strategy and business7 min cititeSecurity
Simplifying Cybersecurity
At a recent board meeting, the CIO of a major global corporation led a wide-ranging discussion about the tools and practices needed to fortify the company’s data and systems against breaches. The board encouraged heightened investment and vigilance,
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What People Like You Like
Recommendation Engines, by Michael Schrage, MIT Press, 2020 I don’t set much store by the endless stream of recommendations offered by Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and most other online businesses. Occasionally, a book, flick, or song pops up that delig
strategy and business5 min cititeGlobalization
Localization Is The New Globalization
The decades following World War II saw a proliferation of multilateral organizations and alliances aimed at aligning interests for efficiency and the greater good: NATO for military and security affairs; the OECD and World Bank for taxation, regulati
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Diversity And The Case For Transparency
Business leaders who persevered through a trying 2020 got some affirming news when Edelman released its latest Trust Barometer in January. Not only is business, for the first time, the most trusted institution in the world, it also is the only instit
strategy and business5 min citite
A Remarkable Thing Could Happen As We Return To Work
When COVID-19 forced much of the world to quickly shut down offices, factories, schools, shops, and restaurants, and pushed hundreds of millions of people into remote, makeshift workspaces, no one knew how it would all turn out. Now we know a lot mor
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How To Deliver Great Customer Experience At Scale
As travel restrictions and lockdowns were announced around the world in the spring of 2020, businesses had to quickly rethink their customer experience strategy. Unable to continue in-person interactions, many companies looked for new ways to meet th
strategy and business2 min citite
What Lies Ahead
A return to normal. The new normal. The next normal. That sound you hear is the machinery of strategy thinking cranking up to grapple with how we describe the task in front of us. None of the approaches is entirely satisfying. The past 12 months have
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Sustaining Covid-era Urgency For The Long Run
It’s easy to forget that before COVID-19, the global business environment was thorny at best. Companies faced hard questions about how to deal with climate change and technological disruption. Demographic shifts, political polarization, and upskillin
strategy and business4 min citite
No, We Can’t
Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation, by Anne Helen Petersen, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020 In 2018, after Anne Helen Petersen had been through an intense period of travel and reporting, her editor at BuzzFeed suggested she was
strategy and business15 min cititeIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
CEO Voices From The Pandemic, And Beyond
Headquarters: Malaysia Industry: Conglomerate with holdings in heavy equipment, auto, healthcare, and logistics Age: 56 CEO since: 2017 CEO insider/outsider: Insider Headquarters: The Netherlands Industry: Conglomerate with holdings in energy distrib
strategy and business6 min citite
Private-public Infrastructure Partnerships Can Spur A Green Recovery
The world begins 2021 with a COVID-19 vaccine and the hope of physical recovery from the virus. Now, as we work toward social, economic and fiscal recovery, we can’t forget a crisis we faced even before the pandemic took center stage — a crisis for w
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Editor-in-Chief Daniel Gross Managing Editor Elizabeth Johnson Senior Editor Laura W. Geller Senior Editor Deborah Unger Senior Editor Amy Emmert Deputy Managing Editor Sally Law Errico Deputy Managing Editor Michael Guerriero Editorial Operations Ma
strategy and business14 min cititeLeadership
Superhuman Resources: How HR Leaders Have Redefined Their C-suite Role
For all the ambiguity caused by the historic events of 2020, one thing is certain: The center of gravity in leadership teams has swung toward the human resources function. Yes, other members of the C-suite, such as the leaders of finance, marketing,
strategy and business2 min cititePolitics
Boycotts Unsettle Boards
In this partisan era, companies can find themselves targeted by boycotts from either end of the political spectrum. And it’s during high-profile crises of brand identity that board members can truly prove their worth, imparting insight to executives
strategy and business4 min citite
Survival Of The Fittest
How to Survive: Self-Reliance in Extreme Circumstances, by John Hudson, Countryman Press, 2021 If you think meetings are bad, try getting lost in remotest Australia and rigging up floats from aircraft parts to ride down a crocodile-infested river to
strategy and business5 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
