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Tutoring Business Startup Guide
Thinking of starting a tutoring business? Former or retired educators, college students, people with a specific skill set or ability, or even fast learners with an appetite for helping others can jump into the world of education with a home tutoring
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How to Fund Your Tutoring Business
Starting a business is not without some startup costs. It’s important to sit down with your business plan and itemize your initial business costs. What will you need to start a website, order business cards or promotional materials, run ads? Are you
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Thriving In TheTwin Cities
When it comes to producing must-attend electronic music events in the Twin Cities, Jack Trash, founder of Sound in Motion (a.k.a. SIMshows), is THE go-to person for the job. For the last 20 years or so, SIMshows has been one of the most distinguished
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Living With An Eco-Attitude
Phoebe Yu, Founder & CEO, started Ettitude a couple of years ago in Australia. After decades of experience in the textile supply chain for large companies like Target and Walmart, she realized all they cared about was getting to the lowest price poin
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Stand Out In A Sea Of Agents
Once you've passed your tests and received your licenses, it's easy to get lost in all the details that come with working in the real estate industry. You have to find clients and properties to collaborate with, rent an office or decide to work out o
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Build Value and Drive Sales
The best time to have a social media presence was yesterday; the next best time is today. Most of your potential clients and customer base are on social media. And yes, your business is relatable on social media, just ask us at REV MED. We are teachi
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Small Business Finance
Good small business owners know how much money they have on hand at any given time—to cover day-to-day costs, spend on growth initiatives, or handle emergencies. That’s why accounting is such an important task for small business owners, even if it’s
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The Dangers of Debit Cards
If you’re like a lot of people, you might assume that using a debit card for business expenses trumps using a credit card. After all, credit cards may come with high interest rates that can turn ordinary business expenses into crippling debt if you’r
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Epson’s WorkForce ® ES-865 Makes Home Office Scanning Quick and Affordable
Output is an essential element for the home-based business owner in any niche. That’s why Home Business Magazine frequently highlights affordable office equipment entrepreneurs can count on for top-notch and fast results. Epson, a leading provider of
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Are You Really Reaching Your Customers?
Your biggest challenge as a home-based entrepreneur is to reach the people who purchase your products or services. This hurdle used to be a lot easier, before the internet and social media saturated everything. Against all this background noise, it’s
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Project a Brighter Future for Your Business with Casio’s New XJ-S400UN Projector
Spring is always the perfect time to refresh your business plans and look for new ways to generate more success. A wonderful tool to help with your company’s brainstorming and business planning meetings is Casio’s new XJ-S400UN LampFree Projector (pa
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Reach Your Customers!
Whether your target audience for your home-based business are called customers, clients, patients, or prospects, you need to determine who they are and how you’ll connect with them to sell your products or services. To paraphrase a line from Field of
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A Beauty-Boosting Formula
Chrissy Hubbard and Jayla Harnwell were both models living in NYC. Their lives were busy, on-the-go, and hectic. Constantly traveling, along with plenty of late nights and early mornings, started to take a toll on their skin. They both suffered from
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Interview with Rachel Levin
Nowadays, managing a popular YouTube channel can be much more than just a hobby. For countless business-savvy YouTubers, it has become a lucrative, full-time profession. One such YouTube “vlogger”, Rachel Levin, has made a major name for herself in Y
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From Bay Area to LA
Franky Baca grew up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood with no fashion insider help. Spending hours at a time reading books and searching the web, he learned how the fashion industry worked and sought out a local seamstress. Before he knew he wanted
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10 Small Business Ideas That You Can Consider for Spring
Spring is a time for renewal. The long winter has come and gone, replacing blustering winds, leafless trees and frosty mornings with newborn lambs and the first rays of summer. Flowers aren’t the only things that start to sprout up in spring though;
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Time Management Tips
More professionals are ditching the traditional office in favor of flexibility, convenience, and lower overhead costs. Roughly 8 billion people work from home in the US, in fact. But this trend isn’t without its challenges. Sure, it’s convenient to b
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Snoozing Through the Snorers
For Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, helping people live happy and healthy lives has always been her #1 goal. Pursuing a career in family medicine helped her fulfill this goal, but also came with some unintended side effects. One of the requirements of the job was
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Set Up a Good Flow
When it comes to setting up a home office, you need a good flow. A good flow is important for you to focus on your daily tasks and your ultimate goals. Overall, you have an end game in life. That is to be successful. In order to achieve that goal, wh
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Helping Businesses Reach Leads
After many years working for large corporations, Nathan Kelsey decided enough was enough. Tired of the ‘one size fits all’ approach often taken by larger companies, Nathan decided to pursue his passion of helping small and medium-sized businesses in
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Low-Cost Marketing Methods!
Congrats, you’ve decided to step out on your own! Build credibility and establish yourself as a leader in your industry with consistent action and before long people will come to recognize you as the ‘go-to’ person in your field. While you continue t
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Spicing Up Dishes with Love
Venezuela-born, Trinidad & Tobago-raised, Debra Sandler acknowledges the importance of family values and traditions. Debra grew up in a big immigrant family—where emphasis is placed on embracing family culture and traditions. Debra’s family maintains
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Dear Home Business
You can tell a lot about people based on how they manage their time. The ones who are notoriously late are the same people who are consistently a dollar short. They possess neither a mastery of time nor money. Oftentimes, you can identify these indiv
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Launch a Side Hustle!
2020 can be the year of increased profit and new beginnings for aspiring entrepreneurs. For this issue’s cover story, we spoke with experts across an array of industries. They share insight on choosing a side hustle, planning, budgeting, marketing, p
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Product Reviews
Home business owners are increasingly finding that digitizing their financial documents is the ideal accounting solution. Scanned documents lead to less clutter, more organization, and can be easily found. Epson America, a leading provider of digital
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Interview with Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie starred in the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. In this interview, she talks about the movie, vulnerability, becoming a mother, being true to yourself, life coming with sacrifices, and more. Question (Q): Angelina, Maleficent: Mist
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Inspiring Health and Fitness
Nathan DeMetz runs an online business from home (Nathan DeMetz Personal Training). He is also a stay-at-home dad. Every day, DeMetz juggles the “myriad of responsibilities that come with both jobs.” And if you do not think being a stay-at-home dad is
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10 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start on Your Own
On the surface, the state of America’s economy looks rather robust. With the unemployment rate near a 50-year low, one might expect to find a mood of general contentment in our fair land. However, the closer you look, the less rosy the situation appe
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Dear Home Business
At work do you care more about profits or people? In sales, are you and the company more interested in making quota than taking care of the customer? If you’re being honest, business today is about profits over people and quotas over customers. So,
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Embracing a Burn the Boat Mindset
The world is beginning to give attention to the man with no formal college education who turned the loss of a successful corporate job into becoming arguably one of the most profound days in his professional career. Meet Ryan Sprance, one of the most
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