare CREATIVE DIRECTOR Mia Daminato DEPUTY EDITOR Kate Hassett HOMES GROUP COORDINATOR Matilda Ringrose ART DIRECTORS Josie Smith, Katrina Yaxley DESIGNER Sophie Wilson IMAGE RETOUCHER Matus Kundrat MARKET EDITOR Natalie Johnson
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“Focus On Your Individual Strengths As A Couple”
“While Michael and I were always on the same page, he was much more hands-on with the construction side of the renovation. He built the fence himself, and also took some time off work to do lots of the demo jobs and block clearing, while I looked aft
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On-the-go Cooling
“Portable air conditioners are compact and give you the freedom to have an air conditioner anywhere there’s a window and a power socket, without the need for complex installation, so they’re ideal for renters, bedrooms and smaller rooms,” says Colin
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Bismarck House
If design inspiration drives your holiday choices, this north-facing laneway hideaway needs to be your next destination. Bismarck House is not only award-winning, but is supremely beautiful and surprisingly comfortable, enjoying the kind of puritan d
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Fruit Fest
Embrace this year’s big trend in layered tablesetting with all the colour and joy of Bonnie and Neil’s new-season collection. Its botanical theme is a mish-mash of dynamic original artworks by Bonnie, all screenprinted by hand in Melbourne onto quali
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Cheat Sheet
Who lives here Interior designer Caitlin Parker-Brown; her husband Tim; and their son Archer, who’s almost two. Style of home A renovated period home with an interior style that’s a mix of old and new, a bit like the house itself. They bought the pr
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Clean + Clear
Controlling indoor air pollution and moisture levels is easy, thanks to compact and portable air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. “Dehumidifiers are great if you have issues with mould or mildew affecting your walls, ceiling, clothes and sho
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Bismarck House is $1200 per night, with a minimum stay of three nights through Airbnb. The house sleeps eight in four bedrooms, with three bathrooms, a powder room, a granny flat and garage. It’s literally across the road from Totti’s restaurant and
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The Cut
If you live in Sydney, or are spending time there over the holidays, don’t forget to check out the new Robert Plumb store in Waterloo. The brand’s own collections are featured, along with select international names. Drop by 8/18 Danks Street, Waterlo
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Larger Than Life
When interior designer Caitlin Parker-Brown and her husband Tim discovered a derelict period home in the inner-western suburbs of Sydney, they saw an opportunity to not only restore the property to its former glory, but to make it even better. “We lo
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House Proud
The padded, breathable base of the Bellaire bed and its elevated sleep platform will give you every chance of some serious shut-eye. The queen size is $4302 (side table optional); Petite but perfectly formed, the Aura polished-met
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Braid To Order
New rugs elevate rooms with a delicious injection of calm colour. A great one is not only the centrepiece of a room but sets the tone for texture and colour all around it – and the right one has transformative powers. This Colour Play Braid rug in Or
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Robot Vacuum
TRIED BY Editor Eliza O’Hare RATED 10/10 Robot vacuums have always bemused me. The premise of the Deebot U2 Pro by Ecovacs Robotics is that it targets pet hair and so, as the owner of a 13-year-old pug, I could see how it might be life-changing.
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“Your First Choice May Not Always Be The Best”
“Apart from the brickwork, another unexpected outcome of the renovation is our striking yet simple staircase. The original one was a chunky design with vertical American-oak battens, which came in over budget. We had to come up with a more cost-effec
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3 Of A Kind
$70 for 700ml; $41.99 for 700ml; $80 for 700ml; ■
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Made By You
Made By You is an online timber furniture store established in 2019 by Anna Wright-Hands. Her point of difference is that every piece can be customised in terms of length and height. “It’s interesting,” she says, “because some people see a piece and
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Flying Colours
There’s nothing quite like a hard deadline to focus the mind. Morgwn Rimel, the owner of this spectacular London loft, had agreed that her home – her first-ever interior project – would be open to the public as part of the 2018 London Design Festival
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Ask An Expert
Q We are building a home in an area with very extreme temperature variations. Do you have any tips on how to build a home that suits this climate? Lucy, via email Designing your home with high thermal mass materials is a great way to maintain a consi
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Future Classics
How would you describe your art? While I don’t necessarily adhere to a certain style of art, my current series is a collection of still-life paintings captured at an aerial view. Recently, I have been working on loosening my brush stroke; this is giv
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Cheat Sheet
Who lives here Morgwn Rimel, a multidisciplinary creative who’s originally from the US but is now based in England. She leads a studio called Superculture and is creative director/executive producer of thinktank House Of Beautiful Business. Style of
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Flower Children
Every parent dreams of their child doing jobs around the house, but florist Ingrid Padovano and her farmer husband John have taken it to a whole new level. As soon as they were old enough and/or able, each of their four children was recruited to help
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Hanging In There
Don’t fall into the trap of buying lots of small bitsy pieces to play it safe! Be brave and go for a large statement piece, and use this anywhere you might otherwise display a big vase of flowers; think dining table, kitchen island, mantelpiece or co
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“Never Underestimate The Power Of Plants”
Someone fortunate enough to have a green thumb, Morgwn has decorated her home with an abundance of beautiful plants. “I’ve built my collection up over many years,” she says. “My plants don’t have names, but they are extremely good company.” Her tip:
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Nature’s Way
Living on a flower farm in the idyllic highlands of NSW sounds like a springtime dream come true, but for the Padovano family it’s just another day on the job. After moving to Yanderra in 2006, Ingrid, a florist, and her husband John, a third-generat
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Best Practice
In a prime example of razor-sharp timing, architect Pip Marston finished renovating the Sydney apartment she shares with her partner Nick just as the pandemic hit. The design’s genius is its two workspaces, one based in the kitchen and the other faci
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Pour Elle
When architect and interior designer Kitty Lee took a brief for the renovation of this Sydney home, the message was clear: the owner needed lots of storage, much of it for her wine collection. As well as generating shelving and wardrobe spaces for mo
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Where To Buy
Jonima Flowers are sold at Yanderra Farm, Wollondilly Shire, from Monday through Thursday (9am—2pm) and Friday (9am—5pm), as well as online. You can also find them at Sydney Flower Market (Stand 37), Carriageworks Farmers Market, Warwick Farm Tracksi
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Cheat Sheet
Who lives here Mary Nguyen, managing director of Wallpaper Trader; with her husband Andrew Dempster; and their one-year-old daughter, Daisy. Style of home An original three-bedroom 1930s apartment that’s been updated to maintain its Art Deco integrit
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Toast Of The Town
Architect and interior designer Kitty Lee first met her potential client Chew Lim at Chew’s house in suburban Sydney, where the scene spoke volumes. “Kitty could see boxes and boxes of wine everywhere,” says Chew, laughing. “So she knew immediately w
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Escape Plan
Hidden behind a rendered brick wall in Sydney’s inner south, this is a small garden that’s had a big impact, both visually and in the lives of its owners. Created by landscape designer Katy Svalbe of Svalbe & Co, the lush green oasis with offshoots o
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