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Return Of The Bargain Hunter
Value investing is all about finding bargains. The market prices stocks based on supply and demand, but this price may sometimes be below what investment experts assess to be a “fair” price. As the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, has said
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Let’s Drink To Debt At 2.8%
My first car was paid for with the cash I earned cutting watercress in Whitwell in the UK for 10 hours a day, six days a week, for 10 weeks in the summer of 1979. I had to stand or kneel all day in water, bending up and down. Health and safety at wor
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How Do You Give Back To The Community?
This year I’m on a mission to donate plasma every two weeks. One in three Aussies will need blood products in their lifetime, but only one in 30 of us donates each year, so I’m trying to move the needle (pardon the pun). It’s a rewarding way to suppo
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The Holiday Is Over
It has been anything but business as usual in the world of taxation. “The ATO has been very lenient throughout 2020, offering payment arrangements, deferrals of lodgements, remission of penalties and general interest charges, and generally trying to
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What They Mean
Performance after fees: When calculating fees, Rainmaker assumes a member has $50,000 in their account. Strategy: Some MySuper products invest your superannuation based on age and are known as lifecycle funds (marked LC). The table includes the LC o
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Take The Bite Out Of The Bills
Both my kids needed braces. One has a cross bite and the other crooked teeth. I wasn’t prepared for the expense as neither my partner nor I had orthodontics. I soon discovered that if your kids need orthodontics, expect big bills. Prices vary from $6
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Q & A
Q My wife and I are 79 and 84 respectively. I have only five years left, according to medical advice. We have recently downsized to an apartment and sold our home of 50-plus years. We both have a more than adequate superannuation income (she takes
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Gained In Translation
When travelling through France in early 2020 (just before the lockdowns) I noticed something interesting when we arrived at various hotels to confirm our room. When the reception staff spoke English, we often enquired about the size of the room and t
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Book Of The Month
Using the seminal strategies of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, US journalist David Brown examines why some companies triumph while others fail. Based on his popular Business Wars podcast, this book explores the greatest business rivalries such as Blockbus
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Case Study
Betty and Geoff are both 67-year-old retired schoolteachers with a combined $930,000 in super. They may qualify for some age pension in years when there is a market downturn, but generally are not eligible for age pension benefits. As the graph (belo
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Top Three Ways To Reframe Language To Make Better Financial Decisions
Virtuous verbs. Before making a decision, change the verbs in the core decision question to help look at it in a different way. Replace invest with gamble, spend with save, give with share, credit with loan, capitalise with risk, etc. If this languag
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Think Like An Entrepreneur
Plenty has been written about the “mindset” needed to achieve success in business. However, no single outlook has been linked to entrepreneurial power. A study by Harvard Business School sums things up neatly, saying entrepreneurs are a mixed bunch,
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By The Numbers
$250,000 IS CLOSE to the magic number if you want to know how much you need to save through super as a single homeowner while still being eligible for the age pension. When we last ran a similar cover story two years ago, some readers were aghast at
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Catch A Global Tailwind
This time last year, Australians were revering healthcare like never before. At least not in our lifetimes. We were, at once, thankful for our health system and also wondering if it would be able to cope with the huge influx of Covid-19 cases that, w
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Contractors Need To Disclose All Income
If you’re engaged as a contractor in the building and construction sector, road freight, information technology, cleaning services, security, investigation or surveillance services, you need to take extra care to disclose your income. In all these in
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ETFs Provide A Home For $100bn
Australia’s exchange traded fund industry has surged past the $100 billion mark, 20 years after the first ETF was launched here. According to the latest figures released by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Vanguard, Australia had $102 bil
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3 Funds To Watch
The fund aims to provide investors with absolute returns through exposure to global growth equities over the medium to long term while maintaining a capital preservation mindset. It has interests in such areas as digital enterprise, climate change, h
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How AI Is Quietly Changing The World
A mere mention of the term artificial intelligence (AI) causes a lot of people to think of it as some abstract technology that is being tested in advanced computing labs, modelling robots on human behaviour. In reality, AI is far more common and bein
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Smart Spending
If you want to escape the cold weather, head to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and enjoy the walks, food and shopping that Noosa has on offer There are several ways to start this walk. One way is to continue along the track from Noosa Main Beach into No
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Health Fund Limits And Waiting Periods
Health fund benefits for orthodontics vary from fund to fund. Typically you will need to serve a 12-month waiting period before you will be eligible to claim. A number of health funds increase your orthodontic benefits the longer you remain a member.
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Switch To Digital Banking Increases Risk
Aussies are turning away from bank branches to do their banking online, a shift driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to global fraud technology specialist GBG and data intelligence firm RFi Group. They found that 88% of consumers can’t see them
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REITs Seen As A Hedge Against Inflation
There may be an alternative asset class to gold and commodities as inflation shows signs of picking up – real estate investment trusts (REITs). According to Resolution Capital’s chief investment officer, Andrew Parsons, there’s plenty of evidence to
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Power Of Extra Payments
There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are on top of your mortgage. Your home, for most people, is likely the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life, next to your car. This has become even more so in recent years. When I bought my first
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Fun Job In The Beauty Business
Kate Morris says she’s having the time of her life since stepping down two years ago as co-CEO of the fast-growing online cosmetics business Adore Beauty. “I feel that I have the funnest job in the whole business. My role now is chief of innovation.
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Ask Your Question
If you have a question, email or write to Level 7, 55 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Questions need to be 150 words or less and you must be willing to be photographed. Readers who appear on this page will receive a six-month
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Are They Right For You?
Mortgage-backed investments can be suitable for a variety of investors. The choice comes back to your risk tolerance and your goals. If you value liquidity and are comfortable with sharemarket volatility, a listed fund or LIC can be a flexible soluti
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The tables on these pages contain data and information to help you compare managed funds, which are pooled funds managed professionally by investment experts. Managed funds displayed in these tables are multi-sector or asset class specific. Multi-se
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Relax – And Carry On Spending
“It’s not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy,” sang Cat Stevens. This is the US Federal Reserve’s message to the markets at the conclusion of its April Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in its efforts to calm concerns over ris
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