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Lights Of Their Life
Kiri and Ben Wahrlich of lauded Sydney lighting studio Anaesthetic have rebranded as Nightworks and set up an upscale studio and workshop back home in Aotearoa — Christchurch, to be exact. Their team specialises in design, products, furniture and pub
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Faster Food
As a chef turned food writer and recipe developer, my life revolves around food. I adore cooking but, like most people, I don’t have tons of spare time, so my everyday food is quick and easy, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques.
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Talent Agent
Amelia Fagence grew up in Auckland in a home filled with art, where she loved making inside and exploring outside in the native bush that surrounded her family’s property. Of all the things that her artist parents taught her, perhaps the most signifi
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Fun Times
Dubbed ‘Cottagecore’, this look is a little bit country, and kinda like Grandma’s house, but hip. Tying your eclectic look together with a defined colour palette, make do with what’s on hand (or make it by hand, like the tablecloths, placemats, napki
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On The Journey
What led you to your careers in architecture? Jess: Strangely, we’d both planned to study medicine, but somewhat inadvertently ended up at the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture, thanks to chance conversations and the realisation that it
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Handle With Care
With so many decisions to make on home renovation or build projects, it’s tempting to cut corners by the time you get down to the finer points. Take it from us, though — if you can maintain your focus till the very end, you’ll be very glad you did. D
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This one goes out to the believers who understand just how much joy beautiful bedding can bring. The soft, stonewashed linen fabric of this classic Silverton set by Wallace Cotton is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Plus, the duvet has a hidden but
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Dune Landing
At home in the windswept dunes on the Kāpiti Coast, this small but well-formed bach is the antidote to corporate life that many city-dwelling Wellingtonians dream of. “We were looking around the area and came across the subdivision here before it had
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In Brief
Got a thing for dahlias? You’ve come to the right place. Erin owns famed Washington flower farm Floret, and has downed gardening tools to pen a guide to her favourite blooms that’s as heavenly to thumb through as the resulting flowers will be if you
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Feels Right
Creating spaces with feeling is something Olivia Moon is passionate about, and combining old and new is her go-to tool for making a house feel like home. The founder of handmade-rugs brand Nodi says, “I love pieces that have already lived for 100 yea
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Deep Forest
So Lucy, how did you guys find this home? We were both living in share houses in Melbourne’s inner north, working towards a move to NSW’s coast for a more natural outlook. After a couple of years of saving and searching, we’d watched prices in the ar
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Well & good
Let the neat hand-drawn illustrations on Lofty’s kites impress the kids while you get excited about their clever, conscious design. In a shape conducive to lift-off in even light wind, the strong yet flexible poles that form the frames are covered wi
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On The Shelf
A Room of Her Own by Robyn Lea (Thames & Hudson, $70) Twenty extraordinary women and their remarkable homes animate the pages of this feast- for-the-eyes tome, and if at first it succeeds in making you feel like you could never reach such interior-d
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- Resene Colorwood stains are an easy yet high-impact way to add richness and depth to timber while allowing the grain to show through. Just one coat of warm brown Resene Colorwood in Resene Bark transformed our plywood back wall. - Coating interior
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Some people like their architecture with all the bells and whistles front and centre. Others prefer buildings in which the expert solutions that enhance everyday life are skilfully hidden from view. For architect Rebecca Walker, less “Look at me!” is
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Editor’s Note
Will this be the year we see the end of trend-driven interiors? It’s a subject we’ve been discussing in the office recently. The thing about trends is that although they can be fun, or chic, or fabulous, following them slavishly often results in spac
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The Project
Architect Rebecca Walker and her privacy consultant husband Daimhin Warner designed this three-bedroom home in Auckland’s Mt Albert for themselves and their children Asha (18) and Alfie (10), with regular visits from son Max (24), his partner Alysha
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Super Store
Citing the South Island landscape as something she’s always had an affinity for, Auckland-based fashion designer Juliette Hogan says Christchurch turned out to be the ideal spot for her new store. “The more we travelled looking for the right location
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Life In Pieces
Artist and designer Stamos Michael’s interior scheme for Athens accommodation Esperinos (above) references urban myths and local stories in a palette of autumnal colours — dusky mauve and tonal greens punctuated by mustard, burgundy, ebony and ivory.
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On Tap
Summertime and the living is easy — until you realise your equipment isn’t quite up to scratch. If this season’s downtime has shown you a tapware upgrade is in order at your home or home away from home, we’ve found a range that could be just right. S
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On The Rise
Raise your glass The kind of pieces your mum might have pulled over for on road trips in the ’80s, blown glassware is on the up and up. We’ve seen an influx of glass artists offering objects that are beautiful and useful; think a tumbler for your bed
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BoConcept are experts at making design, furniture and colour come together in your home. If you need someone to bounce ideas off, their interior decorators are on hand to help you complete any scheme — single rooms, small apartments, big houses or co
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Hidden Gem
Sandwiched between a hospital and Spaghetti Junction sounds like an uncomfortable location for a home; however, this Auckland house not only offers the ease of living close to amenities and a transport network but is also stylish and tranquil. Step i
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An Education
‘Contemporary’ isn’t a word commonly associated with rattan — but just look at these pieces. By Hawke’s Bay industrial designer Scott Fitzsimons for Città, our new favourite seating, Liana, shows how this simultaneously nostalgic and now material can
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Dreamed up in Vietnam, responsibly manufactured in China and distributed from Peka Peka on the Kapiti Coast, the provenance of this painterly bedding by new brand I Am Home is a reflection of its founders’ residences in Asia and Aotearoa. This sweet
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That’s just Dandie
In early 2020, Rose Ackland of fashion label Beach Knickers and Josh Milward of Sitting Pretty Design set off on a road trip from their home in Tauranga to Dunedin, stopping everywhere in between to sell Rose’s latest Beach Knickers collection to sto
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Fair Share
Ayesha Green Known for her simplified painting style and reimaginings of historical figures and botanical illustrations, through her work Ayesha attempts to relocate and redefine the power relationships of Māori representation. Andrea Bolima Andrea
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Wild Suburbia
Located in a quintessential suburban cul-de-sac, this home is anything but typical. Aside from this almost entirely red dwelling being in stark contrast to the surrounding homes, the generous setback of its front fence and the peekaboo views into a s
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Social Work
Balance is the key to success both in general and in interiors, and the set-up pictured here at Auckland’s The Village has it sussed. Work, life and wellbeing are the pillars that prop up this co-working, community and event space in Herne Bay. By So
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