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Plague And Houses
It’s starting to feel a lot like we’ve already had Christmas and we’re now at the naggy, draggy New Year’s resolution reality-facing stage of the year. In a glorious, blazing couple of weeks, we got two promising coronavirus vaccines, a brilliant new
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Readers were asked to create an acrostic poem about Donald Trump, including the word orange. Kate Highfield of Hastings: Donald by name, despot by nature,Orange by colour, your talent is failure,Trash is your want, indeed your mainstay.Angst makes yo
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Survival Of The Species
The official global death toll for Covid may be in excess of 1.3 million (unofficial estimates are much higher), Europe may be firmly back in lockdown and Donald Trump may still be trying to subvert the US presidential election. But the good news is
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Band On The Run
Julia Parnell has done a fine job of dredging up the past of New Zealand rock. As a producer, she has been behind TV documentaries on the history of Dragon and the Exponents and made the leap last year to a cinematic feature, co-directing The Chills:
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Dangerous Liaisons
It is not just pathogens that can escape the lab. The most dangerous escapes so far are not microbes, but information; not biohazards, but information hazards. These can take the form of dangerous data that is freely available, like the published gen
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Write Stuff
Three decades ago, American composer Philip Glass fended off a question about “crossover albums”. He preferred to talk of crossover audiences. Glass was observing that people who liked Talking Heads, for example, would also probably listen to the Kro
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101* BEST BOOKS of 2020
*There were so many great books we couldn’t keep it to 100. by Jeanine Cummins (Tinder Press) A gripping, vividly imagined, compassionate (and controversial) story of a mother and son escaping a drug cartel to cross the Mexican border into the US. by
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Kane Again
MANK directed by David Fincher That founding document of American cinema, Citizen Kane, turns 80 next year. With Mank – David Fincher’s intriguing biopic of Herman J Mankiewicz, who shared the writing credit with director and star Orson Welles – ther
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Diary Of A Plague Year
The global pandemic has been a boon for book sales in New Zealand, and local books in particular. Kiwis have spent some $100 million on print books this year so far. And although the $97 million we paid by the end of October is down 6.5% compared wit
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Women And War
A CALL TO SPY directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher SUMMERLAND directed by Jessica Swale Not only are there two “women doing their bit for the war effort” movies in this year’s British Film Festival, but both are directed by women. A Call to Spy is based on
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Naked Truths
Of course we had a row. You can’t, or I can’t, interview Paul Henry and not have a row. Somebody once took a picture of us glaring at each other in an Auckland bar, silently but furiously having a row, and put it on social media. It was a picture of
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Comedy, Actually
MADE IN ITALY directed by James D’Arcy The idea of Liam Neeson starring in a Tuscan-set comedy about a father and son whose estrangement is salved by a renovation project may not sound very convincing. This is the guy who has mostly appeared in viole
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Arrows To The Heart
It’s Friday, November 13, and Auckland’s Queen St should be buzzing with early Christmas shoppers, office workers on their lunch break and students heading into their end-of-year exams. Instead, as a fresh Covid case comes to light, the CBD is effect
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Going To Town
When a documentary crew started rolling their cameras in Waitara earlier this year, they soon discovered a gold mine of TV-ready talent waiting to be explored. “The characters were all there,” says Justin Hawkes, a co-director of Three’s new four-par
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Bench To Bed
Knees can be troublesome. When you lead an active life, the soft tissue is prone to damage, and as we grow older, the knee is the most common joint to be affected by osteoarthritis, which about a third of people will experience. There are well-establ
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Monkey See
You have to feel for the Malabar squirrels. There they are, one of the biggest squirrels on the planet. They live in the forests of southern India where, it seems, only they can smell whether those giant jackfruit are ripe and ready to eat. They snif
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Health Briefs
A Monash University study has linked obstructive sleep apnoea to an increased risk of dementia. Researchers found that sufferers spent less time in stage N3 deep sleep, a regenerative period when the body repairs itself, and that they had an increase
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SHARK WEEK (DISCOVERY. 7.30pm). Can Discovery’s annual Shark Week jump the shark itself? Here’s where that might happen: 1) Shaq Attack, starring NBA great Shaquille O’Neal “on a mission to find out what shark has the perfect predatory attack”. 2) Ty
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Trump Fantasies
As a psychotherapist, I have struggled to understand the grasp Donald Trump has on the affections of his constituency (“Trumped!”, November 21). Paul Thomas aptly quoted Italian columnist Beppe Severgnini on the attemped comeback by former prime mini
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Taking our Meds
Your brain has probably changed in the past few months thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to researchers. They put this down to the new ways we have been working, living and socialising, resulting in stress, anxiety and depression that have a
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TV Films
SISTER ACT & SISTER ACT 2: BACK IN THE HABIT (TVNZ 2, 5.00pm & 7.00pm). The original Sister Act appears high on many lists of Whoopi Goldberg’s best films. Sister Act 2? Not so much. The musical comedy starring Goldberg as a lounge singer in witness
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Winning Caption
Dave Orit, Blenheim Ardern: “Oh, no, I’m going to miss my call from Vogue because of all this din about poverty and inequality!” – Jane Barker, Auckland Ardern: “So that was a capital pains tax you wanted, right?” – Hans Zindel, Palmerston North Jaci
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Nutrition Bites
Daily supplementation with a high dose of vitamin D and omega-3 has no effect on the development or progression of age-related macular degeneration, say US researchers. Their trial, which involved more than 25,000 adults taking daily supplements for
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Passionate Performances
Two composers, a century apart, wrote cello concertos inspired by the tragedies of World War I. In a new release, they form a stunning pairing, performed by exciting young French cellist Sébastien Hurtaud with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The
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10 Quick Questions
1. Which TV show opened with the words: “There are two kinds of folks who sit around and think about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers”? ❑ Castle ❑ Murder, She Wrote ❑ Jonathan Creek❑ Midsomer Murders 2. Which of these is the name o
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Landing Has Lift-off
Northland, our oldest and warmest winegrowing region, has 20 producers, mostly tiny. The good news is that The Landing, a coastal vineyard in the northern Bay of Islands, is proving that Northland can make exceptional wines, now in decent supply. Pet
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Ben Pentreath, the English interior designer to the toffs — including her right royal toffishness Kate Middleton — is married to Charlie McCormick, a floral designer from New Zealand. They live some of the time in an old parsonage in Dorset, where Mc
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Bonkers in Canberra
At 50 years old, Christian Porter still has the lithe frame and chiselled features that saw him listed as a finalist in Cleo magazine’s most-eligible-bachelor-of-the-year contest two decades ago. A third-generation MP from a Liberal Party family, wit
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Gender Benders
As imperfect as the record is, New Zealand has been more willing than many countries to recognise and reward able, highly qualified women. Onehunga was the first borough in the British Empire to elect a female mayor and we’ve had a female prime minis
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