How Disruption Equips Us To Rethink And Reinvent
Around the world, every country is dealing with significant disruptions. Some are global, such as COVID-19. Others are more local, such as Brexit here in the U.K. In very different ways, the disruptions and challenges of both COVID-19 and Brexit have
strategy and business7 min cititeCrime & Violence
How Board Directors Can Advance Racial Justice
In 1977, Rev. Leon Sullivan, an American Baptist minister, civil rights leader, and corporate board director, created a set of guidelines to engage U.S. corporations in resisting and eliminating legalized systemic racism under apartheid in South Afri
strategy and business8 min cititePsychology
Stop Trusting Your Gut
A company leader’s existence is a long series of decisions, yet many executives don’t have a systematic approach to making those decisions. They rely on intuition; they don’t have an accurate understanding of their track record over time; and they fa
strategy and business7 min citite
Five Opportunities For CMOs
How do businesses do more, earn more, and operate better when they have fewer resources and when challenges loom everywhere? It’s a perennial predicament with elusive solutions — and one with which chief marketing officers (CMOs) are certainly famili
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After a year like 2020, it’s tempting to throw up your hands, put your head down, and just focus on getting through the myriad difficulties of the day. But to survive for the long term, you have to lift your sights and try to see through the haze of
strategy and business8 min cititeSecurity
Meet Modern Compliance: Using AI And Data To Manage Business Risk Better
In June 2020, when the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) issued updated guidance on how to evaluate corporate compliance programs, it came with a clear mandate to companies: Compliance programs must use robust technology and data analytics to assess t
strategy and business6 min cititeLeadership
Humanity, Innovation, And Radical Progress In The Post-covid World
When mobs erupt, like the one that descended on the U.S. Capitol in early January, I’m reminded of the Hemingway character who said he went bankrupt “gradually, then suddenly.” It’s not easy to predict breaking points, the moment when a crowd becomes
strategy and business3 min citite
Ensuring Digital Access For Global Youth
In PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, which was undertaken before the COVID-19 pandemic, 74 percent of CEOs said they were worried about the availability of key skills. At the same time, we know that many of today’s youth — the people who will beco
strategy and business10 min citite
Why You Should Apply Design Thinking To The Employee Experience
The tools of talent management — hiring, on-boarding, performance reviews — are changing, some for now, others for good. Teamwork, collaboration, and tacit knowledge-sharing have also been disrupted. The mere fact that many people are separated from
strategy and business7 min cititeWorld
China And The Race For The Future Of Money
Pingyao, in Shanxi province, was once the financial center of Imperial China — the birthplace of banks that led the world in remittances and settlements using “tickets” that were a sort of tokenized legal tender. The People’s Bank of China honored Pi
strategy and business4 min citite
Is The Gig Up?
After the Gig: How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back, by Juliet B. Schor, University of California Press, 2020 Adecade ago, advocates touted the sharing economy as an alternative to corporate capitalism. Digital technology was o
strategy and business5 min citite
How Esg Will Drive The Next Wave Of Transformation
Even before COVID-19 upended business and society, the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movement was gaining steam. Far-reaching challenges such as climate change and economic inclusion concentrated the minds of investors and executives on
strategy and business1 min citite
A History Of Resilience
In the decades of the 1990s and 2000s, India had a reasonable growth run that consolidated and strengthened its political processes, often overcoming wars and drought. Exogenous economic shocks — such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Kargil
strategy and business6 min cititeIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Jumping Onto The Right Side Of The AI Divide
One highly visible consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic was a significant rise in the use of digital channels — to work remotely, to sell, and shop. Riding on the back of this surge, less visibly, was increased adoption of advanced analytics, automat
strategy and business5 min cititeComputers
Why Europe’s Best Days Lie Ahead
Late last year, amidst all the good news about COVID-19 vaccines, I had an illuminating conversation with the CEO of a European manufacturer. Looking at me through my laptop screen during a video chat, he remarked that he was filled with hope for 202
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