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WEAR This essential winter workout companion will ensure that cold weather doesn’t come between us and our restorative yoga classes or stress-busting runs. £101, Bring dull, dehydrated locks back to life with a moisturising hair mask to
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10 TIPS for a Happy, Healthy Christmas
Committing to a 5K run in January is a great way to ensure you’ll stay active throughout the festive period. As motivation wanes, this looming deadline provides an extra push to dust off those trainers, reach for the ‘Couch to 5K’ app and head out th
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Festive Foliage
For something a bit more glamorous, try this beautiful, ornate golden wreath with bright baubles. Perfect for entertaining, this one will bring an opulent sparkle to any home. £35, This elegant, wintry combination of berries and pine co
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Whether used to bejewel a glazed ham or spice up mulled wine, clove is a botanical that is sure to take centre stage throughout the festive season. The warming spice is native to Indonesia, where the woody, dried pods tucked away in our pantries begi
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Beat the BLOAT
Bloating – when the stomach swells after eating – affects us all from time to time. We might experience pain, discomfort or a ‘stuffed’ feeling, and may even need to unbutton an increasingly tight pair of jeans or change into a more forgiving volumin
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Travel Edit
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park shows off its rugged beauty all year around. Beautiful cliffs and secluded sandy beaches have a darker charm as the seasons change, so the start of winter is a great time to enjoy all the adventures the coast has
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BACKSTAGE BEAUTY with Hannah Martin
Tis the season for all things sparkle! From a shimmering gloss to a twinkling shadow, a touch of glitter can instantly elevate an everyday look for the party season. First things first, let’s talk illuminators. If your skin is feeling a little lacklu
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Eating too much is a common and easily avoidable cause of bloating, particularly at Christmas. When the table is laden with a feast complete with all the trimmings, it’s easy to overload our plates. If we wish to avoid feeling as stuffed as our turke
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A Day Out With The National Trust
On the 125th anniversary of its inception, there’s no better place to appreciate evergreen British beauty than at one of countless National Trust sites across the country. From picture-perfect English gardens to magnificent medieval fortresses, we’re
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Tweakments with Alice Hart-Davis
When your face starts losing its youthful volume, it’s such a slow and steady process that you tend not to notice until someone else remarks on it, or you look in the mirror and have what one friend described as ‘a horror moment’ of realising that ev
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Gut Feeling
Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks and damages the lining of the small intestine. This self-harm is triggered by gluten (or more precisely gliadin – one of the proteins that produces gluten), which can be found
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Escape To The Highlands
In 1873, Queen Victoria spent a week at Inverlochy during a trip to Balmoral and declared in her diaries that she ‘never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot’. Nestled into the foothills of the mighty Ben Nevis, with the exceptional, majestic beauty
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Pros And Cons Of Ha Fillers
• HA fillers are the most readily available and the most straightforward type of filler. All the brands mentioned give reliable results. Obviously though, the precise results that you get, and how happy you are with them, depends on your practitioner
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The Good Food Edit
This cashew-based ‘cheese’ is sure to delight any vegan guests this Christmas. Handcrafted using traditional fermentation processes, this creamy semisoft ‘cheese’ has the added luxury of white truffle oil, combined with the good gut benefits of the f
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Tune In
Ever had a strong gut feeling about something? Or experienced butterflies when nervous? Miguel Toribio-Mateas (aka The Creative Scientist) shares the secrets of the gut-brain connection, including how research in this area might hold the key to impro
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The influence of the East on the skincare trends of today is hard to overstate. The rise of K- and J-beauty (Korea and Japan) has hailed the arrival of multi-step, serum-heavy routines and of more playful elements like pretty packaged sheet masks and
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Brat (named after the Old English term for turbot) is a Michelin-starred restaurant by Tomos Parry, inspired by his Welsh heritage and the open-fire cooking of Northern Spain’s Basque country. The result is a restaurant that feels delightfully back-t
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Join Us Online
If you’re not already a regular listener, do join our wonderful Wellbeing community and enjoy Liz’s chats online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.30pm. You can watch these live via Liz’s Instagram feed (@LizEarleMe) or on Facebook (facebook.c
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True Grace
It’s a brand that has become synonymous with celebrating the essence of England. True Grace, spearheaded by Philippa and Roger Biles, creates candles and fragrances inspired by the English countryside. ‘English Garden’, ‘Seashore’ and ‘Portobello Oud
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BRILLIANT beetroot
These savoury muffins are packed with seeds and beetroot, perfect for a quick and nutritious snack. • 100g unsalted butter• 200g raw beetroot, peeled and finely grated• 1 tbsp honey• 1 tbsp plain live yoghurt• 100g all-purpose flour• 100g wholemeal f
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Book Club
When the festive season gets into full swing, grab a quiet moment for yourself and relax with a book. With engrossing novels and books to help you feel more positive, there’s something for everyone in our winter selection… by Ian Bradley (£20, Tauris
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Live Well For Longer
While this time of year is ‘the season to be jolly’, many of us find the burgeoning strain of our to-do list, together with family tensions (not to mention our societal state of tension) creates a stress-overload that feels, frankly, overwhelming. Wh
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Liz’s Larder
You will need • 2-litre sterilised fermenting jar• 4 x 250ml airtight glass glass bottles, sterilised • 35g sea salt• 1 litre of water• 600g medium red chillies*• 200g red peppers• 1 large bulb of garlic, peeled• 1 tsp cumin seeds• 100g sweet apple,
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Book Club
by Jane McMorland Hunter (£18.99, Batsford) This beautiful collection of poems weaves through the seasons, bringing comfort and connection through the words of some of our best-loved poets. From hopeful springs to languid summers, fiery autumns to de
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DON’T MISS The Liz Earle Wellbeing GOOD GUT BOX
Working with Freshly Fermented, Liz has carefully curated the Liz Earle Wellbeing Good Gut Box to help you discover just how easy fermented foods are to make at home, and how delicious they are added into our daily diets. From milk and water kefir to
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Mouthwateringly good – and a brilliant way to finish up any titbits of cheese or Parmesan rinds, even those that are rock hard. • 25g soft butter• 50g self-raising flour• 1 tsp turmeric• 100g grated cheese of any variety*• Black pepper *If particular
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WIN a New Winter Wardrobe From Baukjen!
Bring some eco-conscious style to your wardrobe this season with Baukjen. The London-based contemporary womenswear brand eschews fast fashion, instead putting people and the planet at the heart of everything it does. The collections are created using
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DIY Beauty Gifts
Give the gift of a perfect night’s sleep with this silky soft, soothing bath milk. • 300g milk powder• 10 tbsp dried chamomile• 10 drops chamomile essential oil• 10 drops lavender essential oil• 1 small kilner (or similar) jar 1 In a bowl, gently sti
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• 2 oranges (organic or well-scrubbed)• 1 lemon, peel (organic or well-scrubbed)• 100g caster sugar• Generous pinch of freshly grated nutmeg• 3 sticks of cinnamon• 6 cloves, plus extra for garnish• 2 bay leaves• 2 bottles of fruity (inexpensive) red
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Liz Loves
I simply love this ballerina dress from Needle & Thread, made with recycled sequins. The silhouette is just so pretty yet relaxed, designed with influences of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy of health and wellbeing. It’s the perfect dramatic
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