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Travel NEWS
Award winning Valencian Food Tour Company are bringing an experience like no other to the comfort of your kitchen. Valencia prides itself on being the birthplace of paella, which is why their Sea Saffron workshop cooking workshop is the best there is
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Look Amazing!
Lips in need of some serious TLC? Enjoy pillowysoft pouts by way of ultra-nourishing formulas – the latest lip balms from Catrice and Essence are all you need to pamper your pucker! Available from justmylook.com Pampered lips for the ultimate no
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Instant Appointment
Q I’ve just switched to a vegan diet and it’s upsetting my stomach. Will this stop over time or should I incorporate meat and dairy back into my diet again? Hattie Liverpool A The vegan diet means not eating any animal products or products derive
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The Truth
As my little boy crawled his way across the carpet, I couldn’t help but smile. ‘Well done,’ I cooed, scooping him into my arms. Macauley was six-months-old and had just started crawling. But as he started to be on the move, I noticed something strang
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Easy Eats
Having too much fat and sodium, the majority of which we consume as salt, in your diet can increase your risk of having a stroke. In addition, consuming too much salt can lead to high blood pressure which is the single biggest factor for strokes. T
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Sniffing Out Cancer
Dogs can be trained to be extremely accurate in detecting prostate cancer in urine samples. Researchers are studying dogs and finding new ways to detect aggressive prostate cancer themselves, as using dogs on a large scale isn't practical. They hope
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Ahoy There!
Relax on a boat as you explore the nation's peaceful canals. A great way to enjoy the countryside! Drifters Waterway Holidays offer day boat hire from 17 boat yards across England and Wales, with prices starting from less than £10 per person. What be
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Con-grats !
Settling on the sofa after a long day at work as a GP, I waited for my pet rats to join me. With their four-storey cage positioned next to the settee, I’d often open the cage door whenever I sat down on the sofa. ‘Are you joining me?’ I asked, as my
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Life On Mars
Transport yourself to another planet! Booking.com have shared with us, in celebration of the touchdown of NASA's Perseverance Rover, the most red and remarkably like Mars landscapes on Earth. The vast, surreal crimson landscapes of Wadi Rum is a onc
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Double Trouble
Isolating at home with my pregnant bump, I worried about the health of my expectant babies. was global pandemic, and my husband Aaron, 32, and I were pregnant with twins. My high levels of anxiety masked a lot of the excitement. Aaron and I already h
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True Or False
All mental illnesses are complex and unique to each individual. This is why often people struggle to understand them, making it harder for them to support those they love who are suffering from a mental illness. That's why we want to answer some t
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Party Terror
Connor Attridge, 26, and I were childhood sweethearts. When I first met him as a teenager, he swept me off my feet. We went on to have two children together, Connor Jr and Levi. I hoped that we would be one happy family, but the cracks started to sh
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An old book Pencil Plain coaster Mod Podge glue Scissors 1. Find a part of the book you like, place it on a coaster you want to decorate and draw around it. 2. Cut carefully along the line you drew. 3. Cover the coaster and the back of
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Pick Me Up! QUIZ
Just for FUN 1 What is the name of the second James Bond film? a From Russia With Love b Goldfinger c You Only Live Twice 2 Which English county is The Vicar of Dibley based? a Wiltshire b Surrey c Oxfordshire 3 Who is the only a
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Is This The Future?
For years, reports have predicted that robots will replace human workers in the future. And now, it seems they already are. LumiDolls is the world's first sex doll brothel franchise, based in secret locations in Spain, Russia and Italy. Sex dol
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Little Moons – the delicious mochi ice cream balls making headlines this year - are fast becoming the ultimate food trend that is on everyone's lips. After taking the world of TikTok by storm, sales have risen by 700% since last December, with reta
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DEADLY Toothache
Stopping to catch my breath, we were halfway up the hill in Gleniffer Braes Country park with the sun beating down on us. My husband, Alan, 33, was being yanked to the top by our Cavapoo, Marley who was on the lead. Our daughter Emma, five, was full
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Have A Chuckle
On May 2 it's World Laughter Day! A day to bring positivity and peace across the world. Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. It has been seen to relieve pain and prolong life. Get giggling, bec
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What's On Your Mind? Life After Lockdown
The last year has been far from normal. With our busy lives on hold and spending the majority of our time at home the thought of things getting back to some semblance of normality is a daunting prospect for many. If you're worried, here are some thin
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About A Girl
Allen Ivanov sat outside of a million-dollar home in an affluent suburb and flicked through the manual of the brand-new gun he’d bought just days earlier. There was a party going on inside the house of friends he’d been to school with but as Allen, 1
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Summer Essentials
Summer officially starts on 21st June, so now is the perfect time to prepare our wardrobes for the season ahead. Award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot (www.lisatalbot.co.uk)shares the fashion you year. Monochrome basics - Staple black and whit
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The Real Deal
When you think about popular sex toys, you most likely imagine vibrators, dildos and rings. Few of us would consider investing in a sex doll. After all, you’ve probably only seen them in wacky, quirky, eccentric documentaries. They’re not actually s
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Your Dilemmas
A friend and I fell out last year after a huge argument where she said some unforgivable things and betrayed my trust. She’s come to me saying she’s changed and wants to be mates again. Can people really change? Shall I give her a chance? Lisa, Oxfor
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Stretch Into Sleep
Struggling to get to sleep after a long day? Becca Young Riboldi, yoga instructor at Fly LDN (www.flyldn.co.uk), shares a few simple stretches to help combat aches and pains and prepare yourself for a nurturing night's sleep... Come into a comfort
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A Star Is Fawn
This rare Javan Chevrotain – also known as a mouse deer – has just been born at Marwell Zoo. The tiny youngster is one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world, and was brought into the world by parents Gus and Gwen at the zoo’s Energy for Life:
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Breast Cancer Now
Whether it’s dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, managing side effects of treatment or talking to others in a similar situation, Breast Cancer Now is here for you. The charity’s online support services are just one click away for anyone, at any
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Top Dog
Driving my car along a busy road, I spotted a black dog about to bolt from the curb and quickly pushed my foot down on the brake. ‘Watch out!' my partner Christine shouted. Luckily, I stopped the car just in time, and we pulled over to check on the B
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Get this season's latest arrivals from your favourite high street store. Gorgeous dresses, floaty florals and pretty pastel shades. You can even find most of the range in miniature sizes, to twin with your mini me! Mix and match the entire collectio
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Lockdown Babies!
Back in January last year, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. I was absolutely thrilled by the news and quickly started scanning mummy groups online. It wasn’t long before I came across a post on Mumsnet, linking to a Facebook page for
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Keep all your old shopping bags inside another shopping bag for storage and to make them easy to grab before a shop. Lexi, Dumfries Don't over water your houseplants. Check if they need more watering by pressing your finger into the soil. If it's
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