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What’s Driving House Prices?
August saw the highest number of sales for the month of August in five years both nationwide and in Auckland. Year-on-year, sales were up by 24.8% nationwide and by 44.2% in Auckland. March’s record OCR cut continues to be passed on by the banks. Th
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Get On The Ladder
Current property market conditions are becoming more attractive for aspiring home buyers and investors alike. As property investment coaches and registered financial advisers, we see the importance of combining this motivation with knowledge and a pl
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Taking Care Of Business
When it comes to how lenders treat professional property investors, they are markedly different. Even bankers within the same institution will be different depending on the business unit they are in, their credit authority, experience, and their appe
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Near Enough Is Good Enough
It seems that currently trying to find a “good deal” is as easy as sourcing toilet paper was back just before the April lockdown… Everyone is looking for it and worried it’s going to run out. Property markets are tight and FOMO (fear of missing out)
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Statement Compliance
Matthew Gilligan is a property investor, developer and tax adviser. He is managing director of chartered accounting firm Gilligan Rowe & Associates, where he heads the specialist property and asset planning divisions. Bernard is principal of Quinovi
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Cross-lease Opportunity
I have written previously on the pitfalls of owning a cross-lease property. However, I think in these uncertain times there is a real opportunity to “value-add” if you currently own, or are looking at purchasing a cross-lease property, because there
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Negative Rates On Cards
As lock-down level two ends for most of the country, and Auckland is still left on level two, we’re focused on the fact that New Zealand has officially entered a recession. Key information from various sources highlights that the released Q2 data sho
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All In The Detail
As a property manager, I’ve always favoured fixed-term tenancies. A fixed-term provides security for both the property owner and their rental customer. An owner has peace of mind that they won’t need to fill the property in a difficult time like over
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From Short To Long-term Rentals
With New Zealand’s borders likely to be closed for some time, a number of clients who have rented properties on a short-term basis (for example, via Airbnb) are converting those properties to long-term residential tenancies. What are the tax implicat
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Habitual Land Transactions Tax Proposal
Tax officials have been in a consultation process of late around proposals to strengthen the land tax rules that relate to the habitual buying and selling of land. Readers could be forgiven for wondering how more change in this space could possibly b
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The Comeback Kids
Everybody loves a good comeback story. The trajectory from despair to redemption is inspiring and provides hope. In the world of property investing, this is doubly true because, despite today’s higher prices and uncertain economic climate, property s
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Dunedin In Demand
Heritage, wildlife, spectacular scenery and impressive growth: no wonder Dunedin considers itself one of the world’s best small cities. Its diverse economy spans education, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, tourism and agriculture – and its popu
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Tip Of The Month
Instant Equity Through Renovating: Often when buying a do-up at a run-down price, then renovating, it will yield an instant equity that will give you a deposit for the next property purchase Successful property investor and mentor Ron Hoy Fong has bu
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Demand And Supply Out Of Balance
The biggest challenge facing anyone wanting to invest in Dunedin is the city’s serious shortage of housing stock. The lack of supply is the main driver of price rises in recent years. Rapley says when he started in his job 12 years ago you could expe
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Heading To The Ballot Box
It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but, as a bona fide political junkie, I love a good election. I have done since I was a kid watching the drama of the 1980s. Putting the spectacle of endless walkabouts, determinedly smiling politicians and strang
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1 Get educated/mentored for at least your first few years of investing. Never underestimate the value of education, as well as the networks and contacts you make. 2 Do not listen to the en masse opinion on where you should and shouldn’t buy. Do your
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Corelogic Dunedin Kelvin Davidson, Senior Property Economist, Corelogic
Rental data is sourced from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment based on rental bonds lodged. This data is supplied to us grouped into geographic areas based on statistical area units used by Statistics NZ for the census and as a resu
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NZ Property Investor
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Electoral Options
Party hoardings are up, politicians are on the campaign trail, and policy promises are starting to flow. While lockdown 2.0 may have put election year shenanigans on hold temporarily, with just a few weeks to go until the new election date it’s all g
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Investors’ Guide To Dunedin
1 KAIKORAI /HELENSBURGH/WAKARI Solid family homes that get great sun. More affordable than Maori Hill, Roslyn area is popular with families who are wanting good quality properties. More owner-occupied properties and with Wakari Hospital and nearby re
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Turnaround Time Turmoil
Turnaround time turmoil continues, with the big four banks taking anywhere from a week to three weeks to process mortgage applications. Additional questions about future financial security, more forms to complete, and mortgage deferral requests have
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What The Polls Say
Fewer polls have been conducted in the run-up to this election than in the past. But, at the time of writing, the polls were running firmly in favour of the Labour Party – as they have been since late February. In fact, they are currently showing tha
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Healthy Homes Paperwork
The Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) were introduced to ensure there would be minimum standards for heating, ventilation, insulation, moisture ingress and drainage, and draught stopping in all rental properties. All private rental houses must comply wit
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The Lure Of Low Interest Rates
That’s according to CoreLogic senior property economist Kelvin Davidson. He says CoreLogic’s latest Buyer Classification data shows a continued appetite for property from mortgaged investors, who accounted for 26% of property purchases nationally in
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Changing The Law
While various political parties are promising to immediately repeal some of the new legislation around rental property standards and tenancy requirements, changing existing legislation is actually not a quick or easy thing to do. That’s because new g
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What’s Happening In Your Region
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday October 28, 7.00pm at the Distinction Hotel, Riverside Drive, Whangarei. TOPIC: Peter Lewis, will be making his annual visit to NPIA in his role as Northern Area Representative with the New Zealand Property Investors Federati
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Nz Property Investor events Calendar
Your monthly round up of property investment related events around the country. RONOVATIONZ “ON THE ROAD” OTR October 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31. Join Ron and the team behind the scenes as they spend the day looking at properties, learn hands-on where th
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Exit Strategies
At some point in your life, you may decide it’s time to think about getting out of property investment. You may be approaching retirement, or the amount of work required to make your portfolio compliant may be overwhelming, or you may simply want to
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This map represents change in the average rental price between the months of August 2019 and August 2020, based on figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Median house rents of the dominant dwelling type for the area No. of
NZ Property Investor1 min citite top Five – September
The NZ Property Investor website, has had a busy month. Here are the top five most-read stories. 1 Don’t miss your $5,000 deductions Residential landlords, take note: the clock is ticking on the Covid-19 related increase to the low v
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