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Hints Of Greatness
It was the French composer Claude Debussy who said, “Music is the space between the notes.” In short: without music being given the room to breathe, you’re left with a cacophony of noise. I don’t know if any of the rest of you used to experience this
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The Eternal Enemy
n Here’s the classic enemy – the horrific beast with hideous flesh covering unfathomable internal technology, and a nasty little green abdominal growth. n The Bydo had the technology, and they rebuilt Dobkeratops in the heavily armoured Zabtom. You w
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Conversion Capers
• The original version devised and coded by Mike Berry is the best despite the nagging aliens that incessantly pester poor Rufus. With sound by Mike’s cousin and help with graphics from a friend, there’s a true bedroom coder feel to the game’s creati
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End Game
» There was a game made by ADK for the Neo Geo in 1996, which is now quite a rare and pricey thing to find, but is well worth looking for if you get the chance because it’s really brilliant. But enough about Twinkle Star Sprites – ADK’s puzzler Zintr
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Upgrading Monster World
“I decided a long time ago that if I was going to remake the Monster World series, I would use 3D for the visuals. This requires high-quality modelling.” “In the original, once you defeated a boss you could not revisit that dungeon. Now you can, to r
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Amiga CD32 Controller
» PLATFORM: Amiga CD32 » RELEASED: 1993 » COST: £16.99 (launch), £70+ (today, boxed) £50+ (today, unboxed) Commodore’s attempt to repackage the Amiga hardware in console form wasn’t a bad idea – the system was a fine gaming platform, and the company
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Stages Of Evolution: Rise Of The Robots
You can’t judge how dangerous a particular robot in Impossible Mission is based on its appearance, because models that look the same can pose a very different threat. Some are consistently docile, some are slow until approached and then speed up, and
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Bargain Hunt
THE COVER STAR This fantastic update of the arcade classic was a PlayStation 2 exclusive upon its original release back in 2003, yet it is still unlikely to set you back much more than £12, even complete and in mint condition. After the Japanese impo
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One Of Us, One Of Us
The Switch is a great way to play old NES and SNES games, including some only released in Japan. The rewind facility is also very useful on some of the harder releases. It’s currently my most-played system. I like the fact that I can play it anywhere
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Hello, Goodbye
I did it. Remember the other month I was saying how I had all these old consoles that had been modded and I never used them? A GameCube with a flash drive, a Nintendo 64 that had been upgraded to HDMI, an original Xbox with a hard drive installed, a
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The Unconverted
DEVELOPER: DATA EAST YEAR: 1993 GENRE: SPORTS ■ We love a good future sports game – give us some ridiculous body armour, an incredibly thin rulebook, a good dose of violence and you’ll keep us amused for hours. Data East has done just that here, with
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Mark Strachan and Dominic Wheatley were working at an advertising agency, when they decided to set up their own business in the gaming industry. “My younger brother had bought a Commodore 64 in January of 1983, [he] was playing Heroes Of Khan, and I
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Tactical Shift
Fans around the world were shocked for two reasons when R-Type’s PSP return was announced. Firstly, the series was supposed to be finished, as R-Type Final made clear. Secondly, the new game – R-Type Tactics, or R-Type Command in North America – wasn
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• This tricky force, first seen in R-Type III, is ideal for players that want to cover every direction – particularly with the blue laser, which will fire in the opposite direction to the ship’s movement. • If you like to get up close and personal wi
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Where Are They Now
■ Ian became a CBE in 2013 and is now a partner in Hiro Capital, which helps fund game studios looking to grow. He’s also the chairman of Sumo Group PLC, alongside being a non-executive director for Flavourworks, Antstream, Fusebox, Midoki, The Secre
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The Rarest Of Kongs
■ The ColecoVision versions of both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr were missing a stage and the intermissions between stages due to a lack of cartridge space. Coleco later addressed this by producing ‘complete’ versions on cassette for its Adam compu
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RetroMania Wrestling
» System: PC (tested), Switch, Xbox One, PS4 » Buy it from: Online » Buy it for: £23.79 Retrosoft has delivered something of a dream 16-bit wrestling game. The excellent art is clearly inspired by the likes of WWF Wrestlefest, with plenty of cool are
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NFL 2k
» Dreamcast » 1999 » Visual Concepts To be completely honest with you, I didn’t care at all about NFL 2K when I bought it. I wasn’t really into American football and the last videogame version I’d played was Madden NFL 94 on the Mega Drive, but the s
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Tipping The Balance
■ The aim of Balance Of Power is to increase your superpower’s prestige points without triggering a nuclear war. You do that by getting as many minor countries on your side as possible, either by helping them out or by replacing their governments wit
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Conversion Capers
Fred’s flickering graphics and a set of rudimentary sound effects threatened to spoil the fun of exploring the Pyramid of Tootiecarmoon. But a well-animated sprite complete with a recoiling gun, a busy set of mazes, a map, a simple yet clear colour s
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The DNA Of Eidos
■ From dressing up a man in a camel-coat at Wembley Stadium to having Lara Croft on the cover of The Face magazine, Eidos knew how to market its prized assets and aim them towards a specific audience. ■ The acquisitions of certain companies made Eido
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Your Say
What’s your favourite memory of the R-Type games? Beating R-Type was a massive turning point for me as a person. After I got that clear and we beat it without dying, absolutely ANYTHING seemed possible. What an amazing and truly timeless shooter. All
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Five To Play
■ Tim Skelly, the creator of such glorious vector titles as Warrior and Star Castle, came to Gottlieb on a three-game deal. Reactor was his only released title, with David providing a rocking soundtrack to this innovative and highly original coin-op.
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Sony’s Digital Store Closures
While we were putting this issue together, Sony announced that it was going to close the PSP, PS3 and Vita stores – only to reverse its decision on the PS3 and Vita. We talk over the implications of that, and other related issues, for collecting thes
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Roland Goes Typing
The Roland story didn’t stop with the eight games released on tape and disc. Amsoft also published its own magazine, Amstrad Computer User (originally called CPC464 User, then Amstrad CPC464 User) and this publication included two Roland games within
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Star Fox
» SNES » 1993 » NINTENDO EAD/ARGONAUT SOFTWARE I paid £90 for my Japanese copy of Star Fox, which is about £184 in today’s money. That’s a silly amount of cash to spend on a videogame, but you tend to do silly things when you’re 19. I remember the am
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Who’s Who
A Chinese martial artist following his master’s instructions to find the Power Stones, Wang-Tang is as optimistic as he is acrobatic, giving his off-the-wall attacks more flair. He basically turns Super-Saiyan when powered up – even one of his Power
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The Making And Remaking Of Monster World Mw IV
Developed by Westone and released in April 1994 for Sega’s Mega Drive, Monster World IV (hereafter MWIV) was intended as the final entry in the ridiculously convoluted Wonder Boy saga. Mild spoiler: after the heart-warming ending and credits, your ge
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Master The Stone
■ The easiest way to gain an advantage is to get all three Power Stones, then unleash their power for maximum damage. Even without using an item or special manoeuvre, a simple flying kick is enough to knock one from an opponent. Be quick whenever ano
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