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Pick Your Poison
How many watches does it take to make a trend? Looking at this year’s selection of watches for women, we’re instantly struck with the thought: there really wasn’t one discernible trend, although many exciting offerings. You have maisons like Cartier
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Back To The Seventies
Following up from the stealthy launch of the Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition during the LVMH Watch Week Dubai 2020, TAG Heuer is now launching a second Carrera, inspired by another historical timepiece from the Heuer books. This is the TAG H
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British race car driver, Jim Clark lived a short but accomplished life. He made his Formula 1 racing debut at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1960. He was 24 then and racing for Lotus. After witnessing some horrible accidents and deaths on the track, includi
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Age Of Discretion
There’s something poetically very satisfying about ‘Discreet Luxury’ being the modern-day ethos of a luxury watchmaking powerhouse which began life as a small jewellery emporium on Rome’s Via Sistina, opened in 1884 by a Greek immigrant by the name o
Think PinkPhoto
“A lot has been said in the last few years about this colour. It started as a trend, but for us, it quickly became something more. Nowadays we feel it encapsulates many of the values of this cultural revolution that we are living. Gender roles are ge
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Contributor’s Page
Atom Moore is an internationally renowned, New York City-based photographer who fell into the watch world by virtue of his love for the subject plus a keen eye for macro photography. He has three acclaimed photography exhibitions under his belt. Atom
Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT for Revolution & The Rake
I remember the exact moment I set eyes on the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph. Though it was just over a year ago, considering the mind-bending changes that have happened to the world in the interim, it seems like a lifetime ago. Before I get into
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Open Heart
Skeletonised timepieces first appeared during the 18th century, and were once exclusive to the highest levels of watchmaking. Today, numerous interpretations of openworked dial can be found at all levels, and in nearly every collection. On the bleedi
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The Master of Neo-Classical Watchmaking — Laurent Ferrier
When discussing LAURENT FERRIER, I am brought to mind of Marcel Proust for a vividly evocative reason. According to the French novelist’s statement, “Style… is a revelation of a private universe which each one of us sees but which is not seen by othe
Great Expectations
At Cartier, Black Lives Matter. “As a Maison, our creativity is nurtured and inspired by the diverse cultures of the world,” reads a statement from the brand accompanying a black square posted to its Instagram feed on June 2nd. “We find our own richn
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Laurent Ferrier Classic Origin for Revolution & The Rake
OK, let’s jump in the DeLorean, set the year for twenty-o-ten, because in the words of the immortal Doc Brown, “We are going back to the future.” In 2020, Laurent Ferrier celebrated his 10th anniversary with what might initially seem like a counter-i
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The Evolution of the Rolex Steel Submariner
There are dozens of waterproof dive watches available on the market and there have been since the early 1950s. However, if you asked 100 people to name a dive watch, I’m pretty sure that 90 plus of those asked would name the Rolex Submariner. Much mo
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The Complete History of the Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar
Imagine for a moment you are invited to a dinner at a stately ancestral home. And there seated before you are the living, breathing personifications of the Holy Trinity of high Swiss watchmaking brands in dinner-suited human form. The first to greet
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Rolex’s 3230 and 3235 Movements — The New Standard in Watchmaking
By now you must have heard the news as it travels at light speed, circumnavigating the globe — a globe which incidentally the brand has dominated as the inimitable, unassailable king of the watch world for over one century. Yes, Rolex has launched an
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I Am Legend — The Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 920
There is something to be said about our deification of litheness throughout human history. After all, the slender dueling sword used both as ancestral sidearm and for disputing matters of honour at dawn is considered far more elegant than the single-
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New Look
It’s no mystery that I worship at the altar of the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph. That when it comes to this magnificent combination of my two favourite complications, there is none better than Patek who was the first to produce this
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35 Years of The Cartier Pasha
Cartier’s hero collection du jour for 2020 is one of its more youthful creations — the sporty Pasha. At first glance, its simple round case stands out from the diverse geometry of Cartier’s broader catalog. Still, on closer inspection, the tensions o
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Omega Watches 2020
So it is that we are in the third quarter of the year and the Swiss watch brands have found different and innovative ways to launch their 2020 timepieces. Throughout the year, following up on the fantastic Seamaster 300m “James Bond” Edition in grade
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Worth Its Weight in Gold
I was recently strolling down the Burlington Arcade, when my eye was caught by a watch in the window of George Somlo’s shop. Somlo is the only authorised dealer of vintage Omega, and has a strong line in vintage Cartier, Patek and 1960s/’70s Piaget….
To Infinity and Beyond
What I’ve always liked and admired about Patrick Pruniaux the CEO of Girard-Perregaux and Ulysse Nardin is his honesty and openness. Helming not one but two significant watch manufactures, and ably guiding them both through the precarious shoals of 2
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In Conversation With: Santa Laura
One of the collectors I respect the most is @Santa_Laura. Because, for him, collecting has been a path of self-discovery and appreciation in its most authentic form. It would be easy to look at the seemingly endless cavalcade of horological riches, f
Audemars Piguet’s New Colour Code
It’s a commonly accepted fact amongst fans of the Star Wars saga that The Empire Strikes Back was superior to the original Star Wars: A New Hope. So too is the second act of CODE 11.59, as the range finally steps out of the long shadows cast by its i
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Who is Watchfinder & Co.?
What is your role at Watchfinder? Describe a day at the office. I’m the CEO. My day is currently spent battling with Skype, and Zoom, and Teams, and wishing I had a better Internet connection. What do you like about watches? How did it all start for
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Technicolour Dreams
First and foremost a jeweller, Harry Winston’s watchmaking division began long after the death of the eponymous founder, but the glorious timepieces created is very much in the DNA and legacy of the man himself. The Premier Collection came about in 1
Watchfinder Finds
On the tail end of the 1980s, Omega decided it was about time to put a diminutive variation of their flag bearer, the Speedmaster Professional, into the market. The Speedmaster Reduced from a distance, can — and often is — mistaken for its larger sib
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Anything But Blue
While the French military will never be spoken of in the best light where World War II is concerned, post-war French military issued watches seem to be having a great moment in the sun as of late. We got our first taste of this when the collecting co
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RACER PROFILE: Briggs Cunningham
Briggs Cunningham was an American racecar driver, who was born into an extremely well to do family, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. But it wasn’t just motor racing that he was proficient in. Cunningham is also remembered for his skills as a sailor, wh
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All Around The World
When it comes to the world-time wristwatch, there are a number of truly illustrious examples in history: the epic, contemporary and very artistic Patek Philippe 5131, the Breguet Classique “Hora Mundi” 5717 and the Greubel Forsey GMT. Some other watc
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American race car driver, Dan Gurney was a man who raced extensively. He participated and won races in Formula One, Indy Car, NASCAR, Can-Am Trans-Am Series and even Le Mans. In fact, having won the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans he proceeded to spray cham
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