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Breeding? It’s Not Rocket Science
As I have said before, if you cannot improve on your stock, there is no point in breeding from your own ferrets. Unlike the extraordinary price increase in dogs, there is little money to be made from breeding and selling ferrets. Breeding from tried
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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
With its impressive and distinctive spiral horns, the greater kudu is the most majestic of all African antelope. A mature bull measures 1.4m at the shoulder and weighs up to 260kg. Only the male has horns, which take six years to reach full size. Bot
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Head For Glory
April has been a busy month. Not only did we have a good flurry of heads submitted to the service, but we also saw the amalgamation of Sporting Rifle and Shooting Times magazines. I’m sure this will be a great partnership. On the head front, we saw t
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Weekend Twitter poll
Do you eat pheasant and partridge all the way through the year?  follow us @shootingtimes Respondents: 81 ■
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Seconds From Disaster
I am often guilty of not fully appreciating the world around me and that includes when I’m ferreting. I sometimes become so engrossed in the work itself, rather than switching off to enjoy the company of good friends in the field and the special plac
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They said What
“My New Year’s resolution going into 2020 was to not buy any clothes at all, not even second-hand.” Who said it: Chris Packham Tell me more: Chris Packham tells Times Radio how he will be saving the planet. He is happy selling clothes, though; hi
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Rattled By Some Unusual Sightings
I saw something a few weeks ago that I had never seen before. It set me wondering just how many sportsmen and women will have a store of memories of their first pigeon, trout and so on. This memory store does not only contain ‘firsts’; they may well
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Is It Game Over For NI Shooters?
Transporting game meat from Great Britain to Northern Ireland has become ‘practically impossible’ since Brexit, according to BASC. New rules mean that a Northern Ireland resident who crosses the Irish Sea to shoot must have any game they want to brin
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Grant To Help Save The Curlew
Money raised from the shooting community is going to help the battle to save the curlew. The Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (WHCT), which was set up by BASC and funds its operations through the sale of stamps and prints commissioned from leading w
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From Cover To Cover
By definition, a game cover is any crop grown with the intention of feeding and/or holding gamebirds in the shooting season. It was at a very young age that I began to appreciate the benefits that a good game cover can bring to a shoot. Aged seven or
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Sporting Ephemera Of The Week
This means of carrying ammunition has somewhat gone out of fashion among game Shots, but some clay shooters and pigeon shooters use an open version of the cartridge pouch slung on a belt. This was available in the early 20th century and consisted of
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Bits Of Tranquility
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having a varied and fascinating time. At the start of the month, I was on the outskirts of Manchester, watching lapwings display, and last week I was in Norfolk hearing bitterns boom. These two places are different
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Birds Are Full Of Beans
The day was deliciously warm. Spring sunshine brought colour and life back to the landscape. Nobody spoke, for the pleasure of heat on hands and faces was recognised by all and we were content for a moment to enjoy it. The fogs and searching winds of
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News In Brief
Scientists at the GWCT were surprised to receive updates from three satellite-tagged woodcock, whose tags were expected to have stopped working years ago. Holkham, Nellie III and Fonthill Abbie II were tagged in 2018, 2017 and 2016 respectively, mean
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Miroku MK11 Game sideplate £6,199
Miroku holds a unique position within modern manufacturing due to its relationship with Browning/Winchester. Miroku-made products hold the largest market share of any gun manufacturer in the US. This total dominance of the Browning brand across the U
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Conflict, Culls And Colonies
During the reign of King William I, the enactment of the Forest Law (1087) laid down that those guilty of killing a stag, roebuck or wild boar were liable to the punishment of blinding, and the hunting of these “beasts of the forest” was reserved onl
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Dogs Retrieved In Police Raid
Police have recovered dozens more stolen dogs in a series of raids across the country. In Suffolk, officers recovered 83 suspected stolen dogs in a raid on a travellers’ site near Ipswich. The force published photographs online of 48 dogs that could
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Right Place, Right Time, Right Line
Hatred might be too strong, but it was pretty obvious that Wally didn’t like me, and yet he was to go on to teach me my most valuable lesson as a pigeon shooter. At the time I was 16, and he was something over 70. The summer before, we both worked ‘r
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To Do This Week
We are now in the core planting season for many game crops, but it is a good idea to make sure that the soil is warm enough for speedy germination before sowing. Planting at the right time is better than planting early. Keep on the corvids. Spring i
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Certificate Holders Faced With ‘Postcode Lottery’, Says BASC
Cambridgeshire Police has emerged as the country’s best-performing firearms licensing team, while Durham Police is at the bottom of the league table, according to new figures from BASC. The three top-performing forces — Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire a
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Wildlife Will Pay High Price For Criminal Acts
The relaxation of lockdown has brought the predicted wave of fires, litter and antisocial behaviour, with vandals targeting traps at a number of locations across the UK. Problems in the Yorkshire Dales began with illegal off-roading, with vegetation
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Don’t Fall Foul Of The Fool’s Watercress
For so familiar and welcome a food as watercress, collecting it from the wild can easily become a lethal enterprise. Historically, there has always been the concern about the owner of the land on which it was growing taking exception and chasing the
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My Canine Car Alarm
My online research for the braque du Bourbonnais revealed the unsurprising result that these French pointers are not rated highly as guard dogs, as they are far too friendly. However, Tracie Rickman told me that River is the first of her dogs to bark
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To Catch A Fish
Now the days are beginning to get longer, with the water temperature still cool, the trout should certainly be moving well. The Blue Flash Damsel is a great fly to start your stillwater session and if fish are feeding and happy to chase a larger fly,
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The Experts
BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regarded writer and ornithologist NGO
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My laptop is a monument to impending obsolescence. It is a grimy, coffee-stained repository of outdated and unsupported software. I cheerfully blame it for every single IT thing that goes wrong, even when the fault is operator error. My family bought
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Sporting Answers
Q Following the death of my father some 60 years ago, I inherited a small collection of firearms, some of which are slightly unusual and include the .455 revolver that he used in World War I. I have been able to retain all of these firearms on my fir
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Making Hens Meet
Springtime sets me thinking about partridges. The curlew come back and lapwings dance noisily in the fields but our grey partridges have long since been confined to the history books. I’ve had a long-term ambition to restore their numbers here, but t
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Native Britain
Latin name: Ajuga reptans Common name: Bugle Other names: Brown bugle, yellow bugle, middle consound, carpenter’s herb, bugleweed How to spot it and where to find it: A spreading evergreen, bugle can be invasive. But in the wild, its glossy leave
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