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Picture Window with Two Chairs
I first met Siah Armajani in 2008 when I became director of the Walker Art Center. I was struck by the quiet, soft-spoken qualities of the humble citizen-artist, whose towering legacy had shaped my sensibilities as a young curator more than a decade
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Beneath The Concrete, The Ocean
The history of the 21st century will be written on water. When sea levels are certainly on the rise, the sea becomes our new desert. – MAP Office, 2009 Our collective future lies in the ocean, and with the ocean. Deep in that future there is history—
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A Slightly Curving Place
In 1995, sound recordist Umashankar Manthravadi was invited by Thomas Ault, professor of theater at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, to prove a hypothesis surrounding India’s Rani Gumpha caves: that as well as being a Jain monastery dating to circ
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During the office of the socialist mayor Manuela Carmena (2015–19), the names of 52 streets in Madrid were changed. The original street names used before the Franco dictatorship (1939–75) were recuperated, or else the names of women scholars or pedag
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Prabhakar Pachpute
The farmers of India have been toiling on the front lines of climate change and crony capitalism for decades. In Prabhakar Pachpute’s home state of Maharashtra, in western India, more than 32,000 farmers committed suicide between 2001 and 2019, as re
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Thao Nguyen Phan Becoming Alluvium
A hunk of an object—green, glossy, and grainy—opened “Becoming Alluvium,” Thao Nguyen Phan’s show at Chisenhale Gallery in London. The six-sectioned lacquer screen, Perpetual Brightness (2019–20), has a surface dense with swirls of deep mineral pigme
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On September 24, interdisciplinary artist Yuki Kihara won the inaugural NZD 25,000 (USD 16,340) My Art Visual Arts Award, granted by New Zealand’s Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi. Painter Vincent Namatjira became the first Aboriginal artist to receive th
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Truong Cong Tung
Historically, Vietnam’s Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) region was coveted for its rich basalt soil, which allowed French colonizers to establish profitable rubber tree plantations. Even after Vietnam’s 1975 independence and its economic reform in 198
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Kaz Oshiro 96375
Born and raised in Okinawa near an American military base (ZIP code 96375: the show’s title), Kaz Oshiro once came across a poster of a Ralph Goings photorealist painting of a ketchup bottle and salt and pepper shakers at an American-style restaurant
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Artist-architect Siah Armajani (1939–2020), known for championing democracy through his sculptures and installations, died of heart failure in Minneapolis on August 27. That same day, Mono-ha artist Noriyuki Haraguchi (1946–2020) passed away from an
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Su Yu Hsin
Inspired by French philosopher Felix Guattari’s book The Three Ecologies (1989), Su Yu Hsin’s three-part video Mori (2020) investigates how nature, communities, and individuals mutually influence each other. The first chapter, “Shou (to protect),” fo
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Otherworldly Journeys
By Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby with contributions by Denise Newman and Jordan Stein Published by X Artists’ Books, South Pasadena, 2020 The ancient priestesses of Delphi delivered ambiguous prophecies. The task of finding the truth in their messa
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Singapore Loses Major Exhibition and Residency Platform
NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA), a leading nonprofit organization in Southeast Asia for artistic research, residencies, and exhibitions, will shutter its seven-year-old facilities at the Gillman Barracks arts precinct in March 202
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3 7 Meret Oppenheim: Every Idea Is Born with Its Own Form
“Every idea is born together with its own form.” This statement provides us with a clue to follow Meret Oppenheim’s practice; an interesting one, because the artist is doubtless one of the most prominent of her generation, especially among those who
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Kelly Akashi
Artist, educator, and curator Kelly Sumiko Akashi is well known in Los Angeles for her nimble mind and dexterous hands. A genuinely curious person, she enjoys visiting different places and observing a wide range of plants and creatures. Her mixed-med
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To Conceive Of The Curriculum Of The Forest
The Forest Curriculum is a platform for inter- and anti-disciplinary research and co-learning that attempts to reorient forms of knowledge away from the planetarity of the Anthropocene toward an ecosophical mode of thinking rooted in the cosmologies
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MAR 11–NOV 22 Michael Rakowitz Jameel Arts Centre Dubai JUL 30–MAR 29, 2021 The Vision of Fantasy that We Have Never Seen is This Splendor Yayoi Kusama Museum Tokyo JUL 31–JAN 3, 2021 STARS: Six Contemporary Artists from Japan to the World Mori Art M
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Memories of Murder
In 1996 in northwest China, a 13-year-old called Zhang Koukou watched his mother die after her fight with a neighbor turned violent. Twenty-two years later, Zhang brutally murdered his mother’s killer, along with the man’s brother and elderly father.
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Fun for All
The art world is holding on to its mask as one of many passengers on the never-ending Covid loop-the-loop. Continuing to defy gravity, and tagging along with the cresting United States stock market, is the world of auctions. In India, a one-time art
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Art Directory New York University Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dha T +971 2 628 8000 Mon–Sat 12am–8pm An academic museum-gallery presenting exhibitions by internationally established artists, curators, and schol
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Back in Business
Christie’s Asian Art Week series (September 22–October 1), spanning eight live sales of art and antiques, achieved a total of USD 82.8 million, doubling the USD 41.64 million total from the six sales in September 2019. The dedicated 2020 sale of Sout
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7th Yokohama Triennale: “Afterglow”
At last. This sentiment arose when I visited the 7th Yokohama Triennale not only because it was the first major international festival to open following many pandemic-related postponements, but also because it marked many unprecedented changes for th
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Online Shopping
The second edition of the boutique June Art Fair (August 20–31), hosted on a dedicated platform by Hauser & Wirth, featured solo presentations from 17 smaller, younger galleries, an increase on the 14 exhibitors at the 2019 live fair. Participants re
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Khaled Sabsabi A Promise
The Sufi poet Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil-Kheir (967–1049) urged his contemporaries: “To your mind feed understanding, to your heart, tolerance and compassion.” In the last few decades, Islam has been portrayed in the West as violent, warring, and extremis
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Shifting Grounds
NOV 7–MAR 21, 2021 QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY | GALLERY OF MODERN ART, BRISBANE Gordon Bennett’s upbringing was “strictly Euro-Australian,” in his words. It wasn’t until his teens that he learned of his Aboriginal heritage. This discovery had a tremendou
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Xu Zhen Eternity Vs Evolution
In her 2009 Frieze article “The Big Issue,” critic Carol Yinghua Lu decried the trend toward large-scale spectacle in contemporary Chinese art driven by market forces that favored “visual extravaganzas” over criticality. Over a decade on, Lu’s concer
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Restoring The View
Embracing performance as a spontaneous, organic form of expression, Tong Wenmin utilizes her own body to explore her relationship with her surroundings. In Lawn (2018), Tong, wrapped in a long coat stitched from green turf, silently lies face down on
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More, More, More
“More, More, More” was a garden of sensory delights. Works in this thematic exhibition drip, stain, aromatize, sprout, and glow throughout the spacious galleries of TANK Shanghai. Curated by Passing Fancy (X Zhu-Nowell and Frederick Nowell) with Elis
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Every Day Earth
Our blue planet has made more than 18,450 full rotations since the first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, in major cities and on university campuses across the United States. Gaylord Nelson, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin, who was inspire
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Koo Jeong A 2O2O
Duality is a dialectic often claimed by contemporary artists to characterize a broad spectrum of works that assert a coexistence of discrete sensibilities. While such sensibilities may occasionally operate in harmony, they more often compete for domi
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