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Brand-new And Updated Devices in Ableton Live 11
The Ableton Live 11 beta has brought us new and updated devices – some instruments, some audio effects. These novel updates, however, are not all obvious at first glance. Live 11 boasts many new flagship features too, such as track comping, which we’
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LOOPMASTERS Bad Taste Recordings: Malux
Price £20 Contact With a stream of releases on labels such as Bad Taste, RAM, Visions and more under his belt, d’n’b producer Malux brings his tech-driven sound-design skills to Loopmasters. There are about 80 loops and about 140 one-
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Synthesising Drums in Cubase
We all love the big, fat thump of an 808 kick as much as we love the tight crispness of the 909’s snare. If you could audit every computer and device in the world, you would likely find petabytes of storage given over to these tiniest of samples. But
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ERICA SYNTHS Syntrx £2,700
Erica Synths has garnered a respected reputation over recent years – and it’s the company’s development of interesting Eurorack modules coupled with wide support for the Eurorack community that is the backbone of this success story. While breaking ou
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The Musictech Experts
Jono is a composer, producer, lecturer and journalist. His interest in everything to do with electronic music started at a tender age and has carried him through a career spanning song-writing, remixing, sound design and music for picture. Dave is an
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Performing With The Show Page in Studio One 5
Fans of Studio One are always on the lookout for the next addition that will further streamline their workflow. By this point, users are well aware that PreSonus always has its ear to the ground and works tirelessly to put its most requested features
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PRODUCERTECH Rebuilding Unstable Condition with John Tejada
Price £25 or £10 per month Contact This new Producertech course sees producer John Tejada recreating his 2011 minimal house track Unstable Condition using Ableton Live. There are 11 videos in total, spanning more than two hours, and
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Celebrating The Best Of The Year
It’s hard to muster much enthusiasm for a year during which we faced unprecedented levels of restriction to our daily lives. Musicians have suffered heavily, as clubs, venues and studios have been forced to shutter their doors. But in times of strife
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SPITFIRE AUDIO Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations £400
Those who have followed the Spitfire story will know that this UK sample developer’s sound was born and largely raised within AIR Studios. Though last year’s impressive flagship BBC Symphony Orchestra libraries were rightly recorded at Maida Vale, AI
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LOOPMASTERS Jungle Drummer: London Wake Up Drums
Price £25 Contact Loopmasters has again teamed up with Jungle Drummer for a pack of live new-school jazz and breakbeat drum loops. The content is comprised of the drum parts for Extinction Point’s recently released London Wake Up EP,
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Creative Vocoding in Fl Studio
Revolutionary since its timely invention in 1938, the vocoder has miraculously granted all the power to sing for almost a century. It has become a staple of the electronic musician’s sound-mangling toolset too. Conceived on the cusp of World War II,
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Price £40 or £15 iPad Contact Programming the nuances of a live shaker or percussion sound can be notoriously difficult. New plug-in Shaka offers flexible and natural-sounding percussion patterns with 12 sequence slots that can load any
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On your DVD…
MT DVD214 4GB PC&MAC Our lead pack this month comes courtesy of composer and sound designer Michael Denny, and features 40 extended soundscape samples created from a diverse range of source audio. Traditional instruments used include an upright piano
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UVI World Suite 2 £270
There’s a sizeable market for plug-ins that cover world instruments. From the African udu to the West Indies’ sun drum, from the well known to the lesser known, almost any instrument can be found in sampled form. The problem is that, in most cases, y
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SIX OF THE BEST All-purpose headphones PART ONE
Contact They may be one of the older entries on this list but Beyerdynamic’s DT 1990 Pros are far from dated. With their open-back design, these headphones deliver an uncoloured and spacious sound ideal for music-making, mixin
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Turn It Up To 11
Ableton is not a company known for erratic behaviour when it comes to updates. Unlike with other companies, there’s still a buzz of excitement when it announces new releases. Two years on from Live 10, the Live 11 beta has now gone public. Let’s see
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IZOTOPE Nectar 3+ £190 OR £60 UPGRADE
We reviewed Nectar 3 about two years ago and found it a jam-packed package for all vocal-production needs. Since then, it has found a place on millions of vocal tracks and its tools have proved invaluable for quick and precise mixing. One area that w
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Give Peace A Chance
The name of Ólafur Arnalds new album is Some Kind of Peace. We wish. Clearly fate took an ironic opportunity to intervene shortly before we had a chance to talk to him about both the new album and his approach to creativity more broadly: an earthquak
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Get Knocked For A Loop
The idea of taking a pre-recorded section of a rhythm or musical pattern and building new music from it didn’t start with digital samplers, as tape loops had been in use by producers of contemporary music for many years prior to the arrival of sampli
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ARTURIA KeyStep 37 £180
The latest addition to Arturia’s Step family, the KeyStep 37 feels reassuringly sturdy as soon as we remove it from its trendy box. There’s a real sense of weight behind this to stop it sliding around when played. But it’s the range of ins and outs t
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Ppg Wave 2
While a student at music college, a kindly and respected professor offered to introduce me to a composer who was something of a hero of mine. Paddy Kingsland had been one of the second wave of composers at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. A timely trip
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Gear Of The Year 2020
Last year was one that will live long in the memory, for reasons we’re all too aware of. But on the flip side of 2020’s unforeseen hardships, it gave us more time than we’d ever had before to spend locked away in our studios, focusing on expressing o
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TOONTRACK Classic Rock EBX £60
It was mere months ago that we got our first taste of Toontrack’s EZBass package. Supplying the Swedes’ typically slick EZ treatment but this time for bass, it’s a polished product that saw us award it the highest accolade. Our only real criticism wa
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Classic Hardware, Modern Studios
Audio sampling has been a mainstay of music production for more than 50 years – and the first hardware samplers had terrifying price tags. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the cost of this technology started to fall, with the first truly affordable
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VOCHLEA MUSIC Dubler Studio Kit £260
Virtually every producer has at one stage wanted to realise the brilliant concept in their head but lacked the means to translate it into sound. With the Dubler Studio Kit, British music-tech company Vochlea aims to help you quickly turn that idea in
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Striving For Authenticity
By allowing you to capture more of the subtly varying timbres produced by acoustic instruments, multi-sampling helps to make sampled instruments more expressive and realistic. Sampling multiple notes produced by an instrument and spreading them over
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Guitar Rig Pro is a legendary processing workstation. Like many of the hardware counterparts from decades before its existence, Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig has slowly become a staple of software-based multi-effects processing. At its core, the pro
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Get Your Pitch Perfect
Drums and rhythmic loops are a big part of sampling but things are different when it comes to sampling pitched instruments. Early samplers lacked the memory to capture sustained sounds in full – a single piano note allowed to decay naturally could be
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When Modal Electronics first burst onto the synth scene back in 2015, it made quite the impression. The mesmerising 002 and 008 drew high praise, despite their lofty price points. Having set a high bar, Modal has more recently turned its attention to
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