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Gentle Rain Pullover
Inspired by the tulip fields that emerge after spring rains, the body and sleeves of this pullover feature vertical bands of tulip-shaped lace. The front and back of this sweater are worked separately from the top down to the underarm, then the lower
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First Blush Sweater
Delicate cabled floral motifs run the length of the First Blush Sweater—a bit of sweetness to balance the dramatic back. This sweater is knitted in the round from the bottom up to the deep back V-neck, then worked separately back and forth to the sho
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1 ECOBUTTERFLY ORGANICS PAKUCHO SPORT ORGANIC COTTON Content: 100% organic cotton | Color: Deep Green | Put-up: 150 yd (137 m)/1¾ oz (50 g) | Recommended Needle Size: 6 (4 mm) Although we’re most accustomed to seeing undyed cotton in white or cream,
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Early Morning Pullover
A simple boxy shape is elevated with thoughtful details in the Early Morning Pullover. Herringbone hems and cuffs are echoed in buttonbands that run along the sides of the sweater. The front and back are worked from the bottom up in separate pieces,
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Ephemeral Shawl
Named for the short-blooming wild-flowers of spring, the Ephemeral Shawl mixes two different ombré yarns to create a striped pattern that appears more complex than it is. The shawl is worked as two triangles using different stripe patterns, with the
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Frondescent Socks
Spring isn’t just for flowers—the Fro ndescent Socks celebrate the return of leafy plants. Knitted from the cuff down with a peasant heel, the stranded colorwork motifs are thoughtfully designed to eliminate the need for trapping long floats. YARN Pl
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Dayflower Shawl
The asymmetrical Dayflower Shawl starts at one point with a simple lace pattern. As the shawl grows wider, it transitions into a new color and a new lace repeat. One more shift in lace and color cap off the shawl with a slight scallop along the bound
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Snow Blossom Shawl
Warm, squishy two-color brioche adds a bit of coziness to the Snow Blossom Shawl, which celebrates those first flowers that brave the snow. The asymmetrical shape starts at the narrow point and grows into a brioche rib pattern that ends with a slight
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Reverdie Shawl
This bright, cheerful shawl welcomes spring with a celebration of stitches: garter stripes, floral lace, and a picot bind-off. The Reverdie Shawl is worked on the bias, starting from a small point and growing from there. YARN Lisa Souza Bouncy Diffic
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Editor’s Note
It’s a strange thing, starting a new job during a pandemic. Working on Interweave Knits is a dream job for me—I grew up chasing down each new issue with my mother, driving from yarn shop to yarn shop to see who would be the first to have the magazine
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Vernal Awakening Pullover
Worked in the round from the bottom up, the Vernal Awakening Pullover starts with a simple lacy rib pattern that blooms into an allover leafy lace motif. The Merino- and linen-blend yarn lends warmth, drape, and a little bit of shine to this stunning
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Emerging Roses Socks
The Emerging Roses Socks are a celebration of flowers in bloom, with floral motifs knitted using the stranded technique. The socks are worked from the cuff down in a cotton/bamboo/silk sock yarn, perfect for warmer weather. YARN HiKoo CoBaSi, distrib
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Floriation Wrap
Gorgeous variegated yarn is striped with a pretty eyelet-lace pattern in the Floriation Wrap. The wrap starts with a garter tab cast-on and is knitted on the bias from end to end. For more information on bias knitting, see “Knitting on the Bias” on p
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Hopeful Romantic Top
Sweeping lace, delicate twisted-stitch cables, and an unusual construction make the Hopeful Romantic Top a showstopper. The top is knitted in four separate pieces: the lacy bottom edging, a cabled band, the main body, and the collar. The pieces are s
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Daydreamer Tee
The Daydreamer Tee is a classic top-down raglan tee with beautiful hem detailing. The lacy mesh pattern gives the bottom of this sweater a subtle scallop ed shape, and the split hem adds to the soft, breezy feel. Choose a yarn with a touch of silk fo
