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Innovation Rules the Multihull World
AS WE WERE ASSEMBLING THIS ISSUE’S HUGE 2020 ANNUAl Multihull Preview section, we kept having to stop to consider just how much innovation is going on in the world of multihulls. More and more we are seeing the common use of truly exotic building tec
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Dream Yacht Charter on the Move
Last fall, Dream Yacht Charter announced that the company was on target to add 228 new boats to its worldwide fleet. Dream is now the largest recreational charter boat company in the world with well over 1,250 boats at 64 bases and growing rapidly. I
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60th Anniversary of Wharram’s Historic Transatlantic Passage in a Catamaran
On 30th September 1959, 60 years ago, the 40 foot catamaran Rongo sailed into the Conway River in North Wales after crossing the North Atlantic from New York. Rongo was the first catamaran to have made this difficult voyage, sailed by the now world f
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The Other Happiest Day
Every sailor who calls a brokerage company to list their yacht for sale has the same agenda – sell my boat for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time with the least amount of hassle. With that common theme comes a common range of mi
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Modern Multihulls: A Look at the New Fleet for 2020
There is a lot going on in the world of modern multihulls. Having gone from a fringe of the sailing universe 20 years ago, multihulls are now as mainstream as they could be. The charter fleets are full of catamarans and increasingly the great cruisin
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The NEEL 47 Makes Her Own Rules
The new NEEL 47 is the fourth design created by this Innovative French company in the last 10 years and like its sisterships, it breaks with all trimaran traditions. The first boat Eric and Barbara Bruneel built was the NEEL 45. It was a breakthrough
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Take the Excess Challenge, Be Immoderate
This year Groupe Beneteau is launching a new line of cruising catamarans aimed at a young audience that is seeking to push their limits in everything they do from sports to travel and especially to sailing. The Excess 12 and 15 are designed to be sai
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1,444 Days: California To Panama
Someone once told me “Direction” is more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast. Our journey from California to Panama took us 1,444 days. Many cruisers are faster, some much slower and were “doing us”. When we decided to go cruising we di
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Chartering In The BVI After The Hurricanes
Two years later I’ve come to the BVI on a Sunsail 444, a four-cabin/four-head sailing catamaran, for a week to see firsthand how the recovery is going. For our crew of four adults and four kids, a catamaran was the best option for space and stability
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The More, the Merrier
As we prepared to head to the dock, trepidation was easily discernible in the voices of people who had frequently docked monohulls with one engine. They would be quite happy to relinquish the helm to anyone else willing to drive the new catamaran to
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Multihulls On Display In The South Of France
After an overnight flight from Boston to Paris and a three hour train ride on the TGV to Montpellier, I arrived at my hotel in La Grande Motte at about midnight and fell into bed and to sleep immediately. I expected to sleep in the next morning as th
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Lagoon Launches New 46
While attending the huge multihull show in the South of France last April—the Salon du Multicoques—I had the opportunity to spend a morning aboard the all new Lagoon 46 that was being introduced at the show. Showing me around the big cat was Lagoon’s
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The Leopard 50P Is All About Performance
The 50P is a first cousin to the 50L, which Leopard brought out right after the P. The L stands for lounge since the 50L has a sitting area right on top of the hard Bimini top over the cockpit. The 50P does not have the raised lounge, but it still ha
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Balance On the Sea
When Phil Berman, president of The Multihull Company, chose the name Balance for his new line of performance, semi-custom cruising cats, he must have had several ideas in his head at the same time since he is a very bright guy with a long history in
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Power Cats Rising
The catamaran market has been mostly tailoring their products for sailors. The charter fleets have always been predominantly populated with sailing cats and cruising folk who buy cruising cats have traditionally been sailors. Increasing, long range c
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Getting the Lead Out
We once sailed our Mason 43 monohull Clover some 60,000 miles as we circled the globe. The adventure took us five years and along the way we visited 34 countries where we collected all kinds of memorabilia. Every year when we hauled out to refresh th
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Two New, Chris White-Designed Atlantic Catamarans
AMERICAN CHRIS WHITE HAS BEEN A PIONEER IN multihull design and construction for nearly 40 years. His Atlantic series of cats have set the standard for custom, high-performance cruising catamarans that are particularly suitable for experienced couple
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Power Cruising in a Bahamian Paradise
Having lived in Florida my entire life, and with the ability to hop on a short flight to the Bahamas, you would guess that this Sunshine-State local would spend weekends on the beautiful sands of Bimini or in the gin-clear waters of the Abacos. Sadly
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The Path To The Cruising Life
It started one Sunday afternoon while my husband was watching football when I asked him, “Have you ever thought about blue water sailing?” “Yes, all my life. Why?” I’m not sure where this question came from. It just came out of my mouth. I had never
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20 Tips of Multihulls Seamanship
Over the past few decades I’ve been privileged to earn my living as a yacht broker who specializes in catamarans. I’ve visited about 50 countries in the business and made great friends the world over, most of whom have taught me valuable nuggets of i
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Multihull Storm Tactics
As I came up on deck I could see the wide-eyed looks in everyone’s faces. The catamaran was going too fast, and no one fully understood what to do. The speed had crept up on the crew, and I could hear it and feel it even while sleeping fitfully below
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Miami Boat Show Preview -- 2019
The multihull section of the huge Miami International Boast Show continues to expand and is now the winter showcase where many new and current models will be on display. Here’s a preview of what you will see there in February: The huge German builder
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Back To The Future In The TF 10
As the world watched the Kiwis slaughter the American defenders in the last America’s Cup finals in Bermuda last year, we all got a glimpse of just how far foiling in multihulls has come. And, as will all things developed at the leading edge of techn
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A Plague Of Sargassum In The Caribbean
This year the incidences of large patches of Sargasso Weed or Sargassum in the Caribbean and along the North Coast of South America have been more numerous than in the past decade or more. Beaches are fouled, anchorages are clogged, sea life is peris
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Mainsails for Multihulls
Designing and building a mainsail for a multihull is a very different process than building one for a monohull and the reason for this can be summed up in a single world; beam. The relatively wide beam of most multihulls allows for a different rig co
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Chartering in the Abacos, Bahamas: What to Know Before You Go
If you’re considering a yacht charter in the Abaco out islands of the Bahamas, I’m here to tell you it’s an easy decision! Having just completed my second Abacos charter, I can’t say enough positive things about this spectacular cruising ground. As m
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Popular Anchorages
GREEN TURTLE CAY – A charterer favorite offering lots to see and explore. The lovely small village of New Plymouth is located at Settlement Harbour, but it’s best to anchor just outside the harbor and dinghy in. For a longer stay, enter White sound j
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Daggerboard Versus Keels
In my forty-five year career in the catamaran industry there’s been a relentless debate on the virtues and vices of daggerboards versus fixed keels. This debate has, however, mostly been waged without “hard numbers” from which to compare performance
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Annual Boat Show Preview
Every fall we marvel at how the multihull sections of the big boat shows continue to grow. New models are introduced all year long but most also make appearances at the Newport, Annapolis, Ft. Lauderdale and St. Pertersburg boat shows. It looks like
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Throttling Back for Safety and Comfort
A COUPLE OF FALLS AGO, I HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO SAIL aboard the Outremer 51 Archer with her then owners Julie and Rick Palm in the Salty Dawg Fall Rally from Hampton, VA to the British Virgin Islands. The 51 is a modern, light and very fast cruising
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