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Editor ROB MEAD-GREEN Art Editor PAUL BLACHFORD Operations Editor JO MEMBERY Global Head of Design RODNEY DIVE Design Director BRETT LEWIS Group Art Director JO GULLIVER EDITORIAL: Alex Blake, Matt Bolton, JR Bookwalter, George Cairns, Alex Cox, Cat
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Go Further
In the Templates panel, click on Get More Templates. This takes you to Luminar Marketplace where you can browse collections of customised templates. Be aware that some links provide assets such as sky replacement files: these are not templates. Click
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Genius Tips
EXPERT ADVICE Our resident genius solves your Mac and iOS problems Q When I get a new Mac, I like to start it up from an external disk, wipe its internal storage and install macOS afresh. How can I go about doing that with my new M1 Mac mini? by ERIC
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Having wowed the masses with the Apple II, Apple took things a stage further with the Mac. Instead of typing in arcane commands to interact with it, you used a graphical user interface (GUI) akin to the macOS still in use today. But also, the machine
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BEST BUYS… Curated Picks Of Third-party Kit
£329.99 Winner of MF357’s head to head, the MR1 speaker set looks and sounds the business. The dome tweeter and long-throw woofer can handle a variety of audio styles with aplomb. You get a good variety of connectivity options, and we
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“An iPod, a phone and an internet communicator. An iPod, a phone… Are you getting it?” Whether the audience was getting it at the original iPhone event is hard to say — everyone was too busy whooping or frozen in anticipation at what Steve Jobs would
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HOW TO Install IOS Apps On MacOS
Open the App Store app and click your username in the bottom-left corner. This will show a list of apps registered to your account. Click the iPhone & iPad Apps tab at the top to filter by iOS and iPadOS apps. This will show every iOS or iPad app ass
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A mistake people make about Apple is thinking the company wants to be first. It doesn’t — it wants to be best. The iPod wasn’t the first digital music player, but its predecessors were big, clunky, confusing contraptions. Apple redefined the industry
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Networking Myths Dispelled
>Except that everyone knows the password – it is called ‘public’ Wi-Fi, after all. Subscribing to a VPN app such as ExpressVPN will provide protection for all your devices, including your MacBook or iPhone, when you’re out and about. >The 5GHz freque
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SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe
£39.99 (64GB)/£62.99 (128GB)/£114.99 (256GB) FROM SanDisk, FEATURES 2-in-1 flash drive; USB-C 3.1 and Lightning connectors While you can use AirDrop to shuttle files between devices, sometimes an external drive works bes
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HOW TO Browse Through The Workouts
If you do not have something specific in mind, Apple has categories like New This Week, Try Something New, More of What You Do, and Popular. This is a good way to shake up your workout routine if you are stuck in a bit of a rut. Apple Fitness+ also o
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HOW TO Create Custom Template Collections
Simply click the heart icon to favourite a template. To view all of your favourited templates in one place, click on the starshaped My Collection icon. From the Favourites section, you can just click on a template to apply it. By clicking on the elli
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There are many smart home lighting kits out there, but none come with the design flair of Nanoleaf’s range. If you have been wanting to brighten up your home with some new lighting decor, you are in luck – this issue we are giving away a bundle of Na
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HOW TO Use the Home app
As well as updating the main Home app itself, Apple has also improved the way that it works with Control Centre on the iPhone and iPad, in order to provide quick access to the smart devices that you use most around your home. Control Centre automatic
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HOW TO Tweak your AirPods
You’ll find that spatial audio is turned on by default. To turn it off, make sure your AirPods are connected to the device, then tap Settings, Bluetooth and the ‘i’ next to AirPods. Toggle Spatial Audio to off. With your AirPods connected and playing
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Boost Your Home Network
Welcome to the new normal. Even the best-case scenarios tell us that we’ll all be working from home and spending most of our free time indoors for quite a few months to come. It’s hardly surprising, then, that our home networks have started creaking
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Subscription Gifts
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WiFi Explorer
£19.99 FROM Intuitibits, NEEDS macOS 10.13 or later WiFi Explorer is a network scanner and analysis tool for Wi-Fi. It lists the Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity, including their SSID, MAC address, device manufacturer, signal strength,
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Do More With Your AirPods
IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use the new AirPods features in iOS 14 YOU’LL NEED iPhone or iPad; AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max; iOS 14 Apple now has three sets of AirPods in its range, and the features it added to make the most
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Three Of The Best Wi-Fi Extenders
>£49.99 > >You can get cheap extenders for as little as £20, but it’s worth paying for one that provides decent performance. The RE450 from TP-Link provides dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi running at 1,750Mbps, plus one Ethernet port, for around
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Withings Body
£49.96 FROM Withings, FEATURES Weight range 5-180kg, automatic user recognition (up to eight users), 128x64 pixel graphical display, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Once set up, the Withings Body will transmit your weight and BMI details
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Secure Your Network
As well as fine-tuning your network to get the best possible performance, it’s important to keep your network secure too. An insecure network can allow your neighbours to piggyback on your Wi-Fi and steal the precious bandwidth you’re paying for ever
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Work Out What’s Wrong
There are many things that can cause your home Wi-Fi network to slow down, or become unreliable. Many electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, cordless (DECT) telephones, and baby monitors generate electromagnetic signals that can interfere. T
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Boost your online security Protect your privacy and your data – we show you how Master the Notification Centre in Big Sur Burn CDs and DVDs in iMovie and Music Access files on thumb drives in iOS/iPadOS … and much more! Contents subject to change ISS
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Fitter, Happier, Stronger
Getting smart about getting fit is all about doing the right things at the right time. Even if you’re free of specific movement restrictions and curfews, the way we go about our daily business likely isn’t changing for a while: now would appear to be
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HOW TO Beef Up Your Network Security
Your router’s app will show you a list of all devices that are connected to your network. It will also allow you to block any devices that you don’t recognise, although you should follow our next few steps to stop it happening again. While you’re at
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FAQ Networking Troubleshooter
Q I recently bought a new router to replace the ancient, slow router that was supplied by my ISP about four years ago. When I set up the new router my Macs and iOS devices can see the new Wi-Fi network that it has created, but the router itself can’t
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Mesh Networking Explained
Most conventional routers are designed for use in homes with 2-3 bedrooms, or typically up to 1,500 sq ft in size. A router like that may struggle to provide Wi-Fi throughout larger homes, especially where there are bedrooms on upper floors, or maybe
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Sparkle 3 for Mac
£28.99 FROM River SRL, NEEDS OS X 10.9 or later Building a website from scratch is something many of us simply don’t do any more. We’ll use something template-based for business purposes, use WordPress or Medium for blogging and the li
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The Pathless
£4.99/month (Apple Arcade) FROM Annapurna Interactive, NEEDS macOS 10.15 or later Using your archery skills and eagle companion, you need to solve puzzles The Pathless was a headline title when Apple announced its game subscription se
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