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On Frogging Finished Sweaters
Knitters carry a lot of guilt. We feel guilty about spending too much money on yarn. We feel guilty about the space that yarn takes up in our homes. We feel guilty about how many UFOs (unfinished objects) we have. But recently I felt a new type of gu
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Operation Hilarious Knitting Disaster
In the winter of 2017, while most of us settled down to knit cozy sweaters and snuggly socks, a team of knitters on Ravelry began a very different kind of project. Together with Janelle Shane, an expert in artificial intelligence (AI), the knitters s
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Moonstruck Sweater
The details on the Moonstruck Sweater—the cowl-like collar, the lacy mesh panel s—give this garment a sophisticated feel. The body of this pullover is worked back and forth in pieces then seamed. YARN Rowan Yarns Summerlite 4ply Difficulty Level Yarn
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Knitting On The Bias
Most knitted fabrics are worked from either the bottom up or the top down, with the horizontal rows of stitches parallel to the lower edge of the fabric and the vertical columns of stitches parallel to the side edges. Sometimes pieces are worked from
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Subtle Spring Tee
The Subtle Spring Tee pairs a botanically inspired lace pattern with a yarn perfectly suited for spring: Cotton, extrafine Merino, and cashmere will keep you warm on brisk mornings and cool on sunny afternoons. This tee is knitted from the top down w
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Ghostly Mitts
The Ghostly Mitts stay in place thanks to the loop worn on the middle finger. These mitts are worked back and forth from the cuff up to the pointed tip. The mohair/silk blend yarn has a slight halo that gives these mitts their ghostly aura. YARN Shib
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Adeline’s Cardigan
Adeline’s Cardigan is a stunning feast for the eyes. The generous peplum is worked sideways in three pieces. Stitches are picked up from the top of the peplum, and the back and fronts are worked separately from the bottom up. Captivating cables aboun
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Christabel’s Shawl
Christabel’s Shawl is worked from the top down in five wedges to create a semicircular shape. The eyelet and cable patterns play together cleverly on this drapey, wide-wingspan shawl. YARN The Yarn Collective Bloomsbury DK, distributed by LoveCrafts
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St. Machar Wrap
The details in the gorgeous St. Machar Wrap were inspired by the architecture of the cathedral of the same name in the designer’s town of Aberdeen, Scotland. (Read about her inspiration in this issue’s Ravelings, page 80.) Framed on four sides by gar
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Thrushcross Shawl
The dreamy Thrushcross Shawl is a hybrid of a top-down triangle and a semicircular “pi” shawl. It is worked back and forth from the neck down and outward, beginning with a garter-tab cast-on. The sparkly Lurex in this yarn truly makes this shawl a st
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Dorian Gray’s Pullover
Simple, elegant details make up Dorian Gray’s Pullover. Worked in the round from the bottom up, this romantic pullover features a V-shape on the front neck composed of traveling cables, slipped stitches, and eyelets, as well as wide bell sleeves left
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Miss Eyre’s Cape
The cables of the unique Miss Eyre’s Cape are meant to mimic medieval aesthetic s. This cape is worked side to side, then stitches are picked up along one edge for the yoke. Wear this cape open more like a shawl or make it cozy by buttoning up. YARN
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Mary Shelley’s Shawl
Mary Shelley’s Shawl combines two different yarn textures, with a strand of each yarn held together throughout. Worked back and forth from the bottom up, the focal point of this dramatic shawl is the large garter-stitch cable in the center. On each s
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It Was A Dark And Stormy Knit …
Content: 81% fine Merino wool, 19% nylon | Color: #26 Cobalt | Put-up: 191 yd (175 m)/1¾ oz (50 g) Recommended Needle Size: Size 10 (6 mm) Chainette construction makes this yarn light and lofty and gives it a bouclé-like texture. The plush feel comes
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