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Makeup Trends
This trend is about healthy looking skin which is neither too matte nor shiny. The best way to achieve this look is to use a little bit of everything; a touch of foundation, a touch of powder and a touch of blush or highlighter. This look was spotted
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Fast Facts
The film was shot entirely in black and white, something film director David Fincher has experience in, having worked on pop star Madonna’s 1990 iconic music video, Vogue. The real Herman Mankiewicz was known for his work on old classics The Wizard
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Five Quick Questions
1〉 In which of our neighbouring countries is the ghost town of Kolmanskop, a popular tourist attraction? 2〉 Where is the world’s biggest grass court Grand Slam tennis tournament played every year? 3〉 Which famous artist cut off a bit of his ear?
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ARE we going to be okay? I’ve heard this asked over and over in the past few days as the reality of 2021 kicks in. It’s often the last in a series. What will happen to the economy? Will our industry survive? When are things going to change on the hea
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Nail Trends
This look was part of the Ujoh show at Milan Fashion Week. The most hassle-free way to achieve this trend is by using stickers. First shape your nails into the desired style, then paste and cut the nail stickers to the nail shape. Can’t pick one col
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The Boys season 2
Sci-fi action. The first season of this ultra-violent comic-book adaptation ended with Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), the leader of the titular gang of vigilantes, discovering that his long-dead wife, Becca (Shantel VanSanten), was still alive and raisi
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Madness Of Heaven’s Gate Cult
IN THE afternoon of 26 March 1997, the San Diego county sheriff’s department received an anonymous tip-off. “This is regarding a mass suicide, and I can give you the address,” said the person on the line. First responders could have never imagined t
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Talk To Us
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Hair Trends
Paco Rabanne had models showing off extreme bangs at Paris fashion week. There are different kinds of bangs to suit every shape. Longer bangs are great for long and square face shapes while micro bangs work well on heart shaped faces. Wash your hair
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Google Play
Horror. All is not well in this hell between four walls. Grace (Mad Max: Fury Road’s Riley Keough) has recently married Richard (The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage). To build a closer relationship with her stepchildren (Jaeden Martell from It and Lia McHu
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Fine Needles For Fido
CRIPPLED canines, partially paralysed pets and even bedridden bunnies are getting a new lease of life with the ancient Asian art of acupuncture. Pet owners in China are increasingly turning to the ancient practice of acupuncture – the insertion of l
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I THINK that the problem with gender-based violence is that many men don’t consider themselves abusers and so they don’t see themselves as part of the problem. My late husband would scream into my ear until it was ringing. He’d hide my wallet and car
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Skin Trends
The need to wear face masks has meant that we must change our skincare regimen to accommodate this new reality. For 2021, this means skincare brands are coming up with different formulations to accommodate different skin needs to deal with maskne – a
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Comedy. General Mark R Naird (Steve Carell) dreams of running the US air force. When he’s chosen to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the armed forces – the Space Force – sceptical but dedicated Mark moves his family to a remote base in Colorado.
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Come Explore With Us
THE swirl of greens, pinks and yellows cascading across the sky is enough to take your breath away. It’s a symphony of colours and one of the most majestic displays in nature – and something people across the globe pay big bucks to see. Not even the
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A Plea For Kindness
With our Christian festivities behind us, let’s not forget the suffering of others. Not only is there a desperate need for food and shelter from a large percentage of South Africans, an additional and real problem is the exploitation of the poorest b
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Décor Trends
Many of us have had to find creative ways of including work and study spaces into our home. “We need our space to do much more than ever before. The dining room is no longer just for eating. It needs to go from home office to home gym and then dinner
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Jack Harlow
Jack is the 22-year-old newcomer behind one of 2020’s most-streamed songs, Whats Poppin. The song, his first hit, has earned him his first Grammy nomination in the category of best rap performance. He’ll go up against the likes of DaBaby (BOP), Megan
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The Sky Is The Limit
THE sound of piano playing wafts through the hotel. Tropical art installations hang in the modern foyer and bold LED crystal chandeliers are lit throughout the building. At the check-in desk an electronic employee arrives to escort you to your room
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In Brief
I was so touched by the article about Dr Ugur Sahin and Dr Ozlem Tureci (YOU, 17 December) that I read it twice. They have such dedication and are so principled. We owe them so much. I’m quite sure that they’ll be awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine
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Unfold Your Mat
KATE Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Aniston – the list of celebs who have sung the praises of both yoga and Pilates is long. Both forms of exercise have grown in popularity over the years and are touted by fitness enthusia
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Megan makes her (official) album debut a year after she stormed pop and hip-hop stages with Hot Girl Summer and followed it with a pair of No 1 smash hits – a remix of her track Savage, featuring Beyoncé; and WAP, the super-raunchy duet with Cardi B.
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A Feast For The Eyes
GOING to the cinema used to be a special experience – for many of us watching a film just isn’t the same without the smell of popcorn wafting up from your lap, the requisite fizzy drink to wash down the salt and something sweet to follow. But thanks
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Make A Fresh Start!
A new year doesn’t guarantee an end to problems, but it can be the start of new ways to deal with stress. YOU Wellness is dedicated to helping you function at your best by paying attention to the five pillars of health – physical, emotional, mental,
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A holistic discipline originating from ancient India that uses breath, movement and meditation to unite mind, body and spirit You move through a series of poses (called asanas) and stretches which are combined into a sequence. “All the postures requi
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Gripping Reads
This gripping saga revolves around the lives of three sisters who are the daughters of a rich Zimbabwean businessman-turned-pastor, Abraham Mafu, and his wife, Phumla. It begins on the wedding day of the youngest daughter, Zandile. Some relatives dis
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Coming Soon
Season 3 of the better-than-it-should-be Karate Kid sequel series returns f or another 10 episodes. A f ourth season starts production this y ear too. Netflix, from 8 January Season 35 of the long-running reality game sho w is titled Heroes vs Heal
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A set of targeted exercises developed by German anatomist Joseph Pilates to build core strength and stability The instructor will take you through a series of precise movements that focus primarily on strengthening the abs and other core muscles and
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