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Skills, Patience, And Passion
Acceptance doesn’t happen; it unfolds, I reckon, and it takes all sorts to make the world go round. I learnt this early on in my publishing career. When I started in this editing a magazine lark some 30 years ago, as the editor of New Zealand Classic
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Sometimes Small Is Better
After shifting house a while ago and finding myself with a very small workshop, I decided to give away my old sawhorses and build myself a pair of folding ones. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for on the internet so I decided to design my
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Ron Murray: turning Your Life Around:
• Black and white, 116 pages, soft cover • Self-published by the author; available from the author’s website —; $25 plus postage When The Shed magazine editor sent me a copy of this book and asked if I would review it for the magazin
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The Shed
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To Bottle Or Keg
When I started brewing many years ago, I spent many hours washing and sanitizing bottles each time I bottled a brew. I’d bottle in my recycled crate glass bottles and keep them inside for a couple of days to keep warm while they gassed up before movi
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Featuring 18 of the best projects from the last 10 years, The Best of The Shed includes all of our most popular projects. With step-by-step instructions, the 176-page book will take you through a variety of projects, including a pizza oven, a trailer
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The Tempero Legend
Much as even the most accomplished sheddie might like to think otherwise, there is no way to emulate Rod Tempero’s success in building replicas of fabulous mid-20th-century European-style sports racing cars. Anyone who had the networks and upfront ca
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Magic Radio Part 2
In the first part of this vintage upcycling project in Issue No. 92 of The Shed, I anticipated that it would become quite a complex project. For that reason I have divided it into several articles, to make it easier to build and understand. In part o
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From Russia With Love
I have been repairing a fertilizer spreader for a mate for some time now — good things take time. After much procrastination — if that was a sport, I could represent New Zealand — I was preparing to tackle cutting a circle from some stainless sheet I
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Part Of The Secret To The Tempero Success: Genetics
The Tempero name is possibly Portuguese but the family can trace its antecedents back to 1660 in England. Rod’s father Errol is a second-generation coachbuilder. One of Errol’s grandfathers was a wheelwright; the other a blacksmith. Alan Tempero, Err
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Stamping Ground
When Yağmur Habora was a fine-arts student in Izmir on Turkey’s Adriatic coast from 1998 to 2003, part of the curriculum was an introductory leatherwork class. Fast-forward to 2015, and Yağmur was employed at a failing Christchurch bar and restaurant
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Henry’s Rod Shop Opens In Katikati
On Saturday, 25 July, Henry’s Rod Shop threw open its doors and staged an open day to celebrate. Classic American and European cars as well as bikes turned up in force on what turned out to be a near-perfect, blue-sky day. To make sure no one had to
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Vegetable-tanned Leather
‘Tanning’ is the process that converts the skins of animals into leather. It has been used by humans for millennia, starting in Pakistan 9000 years ago. In our part of the world it is mainly cattle and sheep that provide the skins, which are called ‘
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What’s Happening Online At
The past two months’ uploads include:
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Job Names
In tanning, the splitting of the hide to achieve the required thickness is called ‘skiving’. The top layer is the ‘leather’, the lower layer, called a ‘split’, can be made into suede or rough garments like welder’s aprons and gardening gloves. The pe
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What About Uncle Alf?
Letter of the MONTH I enjoy the articles in all of your magazines, and look forward to buying each issue. Regarding your article by Ritchie Wilson, Engines Enable Exploration (July–August 2020, Issue No. 91), in the section ‘The Hamilton jet is born’
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How Yağmur Makes A Leather Belt
• Cut a straight edge with a ruler and craft knife.• Use a slitting tool to produce the belt blank, using the cut edge as a guide.• Thin a short length of one end of the blank by pulling that end through the leather splitting machine.• Groove two sec
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Seize The Day And Train For Free
Perhaps there is something you’ve always had a hankering to do but the cost of retraining or full-time study was too high, or perhaps you know school leavers or someone who needs to find a new career as a result of Covid impacts — if so, then read on
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How Yağmur Makes A Knife Sheath
One of the tools I bought in Japan — see The Shed, Issue No. 89 — was a hand-forged marking knife. I use it, or a Stanley replaceable-blade pocket knife, when I want to increase my chances of accurately sawing or chiselling when making something in w
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Bike Caravan
Leslie Junior — LJ to his friends — liked to steal bikes. He was 14 and living on the streets of Christchurch. With the help of his friends, he would steal the bikes, trash them, and dump them out the back of his mother’s house. This worked well unti
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Something For Everyone
His dad sold stuff to my dad. He sold — and still sells — stuff to me. His son has sold stuff to mine. The yard has been where it is, chiselled into a Dunedin hillside below our old family home, for as long as I can remember. I sometimes go there on
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Gap Filler projects
A registered charitable trust, which describes its raison d’être as “We strive to make the act of reimagining the world joyful, tangible, and infectious”, Gap Filler has received international recognition along with a number of high-profile awards. F
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Mastering The Lathe
A lathe is a machine for producing round shafts. It has been an essential tool since the wheel was first thought of. The lathe was one of the first machine tools invented and dates back to 1300BC when Egyptians used a two-man lathe. Just as important
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CCC Bike Policy
CCC bike policy For cyclists who use a bike as their preferred form of transport, the flatness of Christchurch is ideal. For the adventurous, the Port Hills are right there — an opportunity to bike across to Lyttelton, or around the Summit Road, and
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• Eye protection is very important as bits of swarf (metal turnings) fly off the cutting tool. Always avoid the area at the side of the chuck when the lathe is running as anything that may come adrift would be flung into this ‘rotating zone’.• Ensure
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Free Tickets To Big Boy Toys
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Make Your Home A Smart Home Part 3
In issue 92 of The Shed, I stated that this article would be dedicated to the doorbell. However, the doorbell design has been changed a bit to make it more efficient, and is still being tested, so we have to delay that part of the project. Instead, t
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The Tool Shed
The new Alibre Design version 22 provides all the tools you need to design, validate, document, market, and manufacture in an engineering design platform. Whether you are designing tooling, toys, or heavy industrial plant, precise manufacturing drawi
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Make-do Tools
As sheddies many of us have to grapple with a common problem. For one reason or another the selection of tools at our disposal often falls just short of what we require to undertake our projects. Few of us are fortunate enough to be able to buy every
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Lancaster Bomber Blasts Covid Blues
For me, World War II technology hits the spot; ships and aircraft, in particular. They had massive battleships back then, and amazing aircraft that looked as if they were absolutely perfect for the job they were designed to do: readjust the thinking
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