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Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a novelist who never likes to write the same book twice. And if you’ve read more than one of her novels, you know that’s true. Since her first novel, Signal to Noise, was published in 2015, she’s tackled inter-species vampire
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How Do You Know You’re in the Wrong Writing Group?
Writing groups are instrumental to helping writers better their craft and getting out of that dreaded writing tunnel. You know, the one where you think your story is the greatest thing in the world and there are no mistakes. Writing groups help you s
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Find Your Creative FLOW
People talk about reaching “flow state” with their writing, but rarely does anyone tell us how to find that flow in the first place. Plenty of books, websites, and other resources teach us about the craft of writing and the publishing process. Yet, w
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Some Thoughts on Designing Cities
When it comes to your story’s cities, you might not have gotten further than sticking a pin on your handdrawn map. Or maybe you’re writing your next draft and are realizing that some things about your worldbuilding feel a tad flimsy. Here are some co
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The Tyranny of the Verb To Be
Long ago, when I first attended writing workshops across the U.S., I found them hostile to any variant of the verb was. I almost destroyed myself trying to eliminate passive verbs as a new writer, because I heard the advice “use active verbs” so much
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Lessons From Book Two
Book two kicked my ass. I would like to say instead that writing my sophomore thriller proved more challenging than I’d expected. Or that it provided a growth opportunity. Or that finishing it made me feel really and truly like an author. But while a
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Conference Guide
• Keep in mind that there may be more than one workshop in each of the listings.• These workshops are listed alphabetically by state, country, or continent.• Unless otherwise indicated, rates include tuition (T) only. Sometimes the rates also include
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Preparing For The New Normal
As we contemplate what the “new normal” might look like, many long for the comfort of old routines. Naturally, conference attendees are concerned about health and safety, expecting assurances that the right measures are in place. It’s likely that eve
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11 Writing-Career Crossroads
How did it start? Maybe a teacher declared you to be a good writer. Maybe a parent encouraged. You entertained your friends with well-told jokes. Your vocabulary was somehow better than theirs. You loved reading. Without really knowing it, you absorb
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Creating Your Story Frame
One of my favorite nautical terms is “brightwork.” When I first encountered this word, I assumed it meant the polished metalwork on boats, but I learned it also refers to highly varnished woodwork. Search for Chris-Craft vintage runabout and you’ll f
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Nikesha Elise Williams
Four Women; The Appeal of Ebony Jones; Love Never Fails; Adulting; Lessons We Were Never Taught; Beyond Bourbon Street (African-American fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, poetry, NEW Reads Publications) WHY SELF-PUBLISH? I spent months quer
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7 Tips to Rev a Stalling Story
Recently, I reached that point in a novel-inprogress—somewhere after page 30 and before page 50—when my story lost momentum. Once stranded like this, I usually start circling back to the earlier pages, sprucing them up, brightening characters, chisel
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Breaking In
What Ben Franklin Would Have Told Me (Literary fiction, June, Regal House) “A dying boy and his caretaker—a survivor of Argentina’s Dirty War—journey to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia to look for the caretaker’s missing wife and child who had been
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Conference Scene
Hosted by the Professional Writing major at Taylor University, a Christian liberal arts college, this event is in its sixth year. WHEN: July 28–30, 2022. WHERE: Taylor University, Upland, Ind. PRICE: $139 (Fri.-Sat.); $139 teen (16+) track or advance
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So You Want to Quit Your Day Job
It’s the dream for many writers: quitting the job (or jobs) that pays the bills and writing full-time. The unfortunate fact is, writing alone doesn’t pay a livable wage for many writers and authors, especially those early in their careers. Even tradi
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The Necessity of Professionalism
Many years ago, before email and the internet, I was a senior editor at a midlist tabloid newspaper called The National Examiner. Part of my job involved working with freelance contributors, making assignments, and overseeing their work. One day, I a
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A Turning Point
Though I knew I wanted to work for Writer’s Digest by my third year of college, I can think of no fewer than four crossroads on my path to actually achieving that goal. They involve: a Great Recession, more schooling for lack of job opportunities, an
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Facilitating Progress
I sit comfortably in my granddaughter’s minivan as we inch along the elevated superhighway that spreads over the land where my grandfather’s farm once stood. Looking East to where the mountains meet the sky, I am glad to see that at least the view ha
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I Think This Is Real
Have you ever talked about a movie or a book you’re interested in, only to have your social media accounts serve up ads for those very items, almost as if they were listening? Now imagine the same social media accounts could be harnessed by NSA data
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Funnyyou Shouldask
I heard through the grapevine of my local writing group that another writer’s agent is leaving the publishing world. I’m just starting to query, and it made me wonder: What happens to the authors an agent works with if they leave the industry? Sincer
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➜ Enter Your Story
THE CHALLENGE: Write a short story of 650 words or fewer based on the photo prompt below. You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story. CONTEST #119 119 TO ENTER: Email your entry to YourStory Contest@aimmedia.com with the su
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Liz Parker
Liz Parker runs the publishing department at Verve Talent & Literary, an agency based in New York City and Los Angeles. She represents horror, upmarket and literary fiction, and select graphic novels and YA, as well as memoir, sociopolitical, narrati
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Poetic Asides
The chanso is a French form that offers poets a great deal of freedom—even as it sticks to some very defined rules. Here are the guidelines: • Five to six stanzas of the same length followed by an envoy (a brief stanza that ends French poetic forms s
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The Biggest Surprises and Learning Moments of the Publishing Process
The publishing world is filled with crossroads consisting of surprises and opportunities. How publishing worked when I started in the business as an intern in 2000 is not how it operates today. The landscape constantly changes for editors, but I love
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Tips for Writing Captivating Historical Middle-Grade Fiction
Historical fiction in middlegrade can be a challenge for the most dedicated writers. With a target audience of 8–12-year-olds, some of whom have access to the latest and greatest in modern technology, how do you come up with a book idea that will app
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From Our Readers
WD posed the question to readers on our website: “What has been the most pivotal moment in your writing life thus far?” Readers responded: “… I was an English minor in college and continued to write afterward, but at a diminishing pace ’til ‘real lif
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Time, That Gentleman Caller
It’s always a surprise to learn which new poem and poet will win the Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards, but I always know it’s going to be a fun process. Even though it’s a challenge to narrow down a list of finalists and ultimately choose one winning po
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Kirthana Ramisetti
For several years, I had a dream job reporting on entertainment and celebrity news. And even though my career combined my love of writing with my passion for pop culture, there was also an underlying yet persistent discontentment. If you’ve ever harb
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5 Lessons Fiction Writers Can Learn From Playwriting
Sometimes I look around, and I am gobsmacked by the world. For entertainment alone, I have a smorgasbord of choices: YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, not to mention being determined to get out of the house after being cooped up for two years. I wonder in th
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