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Following a $200-million renovation and rebranding, the grand dame of the Big Island, Mauna Lani, re-emerges as the latest addition to the Auberge Resorts Collection. Cast across 32 coastal acres in Kalahuipua'a, a sacred space of wide beaches, fishp
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The ghost of Don Aronow must be smiling at the awe-inspiring sight of Formula Boats’ newest flagship, the 53-foot 500 Super Sport Crossover, spearing across the water at an insane 60-plus mph. Prior to creating such iconic brands as Donzi, Cigarette,
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Michael Gregson Reinert
Known as “MGR” to his friends, Palm Beach resident Michael Gregson Reinert, 29, is involved in the fashion, hospitality, and design industries, and is the founder of consulting firm Reinert & Partners, which offers branding and marketing services. Be
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Blooms TO GO
As a creative outlet beyond her corporate career at Nestlé, Boca Raton resident Cecelia Feathers launched a mobile flower truck, the first of its kind in the area. “I am not a florist by any means, but I’ve always loved pop-ups, flea markets, and com
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Heat Of The Moment
Ready to turn up the heat with your exercise routine? Hotworx is an infrared fitness studio where users complete a virtually instructed 30-minute isometric workout or a 15-minute HIIT session in a patented sauna. “By taking advantage of the heat that
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Party Pics
WHO: Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County WHAT: Seventh Annual Youth of the Year Dinner WHERE: Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Manalapan HIGHLIGHTS: Exceptional students from across Palm Beach County were recognized, with seven receiving four-year sc
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Brooke Aliapoulios
Brooke Aliapoulios, 25, built her marketing expertise working as the social media coordinator for LaunchPad Collective. A resident of Hypoluxo, she founded and runs The Social Resort, a boutique social media agency focused on marketing, brand aesthet
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Meet Me at BUCCAN
Clay Conley’s innovative small plate restaurant, Buccan, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Long before he made his way to South Florida, Conley grew up on a farm in Maine and started his first restaurant job as a dishwasher at age 13. He wo
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SIP with PBI
As spring continues its bloom this month, we celebrate the season’s bounty with a refreshing riff on the mojito. This low-alcohol version—which can also be found in my latest book, Low-Proof Happy Hour—splits the difference between the traditional ru
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Something New
Those who have visited Café L’Europe recently have surely noticed a change in both ambience and cuisine. The South County Road icon has received a much-needed “Palm Beach facelift,” says general partner Emanuela Marcello, who runs the 41-year-old ins
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Research has long shown that pesticide residue can contribute to health issues. These chemicals act as endocrine disruptors, meaning that when they enter the body they can be mistaken as hormones, mimicking and disrupting the endocrine system. The en
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Dance Of The Swans
After a year-long live performance hiatus, the Boca Ballet Theatre will honor the enduring spirit of dance with one of the most beloved ballets of all time. The renowned local company will stage Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake at the Countess de
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The Millennial’s Guide to DINING in Palm Beach County
Instagram-worthy vibe: SWIFTY’S POOL The outdoor tables are surrounded by a hanging garden with incredible flowers, plus there’s poolside youthful energy—and tartare. Favorite brunch spot: ALMOND PALM BEACH Anyone who puts lobster in my omelet has my
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Holland Smith Paterno
A fashion influencer and personal stylist, Holland Smith Paterno, 26, lives in Tequesta. In 2016, she launched Holland Smith Styling, a blog and styling business where she shares affordable fashion finds, styling tips, and everyday life in South Flor
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2 Picks
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Spring Vegetable Salad
INGREDIENTS 3 large handfuls of baby lettuces (such as, arugula or mixed greens)1 large zucchini2 radishes1 bunch of asparagus, roughly chopped1 tbsp. olive oil2 tbsp. water¼ cup fresh mint Zest of ½ lemon¼ cup walnuts LEMON VINAIGRETTE INGREDIENTS 2
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Breakfast BASH
Renowned chef and culinary explorer Anthony Bourdain once asked a simple question: “What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?” For Jennifer and Omer Horev, a healthy breakfast has become a way of life, a business venture, and
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Ocean Spray
Yoga teacher and aromatherapist Danielle Belliard founded La Femme de le Mer, an essential oil company based in West Palm Beach. Belliard formulated her States of Being collection as a means of balancing the body’s chakras, allowing energy to flow fr
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French Fete
When New Yorkers migrated to Florida for this year’s winter season, one of their most popular restaurants came with them. Le Bilboquet, the elegant French bistro on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, opened in Palm Beach in February with the goal of bringi
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At First Bloom
Ingredients (serves 1) 1 jasmine tea bag1 oz. dry vermouth¾ oz. silver rum1 oz. lime juice½ oz. honey syrup3 oz. sparkling water8 mint leaves for garnish4 basil leaves for garnish Steep the tea for 3 minutes in boiling water. Discard the tea bag and
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Rich butters, soothing oils, and energizing scents are the stars of these heritage-rich, naturally derived finds from Black-owned businesses in South Florida and beyond: Soaps By Jah soap bars in Ginger + Lemongrass and Apple Cider Vinegar + Yogurt (
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From Lebanon, With LOVE
Lebanese cuisine is grounded in the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and based on the concept of sharing small plates, or meze. Nicolas Kurban is on a mission to bring that authentic cuisine to Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue with Amar Restau
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BERRY Interesting
While other berries may be headliners on produce shelves, goji berries are rising stars that are earning accolades for their health benefits. Also known as wolfberries, goji berries grow on a shrub native to China and have been used for centuries by
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SAVOR the State
If you want to visit a distillery, there’s no need to hop on a plane to Louisville and drive across the Bourbon Trail. Around 40 distillers currently belong to the Florida Craft Spirits Association, and they produce everything from rum and vodka made
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May Must-haves
Every item by Cecy, Palm Beach Gardens resident Cecy Martinez’s luxury bag and accessories brand, honors the classic glitz and glamour of 1950s Hollywood, but one line is particularly eye-catching. Martinez’s sustainable fish-skin bags are made from
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Food For Thought
The path to healthy eating and achieving your ideal weight may involve simply trusting your instincts. The concept of intuitive eating came to prominence in the mid-1990s, when registered dieticians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch coined the term and
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Going Old School
The Pavilion at Old School Square in Delray Beach will be the scene for many open-air events this month. The entertainment kicks off on a comedic note when Kevin Smith stops by May 7. During an evening of Q&Ameets-standup, the filmmaker will discuss
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CALIFORNIA Collectibles
It used to be blue-chip bottles (classified Bordeaux, Premier and Grand Cru Burgundy, vintage Port and Champagne) that experts most prized—and that earned collectors credibility as they began the process of building a cellar. But all that has changed
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Fresh Catch
Ralph and Laura Lewis, the third-generation owners of Okeechobee Steakhouse, are penning a new chapter of their culinary legacy with Okeechobee Prime Seafood. Plans for this venture have been in the works for some time, but Ralph notes that the pande
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Plant Life
Fulfilling her dream to create a place where people could learn about plant medicines, Gina Kearney, along with partner Dimitra Christiani, opened Jupiter’s Herbs & Owls in 2020. In addition to stocking more than 120 medicinal herbs, flowers, roots,
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