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Ways You Can Help
Here are just some of the Instagram accounts you can visit for more information on how to donate and help those in need: @redcrossau @salvosau @wireswildliferescue @spendwiththem @nswrfs You can also visit these websites:
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Ready, Set, Banded
Finding yourself short on time as you start putting those January goals into action? Don’t have access to a fully equipped gym thanks to your kid’s nap time, a work trip or a long-awaited holiday? Then this workout is for you. Arms, legs, core, glute
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Options, Options, Options
Pill or not to Pill, that is the question. We look at the pros and cons of some of the contraceptives on the market. The most common option is the combined oral contraceptive Pill (OCP). “A very simplified way of looking at how an OCP works is to say
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You Asked:
Stability starts with your feet: Maintaining the weight of the squat across your entire foot will help make you more stable. If at any time you feel as though the weight is forward and in your toes, it’s a sign you’re not stable and could be overload
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No Pain, No Gain?
THERE IS THIS COMMON BELIEF AMONG EXERCISERS THAT MUSCLE SORENESS AND THE QUALITY OF A WORKOUT IS A LINEAR RELATIONSHIP. We tend to associate the familiar sensation of aches and pains in the days after a gruelling sweat sesh with bigger muscles and
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Non-hormonal Options
Inserted into the uterus (with or without anaesthetic) the copper IUD is a non-hormonal option. Toxic to sperm, it also stops a fertilised egg from settling into your uterus. PROS: Depending on the brand, a copper IUD can last for five to 10 years.
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Meet the STRONG Advisory Board
Personal Trainer and mental health advocate and speaker, Alexa Towersey has a list of qualifications as long as her (ripped) arm, including a Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Biology and Psychology) and Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management
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Nice Recovery!
There are a growing number of techniques and products for reducing the severity and duration of DOMS, but their effectiveness isn’t guaranteed. “There’s as much supported scientific evidence to say these methods work, as there is evidence to say they
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At 17, she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Addicted to prescription pills and ‘managing’ her condition with drinking and partying, she spent the next four years in and out of hospital following multiple suicide attempts. There was a
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The Booze Question
Because you’re conscious of your health and determined not to backtrack your fitness, chances are you agonise over the choice to sip or sit out at barbecues and Sunday sessions – and recent headlines aren’t taking the pressure off. Modern studies hav
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Hack Your Beauty Hormones
Think of your body like a Fortune 500 company. There are layers of management, countless systems that must work together seamlessly, and tons of goals that occasionally conflict. It’s complicated. Thankfully, you don’t have to think much about it, be
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Heat Things Up
Those brave enough to back up the sweaty February/March days with a hot yoga class or two, take note: in one of the first studies measuring hot yoga’s impact on blood pressure, the American Heart Association found that just three months’ worth of cla
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Happy Hour 411
1. Pile on the protein. Vingren suggests ordering a high-protein meal off the pub menu to minimise the impact alcohol will have on muscle recovery. A study published in PLOS ONE found that, following exercise, alcohol suppressed the anabolic response
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Suzie Mcintosh Brows ® // @suziemcintosh Tattoo eyebrows that give you the eye framers of your dreams – balancing asymmetries, creating the perfect shape for your individual look and filling out any sparse areas. Founder Suzie Mcintosh has been in the ind
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When you’re lifting heavy in the gym, do you employ a mind-muscle connection, visualising the muscle contracting and lengthening elegantly in each set? Or are you just thinking about getting that barbell where you want it? Frontiers in Sports and Act
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Myth Buster: Seed Cycling
When it comes to dieting fads, we have seen a lot, if not it all. Skinny teas, expensive whey proteins dressed up as meal replacements, 100 bananas per day and now the latest hashtag: seed cycling. It supposedly works by alternating different types o
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More Than Period Pain
After over 10 years of excruciating pain that left her bed ridden leading up to her period, Harvey wasn’t diagnosed with endo until she was 30 years old. Countless doctors dismissed her issues, before her sister – also suffering similar symptoms – fi
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New research in Environmental Health Perspectives confirms cooking at home is not only the best way to eat for your health and your body composition, but also reduces the amount of chemicals you consume. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) ar
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Seed cycling 101
While protocols vary, a quick Google has seed cycling advocates stepping out the process for willing experimenters. Essentially, you ingest one tablespoon of a different seed every day depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, explains Vala
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Harvey’s Day On A Plate
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and a long black. Snack: Double scoop of International Protein Superior Whey in Vanilla Ice Cream. Lunch: Nasi goreng (chicken fried rice with egg) and a papaya juice. Dinner: Satay ayam (chicken satay), white rice an
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Mind & Body
An Ohio State University study recommends you tell the world about your goals – or at least someone you admire. Its research showed that participants who set a goal and then verbalised it to a person in a higher-ranking position than themselves, such
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Composition Chem
If you’re training consistently and eating well but still not seeing the body composition of your dreams, it can be tempting to simply go harder. More volume, more HIIT, more cardio. Less calories, less carbs, less rest. Because surely increased ener
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Like our friends over at Twisted Healthy Treats, we don’t believe in food guilt. But with their new low-energy, all-natural lite ice-creams and frozen yoghurts, it was never a consideration anyway. At just 75 calories, you can down a decadent post-di
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This may come as a surprise for loyal whey fans, but your post-workout protein shake may have no more effect on muscle soreness or performance than a carbohydrate drink. In a recent small-scale study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics, resear
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The Big Players
Insulin is responsible for blood sugar regulation. It converts glucose in your blood to glycogen for storage in your liver and muscles, with excess stored in your fat cells. Reducing blood sugar by limiting refined carbs and increasing fibre intake l
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Isabella Nichols
Hailing from small-town Queensland, 22-year-old Pro Surfer Isabella Nichols has been hitting the waves since before she could recall her times tables – and yet she still admits she has a lot to learn. In our third edition of Last Word, Nichols reveal
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Need another reason to make healthy choices? Doing so may reduce your risk of dementia later in life. In a large-scale study published in JAMA, dementia-free participants over 60 years old were examined for genetic variants that are associated with d
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Fantastic Five
All our experts agree that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to support hormone health. And ‘eat the rainbow’ is more than just a hashtag. “The current recommendation is to eat 30 different foods across the week,” says Austin. Gett
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SIP IN Style
This petite stoneware beauty with a bamboo lid is endlessly reusable, while the glossy pink speckled glaze calls to your girly side. $29.95, We are loving the marble everything trend, so this light weight, eco-friendly glass water bo
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